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  1. changyip2001

    Cooking Quest

    I am wondering that do I need to complete Cooking Quest <> so I can access to food crafting, or it can be just ignore the quest and just craft it normally?
  2. changyip2001

    Failed to connect server after update

    After the update I still able to connect into server for almost 20 min, but when GM mention about delay fixed, it FORCED me out of the game. When i try to patch again, it do not patch up anythings new and i still failed to connect server for a few tried, I wonder does it region's problem or do I need to do somethings? BTW I from South East Asia.
  3. changyip2001

    Entry Message about my account data error.

    Today I keep receive a message about my account data is error and ask for restart to retry. I already tried few times but I still receive the same message, so does it need to be take noted or just ignore it? And if I ignore it, will it be problem soon or not? Since the time i receive the message it seem do not have any problem by so far beside I feel a bit lag and delay while I play just like usual, I need some suggestion and advise before something bad happen. Thank you for notice.
  4. changyip2001

    Keep stuck & cannot warp in

    I followed the quest guide on, I am stuck on step 13 which suppose to warp to other area and resume the quest but it do not happen. He just response with following pictures I attach below. I positively confirm it should not behave like this because I already done this 3 times before this character and this is my 4th attempt, but some people told me that it normal and just wait for while, so I need somebody verify it.
  5. changyip2001

    Pursuing Rayan Moore NPC Bug

    The bug just fixed after 1 hour pass, seem like it do not have any problem for now, thanks you for reading and sorry for any uncomfortable.
  6. changyip2001

    Pursuing Rayan Moore NPC Bug

    This is my second character attempt for a quest run, so I do know it should not response like this. I have follow the guide step by step, but it do not response with the way it should be, now I stuck on step 31. For the guide i follow: hopefully it do not bugged too long.
  7. changyip2001

    Unable to log in game server

    Apparently few days ago somethings happen in our internet line, guess this issue is fixed and I going to close this topic now, thank you for everyone comments.
  8. changyip2001

    Unable to log in game server

    @Dickson Heh, I don't mind waiting for server to be fixed, I patiently enough to wait, by the way mind contact each other whatsapps?
  9. changyip2001

    Unable to log in game server

    @Dickson Hey I'm from Malaysia as well, I just join recently, when you start playing this server? @onion Thank you for suggesting, I see what can do.
  10. changyip2001

    Unable to log in game server

    @onion Last night I try to log in again for last time trying, it does success to log in, but it was very late night and I want to go for bed. Right now it cannot log in again, it keep saying patching is failed to connect, I don't know what to do now.
  11. changyip2001

    Unable to log in game server

    Thanks for @onion, you are comfort me, by the way I hopefully this matter can be solve ASAP as I still unable to log in now right this time.
  12. changyip2001

    Unable to log in game server

    I cannot log in game server almost 2 hours before I post this support, my question are the server in maintenance? If yes how long it should be taken, I was doing the quest on the way before it crash and I worry it may cause error in that part because that map is only available in quest. Hopefully it would not cause problem on my character.
  13. changyip2001

    Unlucky Emerald Quest Key NPC

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...