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  1. Dickson

    Does refining weapon adds MATK?

    Hi my name is Dickson. I have been trying to research this topic and I couldn't find any clear information on whether refining a weapon such as light blade adds any MATK at all other than the bonus effect where it gives 10 MATK for every 2 refine levels. In iRO wiki, https://irowiki.org/wiki/Refinement_System, it was only mentioned that refining a weapon adds only ATK of a weapon and the only time that it adds MATK is when it reaches +20. I have also tried to research this information on Limit RO wiki, but I cant seem to find any clear information. If refining a weapon only adds ATK of a weapon then is there a reason in refining Rods for example? Or specifically, how does refining light blade works other than the bonus effects mentioned on description. It would be appreciated if the GM can confirm this. Thank you.
  2. Dickson


    This player has been AFK Farming in Thanatos 10 for a while, i have done some checks to verify if he is AFK-ing and I did not receive any reply even after 1 minute. I counted to 25 in my first check. No reply I counted down from 10 again for second check. Still no reply Then from there, I use @time to take down the time from when I print screen. After about 1 minute, I use the same command again to capture the time and there was still no reply.
  3. Dickson

    Unable to log in game server

    hey man, started about 1 week ago. due to mco hahaha. I used VPN according to the suggestion and it works fine. but the data is limited to 10 gb only Edit: i use windscribe
  4. Dickson

    Unable to log in game server

    I am facing this issue as well, I'm from Malaysia and the server has been lagging the past few days. I have checked everything and our internet seems to be fine so I think the problem comes from the server.
  5. Dickson

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    Actually, why does being dead in Thanatos 10 counts as evidence for AFK farming? I know where you're coming from but what if that said person just died, and he just didnt intend to respawn first and decided to go off to the toilet (maybe hes in a rush), or he decided to get food or something. If this counts as evidence, I can only say its very unfair. Don't you think there should be benefit of the doubt here? I personally think that evidence should be when he is still alive and farming, but not replying during that moment. because when you're dead, you may be AFK at the moment but youre not "AFK farming" at the moment (more like AFK Dead). Also, in law, you can't sentence anyone without enough evidence. When cases still have doubts, they are usually judged as innocent still.
  6. Dickson

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    Hey, I have decided to start back on Ragnarok, the last time I played was in 2003 and everything seems to be different now. I am actually starting on Sorcerrer and have been looking around for guides to how to play it till I found your videos here. Would it be possible to share your skill build, stats and maybe equipment? So I can aim to make my sorcerer the same. Thank you.