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  1. masteryauda

    Release the transcend shadow skill

    More love to extended classes pls ❤️
  2. Since it is mentioned from this is a limitRO custom as per @Lai. Combo works even if not wearing complete set(based from description). Without equips: When wearing atleast armor, manteau, boots (please compare from HP and movement speed when without equips) :
  3. lighthaltzen should be lighthalzen
  4. For people who feel that this guide is not enough and who want to know what to expect from Lunette quest: Why do Lunette quest? Gives you access to Limitless Island which allows you to do: Go to Deep Mines and farm items for awesome items (Emerald Ring [1], Blacksmith's Glove [1], Magician's Gloves [1], etc... ) Enter Solar Temple, kill mobs, have the chance to get solar equips ( Light Blade [2], Powered Chip [1], Seraphim Coronet (jRO), Narcissus Bow [2], etc... ) Kill dragons that will help you get Perverse Demon Mask [1] Chance to craft Purified Knight's Shield [1] Access to S and A class bounty boards Requirements: 100m zeny (yup, each time you try to do Lunette you need 100m. You can pool resources for the entrance fee) 100% neutral redux (!IMPORTANT! if you're the one tanking, you need this. Monsters here hit hard and fast) Refer to @Maguiia's guide on how to reach 100% neutral redux Able to deal atleast 1m damage but you definitely want to deal more than that. When I finished this, I was dealing 2m-5m damage Pots Yggdrasil BerryYggdrasil Seed White Slim PotionKorean Rice CakeSalty Rice Cake Blue Potion Royal Jelly or Yggdrasil Dust to relieve yourself from annoying statuses High VIT and LUK or anything to help in resisting against Mandragora Howling Token of Siegfried if everything doesn't turn out how you want it to be Shadow Weapon Scroll or Arrow of Shadow or any shadow elemental skill or weapon you have Immaterial Arrow or anything that would make you deal ghost element damage Optional: Gemini-S58 Card or Nightmare Card to prevent sleep status. If you have high AGI then you're safe Shadow Armor Scroll to workaround most of the statuses since there are mobs that deal holy damage. Deviling Card + counter element hurts Holy Armor Scroll or Angeling Card there are mobs who use Grand Cross and it hurts a lot esp if you use Deviling card without Etran's Shirt [1] Recommendations: Jobs to use : Doram (check link for guide made by @KucingKucing) Grooming howling status Tuna Belly for HP recovery Meow Meow and Bunch of Shrimp gives a lot of ATK and MATK Picky Peck deals a lot of damage when you have FULL HP and target has less than or equal to HALF HP Scar of Tarou make mobs bleed their HP. Big help in killing mobs Mech Easy to achieve 100% neutral redux Immunity to some statuses (have to double check what statuses you're exempted from) Bring AB support Clearance on those mobs who use defender Resurrection nuff said Sp ,hp regen, heal from Magnificat, Renovatio, Highness Heal Remove debuffs with Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus Damage increasing buffs (many to mention XD) Do this with other players! Turtle General Card , the mob you need to kill is sized as smallCorrupted Wanderer CardWhite Knight Card won't help you here Memory of Thanatos Card many of the mobs here have high DEF. This card will help you pump up your damage Gloom Under Night Card most if not all mobs here are angel race mobs Metal Dragon Egg for HP/SP leech. Saves you from spending too many pots Domovi Egg for extra damage Bring consumable buffs: Tyr's Blessing Weapon Perfection Scroll Food buffs or Marhaval Potion Valhalla Potion transformation scrolls (each respective scroll gives bonus so depends on what you need. FYI this currently disabled since someone abused it) Note: This instance seems to last only 45 minutes. Don't know if this is the official or it is bugged but I timed it whenever I do this quest Walkthrough: 1. Talk to Leikny (/navi asgard 200/175). He'll ask for 100m for entrance fee. Only the party leader needs to pay the entrance fee. So if you're not doing it solo, you can split the fee 2. When inside Lunette island, talk to Leikny again 3. He will ask you to find Red Key, Green Key, and Blue Key. They're inside houses within the map. You can search them inside the houses. Notes: The map has a lot of traps in it. These traps debuff or increase your agi randomly. Enable /effects because you will need it to see where judgement bolts will land (if you get hit, you'll be down to 1 hp) There are bodies all over the island. If you talk to them, you'll recover to full hp (sp too, I think. Can't remember right now XD) If a key doesn't show after clicking all the weird spots inside the house, wait for the weird spots to cooldown and show again then try clicking once more. Each attempt in searching Weird Spot has a 30% chance of success. 3. Once you get all three keys, return to Leikny and talk to him again. 4. He will now ask you to kill a certain monster within the island. He doesn't mention it but he's referring to the Desire monster (mob looks like Morroc of Despair BUT it has a lot more HP) Here's screenshots of mobs you'll encounter in the island at this stage of the quest (these mobs have 120m HP each. Some of the screenshots have lower HP because I already damaged them) : Couldn't use @mi or search monster database from Limit RO website because they're not included at the time of writing Some of these mobs have unique skills (grand cross, defender, adoramus, and different kinds of debuff. Some, I think, also cast reflect damage. I couldn't confirm this because I use ranged damage) This is the mob you need to kill to proceed through the quest ( Yep, that's 1.2 billion HP you need to mow down): This mob hits hard and casts Mandragora Howling, casts other kinds of debuffs, casts defender, and when it's HP gets to 20% and below, will cast Max Pain making all your attacks reflect around it. Even if the attack was ranged. 5. Talk to Leikny and he will now asks you to go to the wells (you should have seen them when you were roaming around the island) Be careful. The whole island is now swarming with Sword Guardians and Bow Guardians. Ignore them since you already have 100% neutral redux. 6. Once you have visited all 3 wells, go back to Leikny and proceed with dialog Congratulations! You have finished Lunette Island quest and can now access Limitless Island and you're given a bundle of Ancient Bronze Key Let me know if I missed something so I can update Let's help players who want to finish Lunette on their own
  5. masteryauda

    Mr Cash not appear on Infinity Space instance

    Will just report again with proof (damn me I forgot to SS at the time haha) so they can work on it if it happens again. Intermittent issues like these are too difficult to troubleshoot on both ends
  6. masteryauda

    Lets Make BG crowded

    We have this already XD
  7. masteryauda

    Lets Make BG crowded

    Hmmm.. what if it's like a bonus? Like, if it's your first 5 BGs in a week then you get bonus? It sounds too much handling from dev side but thinking of other way to implement where more people (esp newbies) would give BG a try
  8. masteryauda

    Add a transform NPC for Fun in the game

    It would be fun to transform to mobs! I want to be Alpoccio Basil! 😂 Given what happened to the recent changelog , they can limit the transformation only to non PvP or WoE maps so it will still be fun XD
  9. Bumping just because pure awesome sauceness XD Damn. That 1.8m at the end. I can imagine how OP it would be if the transform would always proc! 1.8m damage per sec got me like...
  10. masteryauda

    Turtle General card not giving any bonus to ATK

    Rest of @battlestats
  11. Card does not give any bonus based on @battlestats and Status window No Turtle General card: With Turtle General card:
  12. masteryauda

    Game Crashing Frequently...

    Are you using v16 client? Had that problem before which was caused by flying mado sprite errors