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  1. Harryhess

    Unnerfed Seraphim Coronet

  2. Hello everyone! My name is Harrison and I play mainly as a RG named Poporingao. I'm starting a new guild called Popori Guild initialy for fun, to build friendship and a healthy environment for everyone who wants to join. The objective of the guild is mainly to help each other, do instances and DTs together and maybe on a far (or not so far) future play WoEs. Everyone is welcome, be newbie or veteran, as long you respect the rules. Basic rules: Be respectiful to everyone Help your friends if you can Be friendly We will not tolerate xenophobia, racism, lgbtqphobia or anything like that. The person who break this rule will be kicket outright. If you want to join just send a message to me here on forum or ingame, or contact the other leader. Or message me on discord: HarryHess#7969 Leaders: Harrison (Usually playing on Poporingao or PoporiLancer) Aria (Usually playing as Ariazinha or Aria Bandaid) Thank you!
  3. Harryhess

    reduce kunai global weight

    Either the global weight reduction or/and kunai storing scrolls could work fine. this is just a nice QoL for the class
  4. Instead the sets suggests that we need only 2 pcs of a set instead of all 6 parts. this can lead to ppl believing that only 2 pcs are required to activate the set (Like me) and can end in alot of zenny wasted and some frustration
  5. Sometimes we just find that cute equipment that sadly we cant wear as costumes due to limitations and lack of options on the eclage npc. I Suggest a new npc that can convert any or most of the equipped hats and others to costume ones. As for the gemstone slots, you can add a chance on crafting of 1, 2, 3 and 4 slots with respectively lower chance. Sometimes we just want to be a poporing and be free
  6. Harryhess

    Bot/Third Party Program Farmer

    I noticed him 3 days ago. he is on th 10 most of the day and never reply the pms. Can aquire more evidence if needed.