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  1. Hello,

    I'm just writing this so maybe it can help someone too. Sadly I developed anxiety during my master degree, and it's being hard to deal with it. This week I had one of the worst anxiety crisis I ever had, and I was alone in my home. For some reason I remembered the Payon Field maps, and remembered that the background effects (forest sounds) always make me feel calm, and without thinking I loged in and teleported to a random map. What I didn't expected was that it would really help me calm down, and I've doing this since this crisis.

    This of course doesn't substitute  professional help, and if you have the same I have, ask for help immediately. But even with psychological support it helped me when I was alone.

    Good day everyone,

    Aria Diniz

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    2. JinToki


      Nostalgic music soothes the soul.. do your best and stay strong.. never give up 😘

    3. Suzunechan


      @S e n t i m e n t a L


      haha i'll be fine :D wont have that kind of anxiety

    4. Aria


      I just hope everyone can get better :3 and thanks everyone for the support ❤❤❤