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  1. +1! Can someone answer a question please? It will be only critical skills that will be nerfed or critical normal attack will be affected too? Thanks
  2. Aria

    New International/Friendly guild Inviting

    You are very welcome to our guild! I know how hard it can be to interact with other people, I'm very shy too, but everyone here is super friendly, and we welcome you with open arms ❤
  3. I voted Yes but I agree with @Akin that rebalance is the best option. Like the discussion about Schmidt on the new EDDA, some players think just because they can solo the instance everyone that can't should just not do it. This new boss for example is almost impossible to hit without crit or magic builds, and this excludes many players. The game is made for everyone to play and enjoy, and someone who just want a Hit build shouldn't be excluded
  4. I've spend more than 3 minutes attacking an egg in Training Grounds and the effect didn't triggered one single time.
  5. Hello,

    I'm just writing this so maybe it can help someone too. Sadly I developed anxiety during my master degree, and it's being hard to deal with it. This week I had one of the worst anxiety crisis I ever had, and I was alone in my home. For some reason I remembered the Payon Field maps, and remembered that the background effects (forest sounds) always make me feel calm, and without thinking I loged in and teleported to a random map. What I didn't expected was that it would really help me calm down, and I've doing this since this crisis.

    This of course doesn't substitute  professional help, and if you have the same I have, ask for help immediately. But even with psychological support it helped me when I was alone.

    Good day everyone,

    Aria Diniz

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    2. Suzunechan


      @S e n t i m e n t a L


      haha i'll be fine :D wont have that kind of anxiety

    3. Aria


      I just hope everyone can get better :3 and thanks everyone for the support ❤❤❤

    4. piwomaj


      helllo  im new here. 

      is there any working homunculus ai? my filir isnt even auto attacking,

      ive tried some on the forum but its not working

  6. Aria

    Unexpected visit to prison!

    Welcome back! Now to acess vending harbor you use the npc on Asgard or type @go 43~47 if I'm not wrong. And if you typed the old @go 16, just log of then log in again or use @die. See Ya
  7. The skill description says we need Medicine Bowl to create the toxins, but actualy uses Empty Bottle
  8. Aria

    Hi there

    Hello everyone My name is Aria and I'm 24 years old. Played RO for many years, but stopped 2 years ago to start my master's degree. I'm playing here for about 1 month right now. I'm a bit shy so I have a hard time making new friends, but I'm a nice gal I think. I'm playing as a Rk Crit and a Support RG, my favorite classes. If anyone want to play, I will be very happy to make new friends! In game nicknames: Aria Bimboleta, Bimboca
  9. Aria

    Racist on #main

    I hope this player will be severely punished. This kind of behaviour can't be tolerated