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  1. Zaffira

    Stuck on 186

    Me and my friend are stuck on 186 since 3 days. He kill many monster but is 99,9%
  2. Zaffira

    Where find Legionnaire hat (soldier hat)

    Found, ty you much
  3. I searched on wiki too but nothing. I need this hat for make Palace Guard Hat.
  4. Hmmm there are or is only me? In this server where italians hidden? XD
  5. Zaffira

    Guide full support Archbishop?

    I found only this, for kill monster and levelling: but I need for full support (party/woe). Anyone make?
  6. Zaffira

    OBS don't detect this game

    This topic can close. I found solution: don't use game capture but window capture.
  7. Zaffira

    OBS don't detect this game

    Hi, I wanted make stream on Twitch but I see OBS don't detect this server and another. i tried put option Game capture and capture any full screen application but don't work (the screen is black). Anyone have solution?
  8. Hi, after years and after I see how the old server is abbandoned I decide to search another server. Yesterday I found this. I'm moldavian, who lived in Italy for 22 years and now i live in France. I like birds, chocolate and celest colour ^^