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  1. imjustnormal player

    Silk WoE new balance

    -Nerf all skill -add more Silk castle Damage Adjustment Reduction -add more reduc gear -Everyone play reduc set become undying with 193 aspd hit emp
  2. imjustnormal player

    Changelogs - Warlock Rebalances

  3. imjustnormal player

    AFK FARM -Thanatos

    rip logic , can not see the chat box, but know screen shoot to ready proof? , lie who? see you next 10 year
  4. imjustnormal player

    AFK FARM -Thanatos

    afk farmer - DontBother
  5. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos

    @Sentinel here have 2 people Dontbother i afk check him 3 difrent time , only 1 time have reply . (2 time check no reply enought reason to ban) WasteOfSpace afk farm with no reply
  6. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos 2

    AFK farmmer name = Mighty Guardian
  7. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos

    you can try continue save yourself. good luck
  8. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos

    hope your last screenshot (my 3rd time afk check) can help you avoid ban 😄
  9. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos

    stop try to save yourself , and stop spoil our limitro . its few proof there , see you next 10 year. we need a good server
  10. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos

    i catch you 3 time you only reply 1 one , see you next time(10 year)
  11. imjustnormal player

    AFK farm -Thanatos

    afk farming in Thanatos DontBother WasteOfSpace