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  1. Mattzs

    Ygg Berry PVM Cooldown

    So, maybe then just decrease the cooldown to for ex, 30 sec. I think 180 sec is just too much for the cooldown.
  2. Mattzs

    Ygg Berry PVM Cooldown

    Hi guys, how are you all? I suggest that, if possible, the CD of the ygg berry/seed be removed (if cant, at least decrease the time, because 180 sec is just too much in my opinion) from the PVM section of the game (at least for instances and Endless Tower). It helps a lot the new game newbies (like me) in the process of learning the tactic of the Pvm with just mid-low gears. I hope this can be at least considerated. Thx for the support ❤️
  3. Mattzs

    Changelogs - 200/70

    Hope you, your family and people in china (and every country that already have corona virus cases) get better with this mess. Ty for all you have done ❤️
  4. Mattzs

    Double Crit Katar

    The critical rate when equipped with katar type weapons is not being doubled. Is this a bug or the server do not have double crit for katar weapons? I've tested with multiple katar weapons, and none of then are doubled.