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  1. Suzunechan

    Frosty Mist - No Froze Effect

    Frost Misty not casting the Froze effect at all. Froze effect - reduced def, movement, atk speed, increase damage from jack frost but the effect not appearing. I tested this skill on 20 mobs (Miguel as you can see, his movement and attack speed did not change whatsoever), even if its 50% chance, I cast the skill a lot of times so the skill itself is definitely not triggering the effect. lro 2020-07-07 03-32-08-221.mp4 No increased damage from Jack Frost after Frost Misty (due to no effect) Thanks.
  2. As many have attempted to report... Comet is not having Magic Intoxification effect (reduces resistance of mob on all element by 50% for 20 seconds) I did comet on right egg, followed by Jack frost on right egg and left egg to compare the damage difference. No change.
  3. Seems like comet having same sprite as crimson rock, but its also knocking back mobs, which is not supposed to happen? You can see the egg moving south (similar effect as crimson rock) Description of Comet mention nothing about knockback. o.0?
  4. Suzunechan

    Ranger Build problems

    atk is better for starstone
  5. Suzunechan

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    Where is the picture?
  6. Actually Lai said he wants people to farm the ingredients to make 😛
  7. Was a temporary fix to cor mission instance bug, it is fine now
  8. Suzunechan

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    Thanks for update :3
  9. Suzunechan

    Einbroch Dungeon 3 mobs behavior

    hahah okay okay, I just put here so can remember later 😛
  10. Suzunechan

    Changelogs - QoLs

    Next Maintenance, he said on Discord.
  11. Suzunechan

    Diamond Dust's Crystalization bypass GTB

    I tested, PVM you cant get crystallized because you dont take any damage from Diamond Dust skill while wearing GTB card. So GTB should prevent crystallization in PVP. I think the reason players get crystallized in PVP is because GTB only blocks 70% magic damage, so you take damage from the skill and can possibly get crystallized due to this reason. But you mentioned in a post that it nullifies status spell, so the question now is, will GTB prevent status effects triggered after taking skill damage?
  12. Suzunechan

    Barbed Wire Whip [2] - wrong +11 effect

    Still showing as Variable cast time in game on the weapon, is it just description error?
  13. Suzunechan

    Einbroch Dungeon 3 mobs behavior ^ Video of GX in Ein 3 in kRO getting attacked by different mine mobs and Jeweled Ant Mineral mobs of different colours, Jeweled Ant, Abyssman are supposed to be aggressive but they are not ^ Video of Jewel Mine: Jewel Mine: is supposed to summon minions, 3 random mineral types? and its non aggro except its minion? Don't have accurate info yet, still looking. HP pool is also wrong on our server, I think ours is like 1000 hp instead of 100 lmao can barely dent its HP, can't check on Database because it's not updated yet on the website. Thanks, :x [Sorry for bad report hehe] So far the ones seems fine are: Toxious: - Poisonous:-
  14. Suzunechan

    Diamond Dust's Crystalization bypass GTB

    Ooo maybe I switched shields and got crystallized Thanks for clarifying and my bad XD going in solar to test now as well
  15. Suzunechan

    Diamond Dust's Crystalization bypass GTB

    Crowd Control @Lai or disable skills/effect