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  1. Dear Sir,

    i am fascinated by your post on Gene,

    I just started to play in Limitro and i have been trying to get the gears as per recommended.

    But even with kiel and dex 120+20 i am still unable to do insta cast on Cart Cannon. 

    Is there any recommendationm from u?


    1. Alice Lacroix

      Alice Lacroix

      Applause +16 equipped with Amon Ra Card. And thats the only one left in order for you to no cast on your CC.

      If you can't afford to buy/get on Golden Wings +16 EA10, you can still use your FAW+9 EA10, the one you have right now. That would do.



    2. Zombie


      Alice is right, 

      You could also put 2x sapphire wrist in your acce to improve stats. 

      Ill find time to update my guide real soon! 😉