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  1. Molki

    Afk farmers

    this wont be happening after new reflect update patch up. reflect wont trigger auto cast of hitting proc skill
  2. Molki

    Changelogs - 17.1 Illusion

    ein_fil03 > new dungeon > top portal of new dungeon > city ( npc is nearby middle of the city )
  3. Molki

    Toxic Player

    Hi, hope you learn your lesson. dont ask about my family next time, just take care yourself. me and my friend we both made 1 yoichi.. he sold his 5b thats why i stick firmly to my price.. i doesnt need any zenny so i stick to the vip price i needed.. if you dont want you can just move on.. if you understand how the chat box is works, after certain of time.. old text will be gone.. and most important.. i just capture what i want to report. and i did not scam you.
  4. Molki

    Toxic Player

    Char Name: iMrKiLLeR Violation of Rule: Harassment Insulting via public chat, or private messages is not allowed. Depending on the severity, punishment can be given without a warning. Evidence: kindly refer to screenshot provided ( Cursing, Rude and it has nothing to do with my family )