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  1. Rai

    LVL 175 Gear

    First of all, join DT (Donation Token) party if someone recruiting and follow their command what to do, and ask if dont know. DT party its like instance tours, starting Infinity Space - Faceworm Nest - Horror Toy Factory - Old Glast Heim - Endless Tower. You can exchange ur DT point for cash point later. at Infinity Space u can pick up Weapon from Treasure Chest, also Shattered Magic Stone for exchange armors. this can be ur early equipment. at Old Glast Heim you can get Temporal Crystal, exchange them for Lesser Temporal Manteau or Temporal DEX Boots to help ur cast. As Sorcerer, you have Summon Ventus skills to aid u walk faster also reducing ur fixed cast time (Use Ventus Lv.1 then Elemental Control Lv.2) Spell fist is good but kinda risky since u need to close to ur enemies. You also need to use your supportive skills like Energy Coat, Safety Wall, Wall of Fog, Land Protector, Deluge/Whirlwind/Volcano, Insignias or supportive skills from ur Summoning to keep u alive. For early starter equipment u can check at Vending Harbour NPC (@go 43) or Limit HQ
  2. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... Tried spam skill at Egg Training Ground or MVPs didnt proc at all. spamming Soul Expansion skill to Egg for few minutes, damage is always around that range.
  3. Here at LimitRO increase Earth Strain 2% per 2 refine rate
  4. Here at LimitRO increase Jack Frost 2% per 2 refine rate
  5. Here at LimitRO increase Chain Lightning 2% per 2 refine rate
  6. Here at LimitRO increase damage Crimson Rock 2% per 2 refine rate
  7. Rai

    Temple of Demon God not providing Frost Crystal

    You can pick up frost crystals at Brinaranea room
  8. Rai

    a question

    You can also buy Herb of Incantation with Event Point at Asgard NPC Genie. Power Box 2 contain Herb of Incantation.
  9. That Stone Resist is from your Holy Coat.
  10. Rai

    Leave Guild Bug

    Happen to me once. It happen when Battleground running then someone invite people to guild. Guild member that joined/ inside battleground suddenly kicked out from guild, said ** Guild Mismatch **.
  11. Describe the bug / issue in details. Supposed to increase wind property magic damage NOT against wind property enemy. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... 1. Wearing +9 Chain Shadow Weapon (clean without enchant) and check on battlestats. Damage modifier against wind elemental monster increase by 10%. 2. Equip accessory with Elvira Card (increase wind & ghost magic by 20%). it supposed to give +30% wind element magic but only give +20% from Elvira card. 3. Test damage on wind property monster Chonchon (wind lv1). In this test I using Drain Life (neutral magic) with Chain Shadow Weapon +9 and without. Result is damage increasing on Chonchon from 8369 to 9585.
  12. Rai

    Question about Chain Lighting Warlock

    Oooo Im also curious about this I tried mine with 97% acd cant spam fast
  13. That 200hp drain is not from Drain Life skill but Celine Ribbon effect. (Restores 200 HP to the user when a monster is killed by a magical attack.) From what i saw u using Drain Life lv 5, Drain Life level 5 supposed to have 95% success rate but always fail here. (i hope they fix this too hehe) U can try lower ur Drain Life to lv 3 or 4 it works for me.