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  1. Rai

    Hell inferno no damage

    Yes same happen to me, it shown the damage but target's HP still 100%.
  2. He dead with RG sometimes lol Then back to town and told me FAK REFLECT 🤣😂 Btw NICE GUIDE collab!!
  3. Currently can't be worn by Soul Reaper.
  4. Still incorrect effect +10 staff supposed to give 20% increase element holy magic not 30%.
  5. +10 staff supposed to give 20% increase element wind magic not 30%.
  6. Still incorrect effect +10 staff supposed to give 20% increase element ghost magic not 30%.
  7. I did test on pvp gvg map with my buddy tried with same method.. He didnt receive any debuff and my Jack Frost damage didnt increase.
  8. Trying cast Frosty Misty lv5 (50% chance debuff) then following with Jack Frost for around 5 minutes on Training Ground whenever Misty off cooldown. For 5 minutes test, Freezing/Froze debuff didnt inflict ONCE, jackfrost damage didnt increasing.
  9. Rai


    1. onion


      Eeehehe, thank youuuuu /lv

      Here is your party pack. It has candies and chocs and Nabati Cheese. 🛍

  10. When i put on spirit plumb didnt increase ghost magic at @battlestats. also same damage on Egg with or without card.
  11. when i put on staff spirit plumb It didnt increase wind magic at @battlestats. also trying comparing at egg same damage with or without card.
  12. When i put Holy Frus card on Spirit Plump it didnt increase holy magic at @battlestats Also trying on Dummy Egg at Training Ground, cast Espa with Holy Wind Mild without card and with 2 Holy Frus Card, damage on egg quite same.
  13. Rai

    Hell Inferno Damage and Cooldown

    I think u're right my crimson rock damage also becoming 1 1 1 1 now on dt party today
  14. Rai

    Hell Inferno Damage and Cooldown

    adding damage test on Egg training ground i think the one bug is the shadow damage portion. fire damage part is fine dealing dmg around 1m "Shadow damage : ((skill level x 600))%Matk). Changes damage display to 3 split hits"
  15. 1. The Cooldown still using the old one u can spam, it suppose has 3 second cooldown after warlock rebalance 2. The Damage still bug. Hell Inferno dealing damage 1 and miss on holy mob. - i try it on Magaleta Sorin (Holy 4) on Nightmare Biolab - On Randel Lawrence (Holy 4) - My damage on Magaleta before today maintenance rebalance. (screenshot taken on April)