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  1. Rai

    Legendary Module Enchants No Proc

    I have same issue with Lucky Strike proc
  2. Rai

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Oh wow.. Un, you so awesome! nice art~
  3. Rai

    Robust Magical Armor

    +11 Robust Magical Armor combined with +10 Temporal INT Boots only give 30% Ignore Mdef on Brute & Race. It should be 60% Ignore Mdef when total refine 21 or higher.
  4. Here im naked without any equip, my maxhp = 32446 Now let see my maxhp equipped with Anti-Magic Suit with Toxious Card, my maxhp = 35690 (this one only add from enchantment maxhp 5% and Anti-Magic Suit itself) I did compare it with PecoPeco Card (add maxhp 10%) on Anti-Magic Suit, my maxhp = 38935 I also try combo Toxious Card + Noxious Card (Giant Faceworm VIT 4/VIT6), it should be add maxhp 15% but as u can see here my maxhp is lesser than PecoPeco Card. I dont know how to test long range reduction but from maxhp itself it didnt add up at all.
  5. Rai

    Your Top 3 Fav monsters.

    1. this ghostly things, boss/miniboss from Mors Cave. 2. creepy lady with pigtails, Bangungot. 3. boss from Last Room, T_W_O
  6. 1. checking @battlestats, wearing Monocle of Vitality (Ungoliant Card) + MIR of Pyschic (Jewelry Ant Card) it doesn't add up by 30%. 2. Testing actual damage at Dummy Egg and comparing damage with double Dwigh Card (Dwigh 20% Neutral & Shadow Magic). For this test im using Comet (Neutral Property Magic) with Recognized Spell buff. I. Using Dwigh Magician Glove, Dwigh MIR damage = 27240 II. Using Dwigh Magician Glove, Monocle (Ungoliant Card) + MIR (Jewelry Ant Card) damage = 23480