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  1. Rolkies

    I am really sorry for mistake i've done

    Althought i dont know you, support to give you a chance. i did watch your video guide too. hope you will be back. i believe GM already wipe off cor core & unknown parts from players storage, even from players that not getting those materials from NO CD Instance/Quest. compare to those Lava, Illusion enchant on 17.1 gears, quest bounty for Mushu hammer. this is nothing really. and GM resolve really fast this time, applause for that. suggest give lighter penalty..
  2. Rolkies

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Bumb looking forward for new gear new build
  3. Rolkies

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    it would be perfect if EDDA instance is out next hahah.. dont you think so @Suzunechan
  4. Rolkies

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    thanks @Lai and @Inkfish for all the hard work! love it!!
  5. Rolkies

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    when will we get something from here?
  6. Rolkies

    Limit RO Vending Scrolls

    i dont use this purchasing function. but idea is good
  7. Rolkies

    Player storage Exspansion Donation scroll.

    storage limit just for card 600/600.. i vote for this.. need more slot seperate category!
  8. Rolkies

    witch one is correct for over +10 refine?

    tested +10 armor to +11 enriched elunium break your item when fail enriched carnium drop your refine to +8 when fail at +10 Both got same %
  9. Implement the DT system, able to trace how many vendor a player can open per PC. (DT detect PC and not IP Address) With this, player will appreciate the limit and item that they can vend. Increase item quality and potential sold item in vending Currently, i tested i can open 5 vending. i not sure what is the limit now. If there is 100 active player x 5 Vendor = 500 spot used. reduce it so everyone got chance to open vending * DONT REDUCE TIME RESET FOR VENDOR PLEASE. i do not wish to re open vending daily. it takes alot time to check market price and to remember the price.
  10. Rolkies

    Increase number of vending spots

    limit max vendor per PC. dont reduce so much on days reset.. some item takes long time to sell..
  11. Rolkies

    Happy Easter 2020

    found it.. the ingame description and web is incorrect =.=
  12. Rolkies

    Happy Easter 2020

    can i know where to get those new CE?
  13. Rolkies

    AFK/script farming in ra_field01

    i mean for this case, he is lying on the floor.. you should take a record.. he tele after being revive haha
  14. Rolkies

    AFK/script farming in ra_field01

    maybe its macro.. but your ss evidence doesnt look solid.. its best when he die then countdown.. then you try to ress him and let him teleport.. record it in video
  15. Rolkies

    AFK Farming in Thanatos