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  1. Rolkies

    Character above max level cap

    Limit RO max cap - LV 200
  2. Rolkies


    is Genesis Ray Shadow Skill EQ in server now?
  3. Its not suppose to be on this gear!
  4. Rolkies

    Legendary Module Enchants No Proc

    lower compare to temporal boots 😃
  5. Rolkies

    new player

    getting online? sry i dont get it. pvp is not happening much here, except on weekend i guess.. can try join woe if u want
  6. Rolkies

    always steal mushu to other players

    your reply make me laugh really.. when did i said people cant play Ranger? i said not everyone like too.. Dude can you read n understand better? if cant ok i accept it.. what hades said is right, i agree with that.. but not u ok i mean you are not paying attention on what i post n give me some random reply.. LOL Furthermore, i not even complaining about this =.='' its just my opinion.. i dont care how much you KS, if i want i will just RMT and buy it..
  7. Rolkies

    always steal mushu to other players

    i never said you cant hunt that right? i never touch about its againts the rules for what you are doing right? i think you need calm down abit.. i am just saying you ethic problem.. not about the rules.. there are several way, i can even solo wit my RG. My remarks about ranger is the dmg output tht gv them higher chance to KS.. and i can confirm, not everyone like to play ranger.. LOL if not there is no other job in the server right.. i dont need Lai to change anything, if you cant hunt you just buy it.. there is many way of getting the items.. why you keep asking ppl to read rules dude.. i think you dont understand what i write.. but its okay.. no point discuss wit your ego.. i think thts the main reason you guys got small heart.. so easy triggered.. 😅 good luck
  8. Rolkies

    always steal mushu to other players

    firstly, i already said there is no argument for normal spawn MVP getting kill. even you dont share that, that is common sense right. read the first reply i post. 2nd, your solution about getting stronger.. that is not solution at all.. i believe player that hunting there got all the power to kill the MVP. they was just getting out damage by ranger and they dont have a proper team setup to hunt that particular mvp. while ur guild got better setup with tanker n 1st class dmg dealer.. *not everyone like to play Ranger. anyway, i dont think there is anything you should proud of taking other loots with other people effort.. the issue you had with them definitely affect the other community that only want to enjoy the content of the game.. other player that pass by kill that mvp and gv back the mats to the summoner, those gain my respect.. show more mercy, it will cause more happiness.. please take note, i dont know any of your enemy! i am not siding them to give these opinion.. solely what i think as a player that love limit ro contents different from other server i played..
  9. Rolkies

    always steal mushu to other players

    hmmm personal issue then.. affected others too damn
  10. Rolkies

    always steal mushu to other players

    i think @Lai need to do something about it. there is no argument for normal spawn MVP being KS.. but for these dragon, player spend effort and time to get those materials needed to summon it.. not so friendly n good ethic player tbh.. i did not farm those dragon myself.. but i saw in main chat how proud they are asking ppl to quit if dont want to get KS. another story i heard is group of ppl triggered player from MVP guild, this was something like revenge.. if this is true, maybe should say sorry and make peace with them..
  11. Rolkies

    Rude Player

    oh its him again!
  12. Rolkies

    Fair pvm to all

    yes for this.. i am one of the victim getting KS too hahahaha... hammer go to the sea
  13. Rolkies

    Claim reward for TOP MVP hunter

    disagree too.. mvp is not a fun thing to do in this server.. when they see you alone, they bring a party 😃 when you come with party they come with a guild.. generally doesn't see any benefit to other player except top mvp guild
  14. Rolkies

    afk farming

    as i can see from yeezy screenshot > 17:10 > 17:17 7min no reply? becareful next time buddy..
  15. Rolkies

    Lazy Farming Guide/TIPS

    type /Q2 put Wing of fly at "F8" put skill u want to spam "F9" you can now scroll up and scroll down to spam above 2 key.. i use this on my warlock while watching movie.. JF and Tele.. only scroll up and down Beware when doing this, you might get reported when not replying PM hahahahha