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  1. Rolkies

    Botter Magma 2

    should have pm him to check if he is afk. can see he is using skill only.
  2. Rolkies

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression Elemental Boots [1] Increases Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt and Earth Spike damage by 15% and additional 2% per refine rate.If refine rate is 7 or higher, Matk + 20.If refine rate is 9 or higher, Has a chance to gain Int + 70 and Matk + 10% for 5 seconds when dealing physical damage.If refine rate is 11 or higher, increases water, wind, earth and fire property magical damage by 10%.When equipped with Elemental Sword, ASPD + 2, Matk + 70,if refine rate of Elemental Sword is 10 or higher, increases all property magical damage by 10%.Class: Shoes Defense: 10Weight: 10Required Level: 99Jobs: All
  3. Rolkies

    Some newbie question for finding a monster

    @mi [monster name] ---- to get monster ID @whereis [monster name/monster id] or try to get more info here
  4. Rolkies

    Normal Cooking is Broken

    fixed. Lai restarted server today
  5. Rolkies

    Damage Gap

    sorry, got an answer. someone told me its hallucination effect. i got myself hallucinated 😂
  6. Rolkies

    Damage Gap

    Using same gear but damage is inconsistent. would like to know if its a bug. or skill affected by some status I cant seem to find any source online that saying need any requirement to reach those damage different damage is up to 10 times 🤔 4-5K > 45>50K
  7. Rolkies


    Althought i dont know you, support to give you a chance. i did watch your video guide too. hope you will be back. i believe GM already wipe off cor core & unknown parts from players storage, even from players that not getting those materials from NO CD Instance/Quest. compare to those Lava, Illusion enchant on 17.1 gears, quest bounty for Mushu hammer. this is nothing really. and GM resolve really fast this time, applause for that. suggest give lighter penalty..
  8. Rolkies

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Bumb looking forward for new gear new build
  9. Rolkies

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    it would be perfect if EDDA instance is out next hahah.. dont you think so @Suzunechan
  10. Rolkies

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    thanks @Lai and @Inkfish for all the hard work! love it!!
  11. Rolkies

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    when will we get something from here?
  12. Rolkies

    Limit RO Vending Scrolls

    i dont use this purchasing function. but idea is good
  13. Rolkies

    Player storage Exspansion Donation scroll.

    storage limit just for card 600/600.. i vote for this.. need more slot seperate category!
  14. Rolkies

    witch one is correct for over +10 refine?

    tested +10 armor to +11 enriched elunium break your item when fail enriched carnium drop your refine to +8 when fail at +10 Both got same %
  15. Rolkies

    Happy Easter 2020

    found it.. the ingame description and web is incorrect =.=