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  1. Rolbo

    Botter in Magma 3

    maybe can try SS him in the map and pm him to check.. these issue was same as RG afk in thana imo..
  2. Rolbo

    Botter in Magma 3

    after new wl update, i think will solve the issue too.. jackfrost become target skill
  3. Rolbo

    bug npc enchants

    when will the NPC be available again? cant wait to enchant mine @Emistry
  4. Rolbo

    bug npc enchants

    i think they are aware.. NPC is removed
  5. Rolbo

    How to get the Royal Guard Necklace [0] #19246

    hope this help
  6. Rolbo

    Blueprints on Excelion Legs

    i think should the new 17.1 gears are replacement for these
  7. Rolbo

    Marshall Guard Stroll back

    i hope lai do something about him, just rejoin limit for nearly 2 month now.. definitely feel uncomfortable with this player.. and he even got penalty before.. why does he want to repeating it.. just play and enjoy the game
  8. Rolbo

    Missing a Monster File in the list

    i got the same problem when using previous game file.. i redownload the new installer and no more happening. i think you need to be chill abit, i just suggest you to download new v15 installer.. if you dont like it you can ignore it.. my question if you downloaded the latest version basically make sense, if yes means you need other solution. if not means you just need to re download it.. TELL ME BEFORE QUESTION.. LOL
  9. Rolbo

    Botting and KSing in Thanos 10

    and again where is the did not respond msg screenshot 🤔
  10. Rolbo

    Botting & KSing in Thanos 10

    curious, why not pm then n take few screenshot that show they did not reply after several mins.. only 1 pic really doesnt prove anything.. i thought you can use @noks command too.. i doubt lai can do anything with just 1 pic provided..
  11. Rolbo

    Missing a Monster File in the list

    did you download latest installer?
  12. Rolbo

    Changelogs - 17.1 Illusion

    i believe no quest atm. just new dungeons and shop NPC. the town is empty. those new enchant is nice. but not available yet.. cant wait for next update ❤️