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  1. Clara Dewi

    GX poisoning weapon not working

    Ya @Tsubaki im ady test about Gx poison Pyrexia. That should increase 15% critical damage on battlestats also..
  2. Clara Dewi

    GX poisoning weapon not working

    Poisoning weapon have 2 effect 1. Buff urself 2. Target enemy (Debuff to Monster/Terget) I will say, About target enemy all working. But about Buff self not all working. Just magic mushroom and Venom Bleed and Pyrexia working as well. Why im saying that working. Buff 15% crit and 5% melee dmg just work if you auto attack. That no work if u using skill. Coz if that ady give 10% dmg if u using any poison in poisoning weapon. That work like that, but idk real work for poisoning weapon (Pyrexia). Should give more dmg critical 15% on skill too or just autoattack. Coz if u using autoattack that work as well.
  3. Clara Dewi

    STR Blessing Wrong Giving Bonus

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... Trying using STR Soutane with encant STR Blessing but what giving on battle stats. 12% Physical damage to all raze become 12% Increase EXP to all Race?? about other bonus working and STR 5 per 3 rate work too. just about special enchant STR Blessing not Working
  4. Not only Strong Enchant . That Flash enchant too bug. im trying to using set too. 1 . 2. 3. First 1. Picture that im using Temporal Boots enchant SoL/FS7(1). give 6% critical damage bcoz 2% critical per 3 refine boots. My boots +9 and then so give 6% critical damage (2%x3 refine) Trying using SET (SoL and Flash enchant at KSSI) . that give 14% critical damage. 14% critical damage from Fatal enchant, not from Flash (special enchant) 3.Picture just for description Fatal lvl3 . give 8% critical damage. So, about Special Enchant or 3rd enchant KSSI (King Schmidt's Strong Insigna) all Bug. Physical or Magical enchant @Emistry @Lai
  5. Im Trying using SET . but no effect about damage and battlestats also not showing 25% (Damage Modifier) small medium and large
  6. Clara Dewi

    Variable Cast Time doesn't work

    When Equip with GFS (nonslot) or GFS (sloted) give that effect. all effect work but except Reduce Variable casting 4% per 20 base INT. pict 1. I just put stats for Reduce Variable Cast time. Pict 2. im trying to use SET (giant snake's breath and giant faceworm skin). BUT about Variable not working. from 59.80 to 54.70. that reduce or increase?????
  7. Clara Dewi

    Afk Farming Thana As Always

    Guys stop like police. Geeez
  8. Clara Dewi

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    Hmmmm .. Im just need CI make it to melee physical again.
  9. Clara Dewi

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    And darkclaw skill to , no remove skill reflect .