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    Thanks very much guys, I’ve got my client downloaded and patched I’ll be logging on this evening going hell for leather 😁
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    Addicted much

    Good evening Limit players. I'm Paddy, I've gone under a number of aliases on different servers over the past 12 years since I first started playing on officials. I always walk away from RO and find myself coming back to it when I need some nostalgia, it's also a focus point for me other than just working all the time! This time it's been a 1 year hiatus and I'm looking forward to blowing off the cob webs, going MvPing with my Ranger and gearing up an RG for PvP and WoE. Feeling like taking it casually this time around, we'll see what happens if I don't start feeling competitive after a few months. 😜 Any PM's are welcome I'm pretty excited to see such an active server so no doubt I'll be mingling and mixing.