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  1. Congratulations Berserk family for achieving 8 of 8 castles for woe at the strongest level of competition the server has seen to date, And for Limitro reaching server peak of 1000++ players! I hope everyone is safe and sound during this pandemic we are facing - And Despite these difficult times, there is still hope. Currently, my team and I have been able to manufacture and provide 2000 aerosol boxes to various hospitals and clinics to the southeast asian region (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) for ambulances, emergency rooms, and ICUs - as well as close to 50,000 face shields; 120,000 PPEs; 1,680 ear guards and daily food packs. Although these efforts are still far from our goals, we will maintain trying our very best. Please pray that our efforts reach their maximum efficacy. Stay safe and stay strong everyone!
  2. Prophet

    Woe castle release

    Good day Limitro, I am releasing some castles once again for normal woe so more guilds and other players can participate and own their own territory, if any of you need help, feel free to pm my members Lets all help make limitro grow ^^
  3. Prophet

    GvG champions and WOE sweep

    You have a valid point, we beat 007 in round one with just 11 people
  4. Prophet

    GvG champions and WOE sweep

    A big shout out to my team for opening up the new year with this achievement against the renowned guild 007 To the berserk crew, I wouldn't have anyone else but you guys with me to celebrate GvG championship back to back with WOE sweep Thanks to our competitors for making our experience here at limitro fun and exciting! Looking forward to more wins in future GvGs! Happy New Year!
  5. Prophet

    Gvg Berserk vs 007

    Oh nice, let's make this interesting
  6. Prophet

    xredux, magic boost

    In response to the movement to nerf goh, I propose a step higher, to bump xredux from the current total of 41% (4x 5% lv3 protection stone + 7x 3% xredux starstone) to 74% (4x 8% lv3 protection stone + 7x 6% xredux starstone). This is to increase defenses vs doram skills, acid demonstration, hell's plant, cluster bomb, and goh, and other skills that may bypass player (demi) reduction Another option is to bump gambler seal reduction from 40% to 60% (or 70%) - but leaves out doram, acid demonstration, hell's plant, cluster bomb Or do all Also, increase all magic user damage by 50% Leave your comments and suggestions below!
  7. Prophet

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    Bump gambler seal from 40% to 60% Easy solution, without major changes ^^ Asked this months ago, this is a welcome change
  8. Prophet


    Good day Limitro, Looking for Wanderer, and Minstrel, for normal woe, plus points if they are your mains instead of your alts Kindly message me in discord Prophet#8888
  9. Prophet


    Good day, I'd like to take this time to celebrate defeating the server's dominant guild. It wasn't an easy victory, and we thank everyone's contribution in making the game play environment fun and competitive. We look forward to more skirmishes in the spirit of sportsmanship! Prophet