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    Yesus entero lindo
  2. carafelix

    Official client GRF w/ full sprites

    Looks like since a few patches ago, the sprites and animations of some skills have been removed of the official limitro client. So i suggest to add another mirror option with the full version of it. EG: (limitro) (iRo) I download the client from the official usa mirror in andd never touch any file of the client folder. Hestia also confirm to me that it was change for reducing fps-drops at woe. But for ppl like me who don't do woe or have a really good pc. Why should i play without the effects? (Also, don't bother to comment "is a setting thing. check the checks on settings.exe", already confirmed it with various ppl). Im a new player, so i didn't even know jack frost (and other skills) has such an cool animation an sprite effect. So this disappoint me a lot. Like hearth breaking news.
  3. carafelix

    Help with game sprites and animations

  4. carafelix

    Guild Latina

    El orfanato recluta jugadores hispanos/latinos. tirenme un pm en el juego: Carafelix o Trampolin
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    Mandame un Pm o un email en el juego. me llamo igual q en el foro
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    Alguien de chile?

    Somos más de los que piensas. tirame un whisp en el juego.
  7. carafelix

    LF Guild (Latina)

    Te hable
  8. carafelix

    Help with game sprites and animations

    Since last patch or so, the official limitro client comes without many sprites of some skills. (This count for anyplace in the world, dung, instances, cities, fields, etc) eg: and it should be: Any one can help me with all those GRF stuff and all? Or even make a tutorial to put it back to normal. (I download the game like a month a go from official limitro mirrors, and never touch anything). Also, it would be nice to add a official mirror with the normal sprite and texture pack. Thx
  9. I test again whit lvl 65, and appears to be working fine. But still a bug under lvl 65, so still a useful report. Maybe it doesn't work whit non-multiples-of-5 in job lvl or something like that. Take an eye on it plz EDIT: Not working. Im sorry for the misunderstanding
  10. +Topic Source Report Your Char Name: Teresa Caceres What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug?: Farming ice dung for crystal blue Describe the bug as much as possible: After summon the Aqua lvl, and activate the Elemental Crontrol lvl 1 skill, it gives the 80 MATK bonus, but it doesn't provide the boost on the damage output of Diamond Dust by (JobLv × 5)%. Give your source: and this Sorcerer guide on the limitro wiki: Have you tested?: yes, multiple times