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  1. Mebs

    Changelogs - Illusion boosting!

    Christmas stuff. Christmas stuff! CHRISTMAS STUFF! -bangs my tiny fist on the table-
  2. Mebs

    Your Top 3 Fav monsters.

    Ahhh! I forgot about the beholders! A+ monster. Now that you mention it, I can see the similarities to Barry. And the small scarabas are great. I haven't encountered Boitata yet, but they do look pretty hecking cute. I approve of a bonus MVP.
  3. Mebs

    Your Top 3 Fav monsters.

    Been goofing about in game and was curious what everyone's favorite creature in RO was. Either cause the design looks amazing, it makes you laugh, or just has something sentimental to you. So I figured I'd make a lil thing to ask for folks to list their favorite 3 RO monsters. Top Three for Mebs 1: Yellow Novus Just look at this majestic creature. They're glorious. I love the noise they make when idling and just the tiny nubs/big mouth makes me laugh everytime. 2: Aliot I just think he looks neat. I don't think I ever encountered one until I started Limit RO. But he's neat enough he ousted Bongun from the top 3 spot. 3: Eggring Egg egg egg egg eggy egg egg I'd love to see what monsters/MVPs are your guys favs.
  4. I fully admit that this suggestion is 200% SELF INDULGENCE WISHING. In the old days when I used to play RO (like eons ago, just before 3rd classes came out even) my favorite hat was the nurse cap. It was my signature hat for my Priest. When I joined the server, one of the first things I did was beat up way too many sohees in payon to try to get a new one...only to realize that CE's were a thing now. There's a nurse cap ( and an illusion nurse cap ( , but I don't think there's really any incentive to actually wear them, especially with CEs and the stones you can put in CEs. If it was at all possible, I'd love for there to be a CE version. Maybe the hat-maker can make one from collecting 5 of the other caps or something? I'm not even sure if one can make custom CE's, but if there is a way I'd love to suggest this one in particular so my AB can have them. Thank you for your time.
  5. Mebs

    Changelogs - Partial 17

    My condolences Lai, and many thanks for you continuing to do updates even in these difficult times.
  6. Mebs

    Show yourself!

    10 years later I remember I was gonna do this. it me. a nerd.
  7. Mebs

    limit merit points

    Best/fastest way would probably be Wave Mode: Forest. It tends to give out close to just have to spend about an hour or so in Forest Mode because it is like 187 waves.
  8. Mebs

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    The player report is for players who are breaking rules. You keep changing goal-posts from claiming they are being illegal to just being upset they are lazy. If you just have a complaint about how you feel the reflect/autocast farming is lazy, then it should be in suggestion center with a poll. Not on report center.
  9. Mebs

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    If you're friends are quitting because they cannot easily farm 1 map out of all of RO, that feels like a them problem. At the end of the day, this isn't against the matter how much you want it to be. You didn't send PM to ask if they were AFK, which is the #1 thing required to prove someone was afk. And trying to say "well they may" afk is trying to create a false sense of paranoia and distrust. These people spend a lot of time and energy on their accounts...why would they go afk and get it all banned? They are players who have been around for a long time.
  10. Mebs

    RMT scam i think

    I post here with a lot of nervousness, cause I do not like possibly bringing any false accusations. It is my hope that there is misunderstandings, and deep down I do hope I am wrong and that I was just being paranoid. Because my own personal interactions with Lalabras started off very pleasant. They were helpful and friendly. I liked them. But a few weeks back they suddenly messaged me saying their account had been hacked and they had lost all their items. That someone stole all their stuff. I told them they should contact Lai because there would be logs and they could get it back...but they seemed to not pay attention to that. And just talked about thinking about quitting. I ended up taking a break for a week and when I came back they messaged again about how sad they were all their stuff was taken and they should quit. And I again mentioned they should report to Lai. They went quiet, then another friend of theirs messaged me saying how they felt so sad for Lalabras and how they were planning to try to do something to help them. I am a very paranoid person at times, and I may be off...but it felt to me like they were hoping I would give them things to 'help them get back on their feet'. It made me feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable so I stopped responding. I'm not sure if they ever sent in a report. Like I said, I imagined Lai would have logs to help get their stuff back if it had been stolen. I don't have screens cause at the time I didn't think much of it other than maybe I was being paranoid. And I thought it unnecessary in the event their account had been compromised. But I do have more concerns since its like account 'hacked', then suddenly in hospital, then suddenly dead? It feels very off. That said, as mentioned, I do hope I'm wrong. Because I don't want to dirty someone's good name. If I'm wrong in the end and all was misunderstandings I'll gladly apologize. But I wanted to add in because seeing Yesus thing makes me worry that maybe other folks have had similar things. I didn't end up losing anything, but I'd feel bad if other folks did and it turned out there was scams afoot.
  11. Mebs

    Halloween Time

    It took me most of the event beating up Jakk twice a day, but I was able to get enough taming items to catch one skeleton kitty, then enough material to evolve, enough food, and the little accessory for the Skellion. I am pleased.
  12. I would love an increase to %chance. Some risk is fine but it can definitely be rough when the last 5 levels are all so low like Level Fee Success Rate 1 10 5% 2 20 60% 3 40 30% 4 50 20% 5 70 10% 6 100 5% 7 150 5% 8 250 5% 9 500 3% 10 1000 3% Paying 250-1000 each go for a 3-5% chance of success is brutal. Doing something like setting the first 4-5 to success or like 90% then start to decline the % would be nice and likely act as a way to keep folks from full backsliding to level 1 as easily. Like Level Fee Success Rate 1 10 - 2 20 90% 3 40 90% 4 50 90% 5 70 80% 6 100 60% 7 150 50% 8 250 30% 9 500 20% 10 1000 10% 1000 for a 10% chance is still small, but it makes it feel at least attainable if one's really hoping for that level 10 and willing to grind.
  13. Mebs

    Add More weight limit

    Truth be I wouldn't mind a slight boost to both Kafra capacity and the cash item safety chest. I was kind of disappointed that the safety chest only has like a limit of 70 items. Triple so since things like armor/weapons don't stack so they add an inventory count really fast.
  14. Mebs

    Hello everyone~ Glad to meet you all.

    Hello and welcome!
  15. Mebs

    Halloween Time

    omg. I didnt know they evolved!!! -zoomies to beat up Jakk 800 more times-