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  1. Mebs

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Are the new class gemstones not yet implemented with Mato Mato? They don't seem to show up as an option to add.
  2. Mebs

    Mini Autumn Event

    From what I've seen, most of the field maps have random rabbits spawned on them. If you beat em up, they drop moon dust which can be turned in at a rabbit in Asgard for some prizes.
  3. Mebs

    Mini Autumn Event

    Awwww yisss bunny gear!
  4. Mebs

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    I am of two minds. On one, I do love new content. It can be fun and add neat things. (Then again I admit I am someone who spends most of my time just trying to get cute costumes and pets! XD) On the other, it would be very sad if overnight all the gear people paid a lot of time and energy and money into are now worthless and useless. It ends up making it feel like it is always a grind and a race that only benefits really hardcore players. I'd love to see more of the story, but maybe instead of the new gear there is rewards that help people improve their current gears more? Like more refine stuff. It may help offset the feeling of only the rich and old can break into getting good gear.
  5. Mebs

    Add New Pets

    Making me make an account just to talk about this. I see how it is. XD I personally would love more pets. Frankly in terms of stat bonuses I'd be fine with none or just giving them similar bonuses to other pets already in game. It means you can have different style of pets for the same purpose and not have to have the same pet for a particular bonus. That said, I would like to nominate the greatest creature of all time: He screm.