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  1. Anonymouse

    Cross impact missing

    also magic mushroom from poisoning weapon skills doesnt add after cast delay % magic mushroom not adding acd% after cast delay after using poisoning weapon (magic mushroom)
  2. Anonymouse

    Cross impact missing

    Performs a flurry of seven hits at a single target while spinning it. When Enchant Deadly Poison is active when this skill is used, the skill modifier is halved. Damage (ATK)% = (Base_Damage × BaseLv ÷ 120) Level Base Damage (ATK) Cast Delay 1 1,100% 2.5s 2 1,200% 2.0s 3 1,300% 1.5s 4 1,400% 1.0s 5 1,500% 0.5s
  3. since normal woe is kinda dead and enemies lost their balls to fight i kindly suggest make normal woe once or twice a month or just make it same treasure chest as silk woe castles dropping vips tnx
  4. Anonymouse

    Revamp Normal Woe

    i think 2 option can be good put also vip coin drop on normal woe castles or make silk woe castle same as normal woe castles not dropping vip coins what u guys think?
  5. Anonymouse

    No Friendly Fire For Ally Guild

    add poll pls lets vote yes
  6. Anonymouse

    Show Damage in WOE

    most nonsense suggestion ive seen for a while
  7. Anonymouse

    8 of 8, server peak, pandemic efforts

    Congrats to berserk .. its guild master not just all talk also helps alot on other peeps.. stay safe guys to all limit ro players may the god bless us all congrats to @Lai getting new peak numbers of players also to all competitors makes it possible making server alive god bless us all
  8. Anonymouse

    Racist on #main

    @Lai do somethin its too much
  9. Anonymouse

    Racist on #main

    I want to request muting this player on main such a trash attitude player screenshot and see it for your self ots not only on some players but nationality pls do some action to this trash attitude
  10. Anonymouse

    Change PvP settings in normal

    body relocation 0.5 secs cooldown would be good also the doram part make it include at player resist is good also but demi hmm better go silk pvp/woe if u want to fight ppl with lower redux and range resist lol God/normal woe=end game gears nerfing it makes it no different to silk pvp/woe Just my opinion no hard feelings <3
  11. Anonymouse

    GvG champions and WOE sweep

    cheers congrats to berserk no hate just <3
  12. Anonymouse

    Gvg Berserk vs 007

    Vote and lets hear our limitro players voice on this one
  13. Anonymouse

    RMT scam i think

    So rmt is dangerous ppl will get sick or dead after recieving first the payment lol 🤣 i dont wqnt to be rude but that trick is old lmao
  14. Anonymouse


    Ooh thats a strong and clear proof tasty
  15. Anonymouse

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    no.1 thing sura becomes op depends on its user 2nd is item overall it can be beaten by decent opponent also just need to be faster to counter them i guess unless change goh damage formula will do but depends on gm lai lets hope for the best