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  1. Anonymouse

    Scorpio Set, enforcer cape, brute hand bow

    ooh cool item maybe can make it on limitless island quest aswell
  2. Anonymouse

    Tamago Eggs

    i can see some of here are the one who intend to ks im adding up if the summoner cant kill the dragon it should have 1 hr life span its just suggestion depends on lai if he agree dont be salty ^^
  3. Anonymouse

    Tamago Eggs

    Make Tamago dragon summons only hittable by party/individual who summons it coz its too unfair for other players who lacks of damage and also spend hammers and gonna ks by more stronger players
  4. Anonymouse

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Gong Bao Time Zone: GMT+8 Time in LimitRO: Since June 2019 Time in RO: since 2004
  5. Anonymouse


    yay grats to all and grats to limit ro having a lively woe again 😃