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  1. + @Lai FYI about another suggestion on Silk WoE. We have votes open since yesterday. Would love to hear more opinions/feedback/critics on this, see if we can make this work for better Silk WoE. Thankies
  2. Eba

    Silk WoE new balance

    I'm more keen on reverting back to pre-rework Silk WoE, I'm unsure how it'll work in implementing it specifically on Silk castles. But seems like readjusting rework meta (i.e. disabling/nerfing specific skills) would make it even more complicated.
  3. Good day Silk WoE community, In line with making Silk WoE great again, we would like to suggest the following: 1. Reduce active castles per WoE Why? Having 2 castles is good for 4 or more active guilds. Nevertheless, in the recent weeks there have only been 2 active guilds and 2 castles basically makes it dead WoE since each guild gets to sit in each castle defending. Even if there will be a 3rd guild, 1 castle is still the better option for the current WoE setup in our server. 2. Reset all investments Why? Some castles have high econ and def, might be good to revive the woe scene with a fresh start on castles. Note that we're willing to give up on 4 100 econ castles to make LimitRO Silk WoE fun again. 3. Rotate castles Why? It’s been quite a while since we had castle rotation, especially for FE. These set of castles and it honestly starts to become less interesting. Would be great if we can have a new set of castles for a fresh start and new excitement. Since we want to balance between the castle size proportion and population, it is better to remain current SE castles, other SE castles are relatively too big for current Silk WoE population. Which castles though? This is an open suggestion, preferably to have bigger castles to cater more than 2 guilds in the event Silk WoE does have more than 2 guilds coming up. As a start, here’s our suggestion on which FE castles to consider: Prontera and Payon castles. Lastly, do note that this suggestion is for Silk WoE only, any concerns on Normal WoE please address in separate thread. Also would appreciate it if we keep this thread clean from any unnecessary comments OR irrelevant suggestions to the discussion (please do so in other threads, e.g. Suggestion, WoE drama, etc). Thank you!
  4. Eba

    Burger K

    It's all about the good game and burgers. And memes. Who do we need? Active Silk WoE player during Weekend Active Discord Speak English Basic knowledge of RO and WoE mechanics What else do we do? Daily DT PVM/Instances Casual games [Discord] Movie Night [Discord] Karaoke [Discord] Where to find us? Come by Louyang (@go 14) Any chars with that starts with Crystal/Zenisleiv Any chars with Burger K logo Or visit our website Current WoE Schedule Memes for the lul
  5. Eba

    Guild setup

    uhh okay GM..? What a reply. Anyways,Salt Bag aside. These people just care enough about Silk WoE and don't want it to die due to this alliance policy, these people are the ones who are making the WoE alive. Seeing how obvious was the poll result on previous suggestion thread, we still don't understand and not convinced how activating alliance is the solution. No offense, but no one asked for it. So if your argument is it's not easy to implement things, then why allocate devs to work on something that's not needed and sacrifice the fun of Silk WoE. Might as well leave it as is. But +1 on thread, would prefer to NOT have alliance AND increase guild member cap.
  6. Eba

    WoE Everyday

    Oh no you didn’t, Miko. 🙄