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  1. I'm on my 4th day playing in this server and I already have a bunch of "useless" cards in my storage. I was wondering if there could be an NPC wherein we can exchange cards for something useful like donation tokens. I know the script might be laborious to encode, so how about increase the selling price of cards to NPCs, around 5-10million a card? I'm pretty sure that won't hurt the economy considering the drop rate of cards is below 1%.
  2. Satanis

    AFK at Thana

    She moved away from that spot 5 mins after you died. Haha
  3. Satanis

    no respect arrogant KS

    How do I show my respect? Do I need to bow down to you? Why nobody else is doing that? Using your analogy, everyone who "KS" mobs should also do the same. Did you find me whining? How many minutes did you lose in whining instead of farming? Didn't you read the LimitRO introductory course? You can use @noks. - Lord Pingfu