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  1. WoE today have become literally pay to win contest, the battle between two rich sponsors. Currently there are two active guilds in normal woe, one is Berserk followed by their second guild and the other is 007 also followed by their second guild, this will probably remain like that until one of them runs out of money or gets bored. now if one of them stops sponsoring or whatever the reason, what would you think will happen? normal WoE will completely die OR if the sponsor who will remain is crazy enough, he'll sponsor another group to fight his first group, imagine that would happen. LOL Pros: Will give opportunity to give birth for a new guild. Will make normal WoE exciting again. Will get more new player, hopefully. Cons: Will affect the servers profit, but!! like I've said before If one of them stops sponsoring, normal WoE dies and with it the profit. no enemy? then no use buying more canta. HMM? beside that I can't think of any negative outcome, please provide me some. thanks in advance. Don't flame please be matured enough.
  2. Flameburst

    WoE Everyday

    ah really? affected? okay whatever you say man.. if you don't like my opinion also then stay out of it too. 🙄 P.S. continue killing mobs
  3. Flameburst

    Add Deco Stone Digital

    + 1 looks awesome
  4. Flameburst

    WoE Everyday

    you don't even woe dude, stay out of this and kill mobs +1 but not everyday like @Gucci said 3 times a week should suffice, on Wednesdays.
  5. Flameburst

    AFK Farming Thanatos

    cant you just exall?
  6. Flameburst

    Change PvP settings in normal

    Thanks for support. Yes i could go pvp silk and fight myself there alone while others is at pvp normal. Bro you dont need over ups to get 98% demi and 100% long range lol
  7. Flameburst

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    Then try going in pvp. Or you're not affected because you scared going inside pvp.
  8. Flameburst

    Change PvP settings in normal

    Guild hopper joined in.
  9. Hello, I would just like to suggest some small changes regarding PvP settings in Normal. Suggestions: 1.) Reducing 98% demi redux to 85% and 100% range redux to 85%, fighting players with 98% demi redux makes your physical damage a back massage not unless you're using Sura, same goes to 100% range redux it makes long range based classes literally useless. A.) Reducing it to 85% will allow the others classes to return to the spotlight, same as we did in the GTB effect it gave Warlock, Oboro Magic class chance to return. Classes that could make a come back are: - Rune Knight - Royal Guard - Star Emperor - Kagerou long range build - Ranger long range build - Rebellion - Doram - Minstrell / Wanderer - Mechanic B.) This would benefit other people who like playing them classes, Isn't it fun to see all classes inside pvp rather seing a lot of sura. 2.) Making Doram part of player classification. If you ask me Doram is controlled by players right? So logically it should be under player by means of player redux. Here in limitro it isn't part of player classification. 3.) Adding cooldown to Body relocation. I got no beef on Sura players but it is really a pain in the ass to play with sura who just spam body relocation and when they see an opportunity they get close to you then spam GOH. Maybe putting like 1.5 or 2 seconds would be enough. Some will disagree with me specially about the long range redux they will probably say that there is a way to kill players who have 100% range redux like gunslinger they can strip you, sure goodluck with that especially when you are fighting some pro sura who could just make you eat GOH even before you could strip them.
  10. Flameburst

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    The real problem here is not the Sura itself but rather the settings and equipments. You do not see people complaining about sura in silk. + 1 to your mobility. Players who spam body relocation is really a pain in the ass to deal with, like playing tag with a fly. Suggestion: Giving it cooldown like 2 seconds should be enough to neutralize Suras well obviously it depends on your skills but seing sura just helplessly walking while waiting for the cooldown is a scene to die for.😈