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  1. Hi, if it is possible, make please, what reset of limit island boards will be not after 24-72 hours after take reward, but on start of next day (after 3 days). Because of it is took some time to complete quest and take reward, and so timer continuously moving late and late For example, if i today took quest for Celine Kimi at 14.00, kill her and take reward at 15.00, then for next day i can repeat it only after 15.00 (( My suggestion what i will can take this quest after next day will come (0.00 or 04.00 whatever), like many instances reset And it will 1 reward per 1 day (3days for S++), but with no moving timer
  2. denniska82

    Temple of Demon God

    @Clarizt, you need invite to ToDG party from person, who already was there there is bug in Nidhogg, she don't create instance for new ppl i mean PL must be a person who was in ToDG in past, if PL just complete prereq quests and try to create instance - Nidhogg will be telling about clearing and don't create instance
  3. denniska82

    Temple of Demon God

    UPD2. And yes, after i was invite to ToDG party from another man, i was able to go in ang complete ToDG so case in Nidhogg, not in previous prereq quests
  4. denniska82

    Temple of Demon God

    Same thing with me, there is NO complete information about which exactly quests needed to ToDG here i was seeking in forum, do many quests, Eclage too, but like Clarizt, Ninhogg dont create instance UPD. players, who going to ToDG told me, what there is Bug, need someone who has done the instance before to make it for new players
  5. denniska82

    Temple of the demon god

    Was the same problem, you need to do 2 quests first: and and after that talk to Magic Scholar near Hisie first after that Hisie will give quest to you, and you will able to go to ToDG
  6. and if you think ele enchants of this armors is wrong/bug, then remove it please from enchanting list, so we dont waste time/zeny for rolling this
  7. same with <Robust Magical Armor [1]> undead enchant
  8. denniska82

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    And yes " Slowing down updates, to let more newbies to catch up " now work against newbies. I say that as newbie on this server(less than month here). Coz instead of making new gear as newbie i forced to wait or making gear what will be used after 17.1
  9. denniska82

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    The Pro of 17.1 is what new players can easy and cheap get strong gear, and no need to +16 +18 +20 it... just +9 is great And its update not make you old gear useless, you old staff still strong and be with you... But if you want more power => need do something