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  1. RazCenpai

    "Unregistered ID" error. New player, No characters

    I... must be the biggest idiot to grace this forum. When I got to the server selection, because the main server was coloured differently and did not say "server," I thought it was just a header title. I thought the test server was the only server and thus, the main server. I swear I'm good at UI's I can now log in and create characters. Thanks for showing me my error
  2. RazCenpai

    "Unregistered ID" error. New player, No characters

    I did patch the game, yes, but no luck. I also tried re-installing and patching again, still nothing. Gepard Shield Anti-Cheat? Yes, it did load.
  3. First time touching anything RO Just installed, patched, and registered an account with both the main website and here on the forums. Game hits me with the "Unregistered ID" error. Username is: RazCenpai Password reset/change did nothing Creating new account with different email did nothing Don't have any characters (unable to get that far) Posting this as a last ditch effort, doesn't seem like life wants me to play this game