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  1. Mango Farmer

    Fair pvm to all

    All we want is a health community for limitRO its time to make it more health specially for those new comers and weak players outhere this suggestion is for fair pvm about tamago eggs who recently getting ks'ed by strong players i find it very cruel vs the weak players they work hard for it and just gonna steal kill my suggestion is just if can put tamago eggs on deadbranch room or some special dead branch room (higher rate payments) to freely using they tamago hammers for your party ksing makes conflict vs players and its unhealthy hope u guys understand its not just about op items u got or claiming you are the best its for limitro's sake tnx guys
  2. Mango Farmer


    Very nc and friendly guild no hate and the emblem really somethin u cant forget thumbs up most of my idol chars also are there