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  1. limit4ever

    Scorpio Set, enforcer cape, brute hand bow

    brute hand bow could be made difficult to craft it's quite similar to avenger hunter bow, which is fairly easy to acquire
  2. List of items to suggest to show some love for GX for pvm (scorpio set), and archer class (brute hand bow)
  3. limit4ever

    suggested items

    old items suggested back in 2017, it had votes but somehow it doesn't exist here yet Gold Tender Mask White Gold Shield Valkyrie Cape Ice Cream hat (maybe as costume)
  4. limit4ever

    Tengu Shoes

    Alternative to Shoes of Survival (warlock specialized shoes) Usable By: All JobsMax HP + 3%Max SP + 3%Mdef + 10Enables Level 1 Cast Cancel.If upgrade level is +5 or higher,Additional Max HP + 7%Additional Max SP + 7%Reduces the SP cost of Snap by 5.If upgrade level is +7 or higher,Additional Max HP + 10%Additional Max SP + 10%Reduces the SP cost of Snap by an addtional 5.Max HP + 2% per level of Gentle Touch-Cure known.For every level known of Gentle Touch-Revitalize,Def + 30Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human race enemies by 1%.For every level known of Gentle Touch-Energy Gain,Reduces the variable casting time of Summon Spirit Sphere by 10%.Reduces the variable casting time of Mental Strength by 10%.Reduces the fixed casting time of Zen by 10%.Aspd + 2% per level of Gentle Touch-Convert known.Atk + 4 % per level of Gentle Touch-Silence known. Total Max HP/SP = + 30% Mdef + 10 Def + 150 Demi Resist + 5% Spirit Sphere VC - 50% Mental Strength VC - 50% Zen FC - 50% Aspd + 10% ATK + 20%
  5. limit4ever

    Prontera Militia Glove

    same as previous suggestion with kirin horn, only 1 allowed with 99 demi resist cap, should be no problem to catch up to the power creep as well
  6. limit4ever

    3d glasses (divine pride) 3d glasses Divine Pride version (more useful) reduce neutral by 5% mid headgear
  7. limit4ever

    Request Kirin Horn [1] just the raw item, no enchants, and only right or left side accessory slot