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  1. Zilahy

    Refining Shadow equipments

    From what I know, it goes like this: normal elunium till +4, enriched elunium for +5, HD elunium (that you get from the cash shop) to +6 (its a 40% chance, and it doesnt break the item), and from there is safe refine ore to +10 from +5 to+6 you could try your luck and use enriched elunium with a 80% chance, but it can break the item (I did this, my luck sucks and dont recommend it) So yeah, that last part its kinda expensive.
  2. I dont know the state of the other poisons, but im planning to use pyrexia and mushroom so i checked this Bug n°1 Poison Mushroom With no equipments the new effect of the skill does work correctly, adding a 10% after cast reduction however the added after cast reduction does not work additively: with equipment and gemstones, with a base of 60% after cast reduction, poison mushroom takes it to 64%, and with a base of 92% after cast reduction, poison mushroom takes it to 92.80% items like blacksmith gloves does add 10% after cast reduction at any base number, and I suppose it should work like that. Bug n°2 Pyrexia I dont know how to check if the 10% melee damage and the 15% normal damage does work or not, but in @battlestats the 15% critical damage it does not appear at all
  3. Zilahy

    Deep Mines

    How does one exactly go to the second level and so on? I have been mining for a couple hours and dont know exactly what is supposed to happen, does it warp automaticaly?, a warp does open somewhere in the map? im supposed to keep mining? or im just unlucky or is this normal?
  4. Zilahy

    About max skill lv

    Skills that this server changed the max level (fire dance from 5 to 10)(cannot find the limitro changelog tho, but all official kro wikis says it's max lv is 5) do get full benefit for items that are "for every lv of x learned" (rebellion scarf 1% after cast delay for every lv of fire dance learned) or just only the original 5 leves apply? since i have seen people saying get fire dance to lv 5 for the acd reduction but not to lv 10... would check i myself but dunno how (asking for a round trip build) Thanks for the answer!
  5. Zilahy

    Deepsea expedition

    Yesterday someone did gather the items , but today it's closed and it says it need the 5000 items again, and there are days left on this month It did happen after maintance I think? That or it's a bug Thanks!