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  1. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Purified Knight Shield

    Erm whats your point really? Don't you get it? Im not telling you to make your pace faster, I dont even make a poll about it. Im just stating I enjoyed the fast pace of limitro a few months ago. My comment is not even for you, yet you react defensively 😂 asking me if I have purified knight shield and end game rebel gears 😂 PS. limitless is waiting for you 😂 you dont really want to lose an argument huh? PS: Be respectful on players insight, learn how to understand statement first before typing shits. Hope you get it now hahaha
  2. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Purified Knight Shield

    Lol do you hear yourself? You just said to the guy who wants to make the pace slower, much slower than your pace now. So Im stating my insights about that, not yours. So please stop this disrespectful act of yours, we're not kids anymore right? 😂 Lol, I can solo all instances if I want to. So whats your point? You'll just progress the game if all of us reach end game gears? Hahaha
  3. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Purified Knight Shield

    My comment is not for you lai 😂 and sorry why would I create something i wont use? Please reply logically 😂 so you mean if theres a new gear for RK and Im Rebel main I should buy those gears cus its new? Im telling that guy that who wants the pace to be slower.
  4. Mossberg

    Tamago Eggs

    Hmmm it seems okay at first. But what happens when you can't kill it? And other try to summon again? Would there be 2 dragons at the same time? Would that dragon can only attack those who summons it? I think this will be complicated. Maybe make it something like this. Those who summons it, they can only be the once who can take the loot drops even though other players kills it or KS it and get more damage than yours. And before it expires theres a little window time that it can be looted by everyone before it expires.
  5. Mossberg

    Scorpio Set, enforcer cape, brute hand bow

    Its no way near avenger hunter bow with its pierce def on all races, with extra 15% max Hp/Sp too. Maybe a little nerf version can balance it.
  6. Mossberg

    Achievment Reward

    Up, and fix the dail reward tickets too. Still a +6 refine ticket
  7. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Purified Knight Shield

    Why want stuff to slowdown? When im newbie im always looking up for new things and updates. Old OP gears getting cheaper, obtaining it will make your farming life easier until you can solo instances. So catching up is easier.
  8. Mossberg

    Scorpio Set, enforcer cape, brute hand bow

    Isnt the brute hand bow too much? Lvl 4 weapon with 105% increase damage in players and at +16, 80% ignore def too. Even has 30% damage reduction. Looks like a bow with thara frog card haha. This makes glorious gears cry on my opinion. Seems a bit OP.
  9. Mossberg

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    Add the lower headgear too. Lets add some mid and lower combo headgear. Bottom line, its always the mobset for endgame gear. Even if your physical, magic or crit it all falls to mobset. And we have tengu for physical, gambler for crit and maybe this for magic.
  10. Mossberg

    Make Lucky Roulette faster

    Up for this. My bronze coins reach 800pcs plus already but too lazy to play because of slow animation. And using the refresh or warp for cancelling the animation is too much work too.
  11. Mossberg

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    How about the complete set of Cursed Magic Mail? The Cursed Boots is there already too. Release the Cursed Ring and Cursed garment.
  12. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Calm your butt down.

    Hahaha you got a point on that 😂 but please dont delay the job skill updates hahaha
  13. Mossberg

    Add Fairy Leaf Powder [1]

    suggest to add the item Fairy Leaf Powder [1]. Its an accessory that just add a fairly amount of range atk and aftercast delay. Its just 7% range and 5% aftercast delay. And can combo with ea1 and ea2 only to get the bonus. You can click the link to review the item. Item Name: Fairy Leaf Powder [1] Item ID:28564 Official server: iro, kro Source Links: Describe short how to obtain it in official server: no idea Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: range type skills and atk, and some aftercast delay but will compromise build cuz of ea1 and ea2 enchants only. How should LimitRO release this: Deepmines or Deep Sea probably its just like a mini version of blue luminous stone
  14. Mossberg

    Add 3 slot Gelerdria [3] to our sever

    Up for this, theres limited good spears in limitro