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  1. Mossberg

    Unnerfed Seraphim Coronet

    Post the unnerfed and nerf version so we can see clearly the comparison. That would be much better. But ill vote yes cus theres too limited mid headgears combo haha
  2. Mossberg

    AFK Spamming skill in HQ²

    Lol not doing dungeon. For sure you're doing wave mode forest and teleported back after the time limit hahaha
  3. Mossberg

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    +1 Temporal Ring and Cursed Magic Ring
  4. Mossberg

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Or make it a 30 days daily attendance that resets per month. Everytime you log in rewards are getting better each day. And the best rewards are those on the 20-30th day of attendance. If you miss one day, no resets but youll just reach the day 29th reward maximum; if you miss 10days you'll just reach the 20th day reward. Then resets again next month.
  5. Mossberg

    Bot in Magma 2

    Yeah seen some in cor and unknown dungeons too, WL spamming fly wing Jack frost so fast. I farmed and rest after an hr or more i farm again and that WL still there like a robot 😂
  6. Ive watch the whole video in iro official server and its pretty new. And do some research too. It looks like they can really spam DB fast with 99% aftercast. This is the whole video not in fast forward and many mvp instance fight.
  7. I think its not because of latency or ping. I tried KE, SS and all other spammable skills with same PC. Its spammable cus the delay animation can coupe up with the high aftercast reduction. But with dragon breath, you can't do it even Laser of Eagle procs (100% aftercast reduction) with 193 atk speed. Its not spammable theres delay when releasing the skill.
  8. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Illusion boosting!

    Getting illusion stones will balance it I think. Cus you still need to farm all different illusion dungeon to obtain just 9pcs of it per dungeon.
  9. Up for this, if we really want to be on track on official server lets fixed bugs like this. Ive tried it also not spammable unlike other skills with 100% aftercast delay due to slow animation cast.
  10. Yeah daily resets of those S to SS++ daily is too much. But that no moving timer 3days cd like instances seems good.
  11. Mossberg

    New Items For Lucky Roulette :)

    Maybe place the token of siegfried on silver coin line up. Putting it on bronze coin will be too much supply of siegfried haha
  12. Mossberg

    Make Lucky Roulette faster

    The roullete stops at the certain item, highlights it and when you clam It will be displayed on the center of your screen.
  13. Mossberg

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    Is GoH affected by demi human and neutral redux? Cus I tried a +9 Cranial ASG and a devilring card with 160k hp but Im just 2-3 hits of GoH 😂
  14. Mossberg

    Make Lucky Roulette faster

    Do you mean skip the animation gm lai? If thats possible that would be the best.
  15. Mossberg

    Changelogs - Purified Knight Shield

    No probelm. Keep up the goodwork. And just be cool always, we're not asking for fight. We want limitro to be awesome too you know.