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  1. MagicianNC

    AFK THANA 10

    Literally TOO MANY PILLARS OF AUTO CAST TODAY .... It is impossible to farm for newbies at thana10 with 6 of them being there just literally hogging all the mobs. Only PM 2 of them as the other 4 was too hard and annoying to take screenshot of. One of them replied but this one has been caught AFK
  2. MagicianNC

    AFK in thana10

    just leaving this here as i'm not sure if this person is going to be ban or not but heres new proof. The person has a pattern of AFK method as they will be away for 5 - 10 mins then reply. So if this play-style/ AFK-style works can we at least have an answer if this is allowed or not. Sorry for the white spots :') so that people wont know which am i @Lai
  3. MagicianNC

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    sooo cute >w<
  4. MagicianNC

    Recommend a old player stuff

    Hii i haven't played LimitRO for like YEARs sooo alot have changed XD this EQ used to be one of the best last time so could anyone suggest me like new EQ / builds or something :')