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  1. MagicianNC

    AFK Spamming skill in HQ²

    hue hue hue indeed
  2. MagicianNC

    AFK Spamming skill in HQ²

    eh sorry about that i buttered finger before i left afk , i was not farming any dungeon or so with this. Was really tired so i maybe i clicked on mistake
  3. MagicianNC

    AFK/Dual Farming Thana10

    please read under Loopholes Any attempt to use loopholes to your advantage, despite the application of common sense, will be met with an application of the "Catch All" rule. Do not attempt to play games with us. If you are unsure if something is illegal or not, ASK before doing so.
  4. MagicianNC

    AFK/Dual Farming Thana10

    After seeing first character died there while using faceworm leg to stand and farm i PM that person. After awhile i moved to the second person and it turns out it was the same person using 2 different characters to farm. Asking me why didnt i use @main to call him out 😯 wow so am i suppose to @main to wake up all those afk farmers in the future ? Asked the person to be more considerate to people who are farming there but instead asking if i would want the whole map to myself? im being asked by a person who dual farming the map to himself ... very considerate of him .... Honestly all is at the screenshot, he denied that his not afk but there is a time written there how long he was away at first.
  5. MagicianNC

    AFK THANA 10

    Literally TOO MANY PILLARS OF AUTO CAST TODAY .... It is impossible to farm for newbies at thana10 with 6 of them being there just literally hogging all the mobs. Only PM 2 of them as the other 4 was too hard and annoying to take screenshot of. One of them replied but this one has been caught AFK
  6. MagicianNC

    AFK in thana10

    just leaving this here as i'm not sure if this person is going to be ban or not but heres new proof. The person has a pattern of AFK method as they will be away for 5 - 10 mins then reply. So if this play-style/ AFK-style works can we at least have an answer if this is allowed or not. Sorry for the white spots :') so that people wont know which am i @Lai
  7. MagicianNC

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    sooo cute >w<
  8. MagicianNC

    Recommend a old player stuff

    Hii i haven't played LimitRO for like YEARs sooo alot have changed XD this EQ used to be one of the best last time so could anyone suggest me like new EQ / builds or something :')