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  1. MyPrecious

    Card wrong description

    Wrong card description
  2. MyPrecious

    Changelogs - OGH Challenge Mode

    @Emistry how come the instance no difficulty? below sample of chart that gives mats on enchanting those headgears with difficulty level... Reward Item Difficulty Level Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3 Lv 4 Lv 5 Lv 6 Lv 7 Lv 8 Lv 9 Lv 10 Sealed Temporal Circlet 1~5 1~6 2~7 2~8 3~9 3~10 4~10 4~10 5~10 5~10 Temporal Gemstone 0 0 1~3 1~4 1~4 1~5 2~5 2~6 2~6 2~7 Temporal Spell 0 0 0 0 1~3 3~7 5 ~11 8~16 11~22 14~28 Temporal Fragment 1~15 1~20 1~25 1~30 2~30 2~30 3~30 3~30 4~30 4~30 just basing on the link if this will be follow : and if not please specify how to get the material needed to get the special enchant for the headgears... TY
  3. check picture shown on attached as I make Kunai Scrolls and it turn out CE Box.. My Kunai's are inside this box but better seing it the right box for it
  4. MyPrecious

    Not giving correct Hasty Shadow Bonuses for +15

    what about the bonus for +15 set?
  5. As Shown on the picture below it does not give proper or correct item description, on Flee works but on DEF it does not add and also the +15 set bonus for Increase walking speed, I already tested walking using the +15 set the bonus effect not working.
  6. Disassembling King Schmidt's Insignia gives wrong item... currently gives back Cursed Eroded Crystals after disassembling, but suppose to be Cursed Eroded Gemstones. .
  7. MyPrecious

    Sharp Star enchant for Cecil's Memory BUG

    if im not mistaken all item having 1 enchant the text color is green, 2 echant is Blue and 3 enchant comes with orange and finally 4 enchant is violet... correct me if im wrong.. TY
  8. edda weapon for 3rd enchant not recognize text color are both green.
  9. MyPrecious

    Bot/Macro Rough Zelunium Farmer

    I've been seeing lots of macro bot farming report, but this guy farming Rough Zelunium on Abyss Glast Heim auto teleport spamming Ray of Genesis + Indulge never seen reported kindly check and please make an action!!! Thank You
  10. Clearly shown on picture below, in addition of Headless Mule card should give additional 15% for all property magical attack including HOLY. but only shown the card attached which is the headless mule card, 15% is missing... please advice me if Im right or wrong. Thank You!!!
  11. MyPrecious

    always steal mushu to other players

    Better solution STOP RMT thats only their way of living @Lai please reconsider this I already pméd you regarding this matter, I sell item too through RMT, but i farmed on my own way not stealing and KS others summons, if thats the way of your doings stealing and KS'ng and after making it $$$ well better STOP RMT then!!!
  12. MyPrecious

    Purified Knight Shield

    but why not work on me, can you try equip all your gears with that PKS and recheck your stats?
  13. MyPrecious

    Purified Knight Shield

    clearly shown below picture PKS doesnt give ASDP+2 at +9
  14. MyPrecious

    Excellent Dexterous Armor enchant bug

    well it comes to the point that you nid to buy like 100pcs or more to get the perfect enchnt that you need, 1pc is cost 2m zeny, and i spend like hundred million of zenies re enchanting to get the right option enchant that I want. its not all out one time enchant.