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  1. Fuujin Daisuke

    always steal mushu to other players

    Better solution STOP RMT thats only their way of living @Lai please reconsider this I already pméd you regarding this matter, I sell item too through RMT, but i farmed on my own way not stealing and KS others summons, if thats the way of your doings stealing and KS'ng and after making it $$$ well better STOP RMT then!!!
  2. Fuujin Daisuke

    Purified Knight Shield

    but why not work on me, can you try equip all your gears with that PKS and recheck your stats?
  3. Fuujin Daisuke

    Purified Knight Shield

    clearly shown below picture PKS doesnt give ASDP+2 at +9
  4. Fuujin Daisuke

    Excellent Dexterous Armor enchant bug

    well it comes to the point that you nid to buy like 100pcs or more to get the perfect enchnt that you need, 1pc is cost 2m zeny, and i spend like hundred million of zenies re enchanting to get the right option enchant that I want. its not all out one time enchant.
  5. Fuujin Daisuke

    Excellent Dexterous Armor enchant bug

    why does this needs to re enchant how about the COST of ZENY that has been used? i have same issue with my soaring armor.
  6. Fuujin Daisuke

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Kiiyah Time Zone: GMT +8 Time in LimitRO: 1 year Time in RO 10 years
  7. Fuujin Daisuke

    Old Bio HeadGear Enchant Increase percentage

    suggest if you double the the percentage and double also the cost of fragments. 5% chance of success after lvl5? how can other player even achieve lvl6-10 then? thanks
  8. Fuujin Daisuke

    Reduces after attack delay bug

    As Shown on picture attached, Reduces after attack delay should apply!!!
  9. Fuujin Daisuke

    Cursed Magic Boots Bug Reduction

    is it fixed already i as check just now, still the same lai
  10. Fuujin Daisuke

    Cursed Magic Boots Bug Reduction

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  11. Fuujin Daisuke

    Neutral Reduxion

    Can you guys please explain why im getting less Neutral redux when I geared my Cursed Magic Boots See Picture below ty!!!