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  1. but my only point is not revealing or display on chat box that it was unsealed, only OP player will kills the mvp and get the loot drop then. what if that happens to you, you smashed and awake the dragon and somebody kills and get the drop instead of you, will that be okay for you? i guess its fine but others not!!!
  2. thats not competing thats stealing!!! or give the item drop to the person who smashed the egg isn't it fair?
  3. even World Boss or whats so ever they called it, how can you craft the item that you want that in every time you smash it and kills by others and looted the drops?
  4. 1. Unfair for the player who smashed and unsealed the dragon inside the egg, it just like your inviting OP player to come KILL and STEAL the drop loots, how about the player who got smashed the egg but can also kill the dragon in a matter of time, now tell me what would you feel? 2. If player cannot kill the dragon and just wanted to get the loots from the eggs directly but accidentally awakes the dragon, he can main chat and get some help from other player! 3. You can publicize it when or after someone killing it already. also note that the quest to get that hammer is to kill some certain amount of MVP's
  5. suggest if you double the the percentage and double also the cost of fragments. 5% chance of success after lvl5? how can other player even achieve lvl6-10 then? thanks
  6. As Shown on picture attached, Reduces after attack delay should apply!!!
  7. doodz11

    Cursed Magic Boots Bug Reduction

    is it fixed already i as check just now, still the same lai
  8. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  9. doodz11

    Neutral Reduxion

    Can you guys please explain why im getting less Neutral redux when I geared my Cursed Magic Boots See Picture below ty!!!