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    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Hello, it is I, Onion. I will be sharing some of my drawings here. I'll try to keep it RO-related, heheh. Introduction! Outside of RO, I am known as Early Onion. I draw chibis of my characters and write stories. I do make some RO fan art (and RO fan fics), but not much. I draw using traditional media (pens, pencils). I love birds and I like the colour yellow. I think prime numbers are cool; and I have a thing about infinity and the lemniscate. My deviantART/dA, where all my drawdraw is at: https://earlyonion.deviantart/com My Chibi Shop: https://earlyonion.wixsite.com/chibi-shop (yes, you can hire me to draw your RO characters or OCs; but payment is using real money) ^^ On to the drawdraws! I hope the image comes out right. For starters, I'll just share these two drawings of my Doram that I have shared on Limit's Discord server. Meet Unemployed Unit II (a.k.a. Un). Un is the one meowing away about her (mis?)adventures via forum status updates. She loves cute headgears and enjoys loafing about Limit HQ. I drew this one when I made my first Doram character. I'm not a fan of cats, but this was too cute to pass up. And all I can say is... no regrets. xD (originally from my dA: http://fav.me/dd19ktz) And this next one, I drew when I first joined LimitRO (look at that pajama hat). It was also Easter Event, and Un managed to get herself the basket! (originally from my dA: http://fav.me/dd5hbgt)
  2. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-098 [RO] This Place About to Blow :: Tobacco smoke is for babies. Real men smoke dynamite and smell of war base assaults. xD Y'all should know this guy. xD This is Julian, another NPC in the game. Supposed to be train tracks above them in the background and a Venomous. Julian is ready to party. He got his boombox and he gonna fight till the break of dawn, hahaha~ He leads the Rebellion's assault on the Heart Hunter War Base, presumably in the Republic of Schwartzvald. With him is his trusty Assault Unit Commander, the guy who will take you inside the base. I think Julian is explosives expert. Smells of gunpowder and makes explosives on the go. Julian is my second favourite Rebel (no. 1 is Commander Elena Bolkova who is too awesome to be drawn in my style, and Larcis above is no. 3). I think that little ponytail Julian has also contributes to my liking him. Why do I have a thing for those, I don't know. --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  3. Hmm... I think Limit's installer might be OK because I'm running on Windows 7 and it works fine.
  4. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-097 [RO] Preparing for the Party :: Here, Larcis is going to serve 'High Class Tea' to Dien, the eldest (and oldest) of the Rebellion people. In the words of Buzz Lightyear, I imagine him thinking: "Years of academy training -- wasted!" At the same time, I would like to believe that he takes pride in his job. So, who is Larcis? He the is Rebellion Guard Leader. If you have done Terra Gloria, you've definitely spoken to him. This chatty NPC attends to the elder members of the Rebellion (also elderly) inside Klana Nemieri which is filled members of the Black Canines, survivors of the Mercenary Rebellion. P/S: Salad has claimed Larcis as her future husband because he is hardworking and firm. --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  5. onion

    Fair pvm to all

    Thanks so much for this suggestion. +1 to Mango and also to Sven's suggestion. Some of us just wanna have fun, experience the fruit of our labour, crack that egg, and slay our first dragon. So what if we die a million times. This is for pure fun with friends -- but then WHAM, all that hard work and fun gone down the drain because someone come zipping through and KS our pure-effort dragon and takes all the loot. Like wow. Joy turned to bitterness just like that. So yes please, a special would be nice. Or maybe something like make that dragon 'un-KS-able' by anyone who isn't party member of the one who cracked the egg?
  6. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-096 [RO] Republic Hat :: Celebration! Salad here is wearing the 'Republic Hat [1]', obtainable at the Klana Nemieri (Rebellion Hideout) after doing numerous errands! It has been the hat of my dream since I first saw it (and that was a couple of years ago, at least) and now I have it!! Salad couldn't have done it without the help of a fellow Rebel named Sven! --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  7. onion

    Gepard and client error

    People say it was external file error. You can log in now, guys. ^^
  8. onion

    Gepard Shield Error

    People say it was external file error. You can log in now, guys. ^^
  9. onion

    AFK/Dual Farming Thana10

    Whoa now, to me autocasters are OK if they're really not AFK. ^^ I just have a bit of an issue with people using duals on a small map. It just so happens most autocasters are AFK farmers (and that's against the rules). I too have no idea what the max response time is; but if you really are in front of the computer, then you have nothing to fear because you can hear the 'ding' when PM box opens. Just respond to them quick and they'll leave you alone.
  10. onion

    afk farming

    Tip: try not to AFK for more than 5min and if you have to (or if you're not sure), just go back to town first. ^^ Easy.
  11. onion

    AFK/Dual Farming Thana10

    @fate23: Based on NC's report, it says you are using dual to farm on Thana10 map. So to me, being considerate here means to not use duals when farming there. The map is already small, so having two pillars of autocast can be a bit annoying when we have other 2-3 more actual-moving farmers coming in... and maybe 1 more autocast farmer. I could get only so few kills, 20m in one hour (instead of 40-60m) because of just 3 autocasters. I'm not the only one getting this low. Some of us have little time to play and rely on that one precious hour to farm Zeny. So I'm not against your semi-AFK farming, but it would be nice if you do not dual on a small map. Maybe you can put your dual on another map like Thana 09 which yields about the same income. Since you're not going to be moving much, Dolor's 'Decrease Agi' shouldn't be a big deal. Also, try not to AFK for more than 5min and if you have to, just go back to town first. ^^
  12. onion

    Where i can get Heroic Shoes?

    Hi. Try using LimitRO website's Database search: https://www.limitro.com/item/ Maybe you can find what you are looking for there, along with their IDs. Another useful place to search is the LimitRO Wiki. I think this page has what you want (since you said it's not ancient hero boots): https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Isle_of_Bios I don't know how much people are selling those for though.
  13. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-094 [RO] CNY Year of the Tarou :: Happy Chinese Mew Year everyone! (or 'Happy 500x 500x 50x' xD) --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  14. onion

    Hello New World!

    Welcome to LimitRO! Saw you on Discord too, hehe. I joined Limit during Easter last year and so far, I'm enjoying my stay here. Made some friends, had some funny misadventures, losing my mind from farming, and diving into all the wonderful quests... So... I hope you'll have fun as well!
  15. The hat of myaa dreams! After about one year of desiring it, I finally has the Republic Hat [1]!! xDDD


    This was supposed to be myaa starter headgear... or so I had planned long ago... but Elena put up a tough fight (tough but possible to defeat!) so I had to gear up a bit more. Finally, I was able to start collecting Schwartz Tokens for this hat. It's like to defeat her, you must have this hat, but to have this hat, you must defeat her. Funny.

    Anyway yassss, myaa hard work has bore its fruit! Hooraaaaayyy~ This hat will go to Salad, the household Rebel and farmer (once I have worn it as many times as I want, nyehheheh). If Salad not want, she can give to other household members.

    Hmm… I have always though that this hat is so stylish, must find the costume version…

    OK, that all, goodnight.

  16. Limitless Island, Finally!

    Hello and meow. Sudden Limitless party by Sven + good teamwork + strong people = Limitless Island!! These two noobs... myaa friend and I... we finally get to know what this place is!! YAASSSSSS!! Also, what the heck Scar of Tarou damn good skill. I always knew it was good but wow.

    Lots of things to discover on this egg-shaped island!

    OK, that all. Short post because didn't have time to take more pictures. Lunette was hell. How many times me become a ded. I did put a paw in the Solar Temple, but died too hahahaha! xD

    But hey, now meow has access to advanced Bounty Boards!! xD

  17. onion

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Impressive rewards list. This sort of looks like the current Daily Attendance mixed with the Lucky Roulette rewards, hehe. I see some good stuff in here, so that's nice; and the need for consecutive logins is a reasonable challenge in order to obtain these goodies. ^^ I actually have no problem with the current rewards though, except the refine ticket which I wish would be a +7, haha (though it's not too big a deal). But looking at it as a whole... Consecutive logins : I slightly disagree with this because I imagine it's gonna annoying when you're at Tier 3, but suddenly unable to login for just one day because something unavoidable happens. Also, I'm worried that logging in would slowly turn into a chore rather than actually wanting to have fun in Limit. --> I also have same question as Sven about having to intentionally skip a day just to get stuff at lower Tiers. Now, assuming everyone can login daily without problems, I have some thoughts on the rewards list. The card albums: I prefer that we get the same amount as present which totals up to 3 OCAs and to 2 MCAs -- rather than 4 OCAs and 1 MCA. Also, I do love the Hopeful Egg Scroll, so I'd still want to see it in the rewards list. It's got cool items inside, not just tickets and Zeny... It has Korean Rice Cakes, maaan... (and cough--Paladin's Pauldron-- cough) Zeny Coins: I think they should not be in there. It makes getting Zeny too easy. Plus, with all the egg scrolls, you're bound to get it anyway. If you get Zeny Coins too easily, inflation will happen and I'd hate to see LimitRO moving into a certain direction where Zeny rules. I came to Limit because it isn't that way and I do not want to experience that again. Token of Siegfried here is not so easily obtained, but I assume it's to balance off the other rewards in here. Still, I love these Tokens. With the new reward, not only do you need to log in for 2 weeks straight, but you only get 1 instead of the current 5. Battle Manuals: The current one has Thick Battle Manual (the 150% one) as its first reward -- and to me, this makes sense because if you're new, these manuals will be very helpful. You can also get the normal Battle Manual in the Lucky Roulette. But ok, we could let the newbies wait one week before getting the coolest Manual. Raw Shrimp: please add this to the rewards list, just like the current one. ^^ Yes, we can buy the fishing bait at Genie Shop using that large Event Points Scroll; but that Fish Worm is not as good as Raw Shrimp. So... yeah, those are my thoughts. If this change ever rolls out, I hope it will be properly thought through so that it is as fair as it can get. ^^
  18. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Thanks Rai! xD
  19. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Thank youuu~
  20. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-092 [RO] Me Buddies :: Simple sketch of my guildmates: Rai, Xue, Eugeo, and NC. xD I met NC first but from another server. We reunited in Limit, hehe. I know Eugeo because he's always sitting at the cushions in HQ and he bought some costumes from me, hehe. I met Rai and Xue afterwards upon joining the guild. --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  21. onion

    Marshall Guard Stroll back

    Yes, please do something. He is always known to be flooding the Main channel with confusing nonsense. Today it just reaches the point of annoyance. It goes on and on for over 30min. If I switch to another chat tab, I might miss actual Main shouts.
  22. onion

    problem with "Learning About the Families" quest

    Hello. Hope you managed to get some help already, but if not... If the families just speak one sentence or something only, that means you might have not spoken completely with one/some of them. My tips for doing this quest: always re-click the NPCs to make sure they have said all that they need to; and to walk all over the room of each family's . The order to talk to them is pretty straightforward. You start from your private room there on the left wing then you go upwards. Then you go to right wing and go upwards. The problem might be the Walther family dialogues. It is important to trigger the automatic dialogues. Speaking to Heine and Nerius family is easy, but Walther's family will have an auto-dialogue as you exit their room. (I was stuck there for a while lol) After that auto thing, talk to both Walthers again and again until they just say the same thing. Now you can proceed to the right wing, Wigners. If you are still stuck after the Walthers bit, let me know. >_<
  23. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Heheheh maybe in time >_<
  24. onion

    Screen 'Freezes' After Logging In

    Hello. Title says screen 'freezes' but it's not really freeze. Asgard skies still move, the Spirit Marbles also still circles around my Doram. However... this only happens when I log in as my Doram (I tried with other characters, they're all OK) : - the game loads the map, but it doesn’t load any NPCs and other players (not even my skill icons in the hotbar); - chatbox at the bottom is also stagnant; - all equippable items can’t load in my Inventory, only Usable Items and Etc. managed to load. - can’t move my character. - can’t even go to character select or quit to desktop using the Esc menus. When I Alt+F4 the game and go back in, it seems that I did walk a few cells and people do see this, but not me. On my screen, I am still at the cell I logged in to. Below screenshot shows that all Equippable items cannot load, be it on the character or in Inventory. The crowd of players at the spawn point to the left are not there and the Stylist at the bottom is also not there. Oh, at this point, I've already reset look and position. Things that I have tried doing, but failed: - reset position, reset look; - change character slot; - @refresh (I can't do any @/ commands because chatbox is also frozen, so I'm thinking all text input is dead); - gave it time to load everything that should appear in my screen. I’m using the latest client, btw. All patched up too. Only my Doram is affected. I tried my other characters and it's OK. I thought maybe the recent maintenance would straighten this issue out, but nope. STILL STUCK! x'D How to overcome this? My Doram is my main... T_T Please help me... (side note: I have a feeling it is also related to the bug where sometimes Storage hangs.)
  25. onion

    Screen 'Freezes' After Logging In

    Update: It still 'freezes', but I just typed in a random town number, Einbroch. I gave it a few seconds and then I just Alt+F4. I decided to restart my PC (in hopes it might help in some way), and when I loaded the game and logged in as my Doram, I see that I managed to go to Einbroch, and everything loaded perfectly. NPCs and my EQs... so I put them all back on and decided to go to HQ. Wham, happened again.