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  1. Myaa looong adventure story~ you can just look at pictures np heh

    :: Post 89 - Devil's Tower ::
    (to those who read the manhwa, this is the instance that introduces Loki)

    Hello and meow. Un here. Been a long time since myaa last adventure. A month, I think? So tonight, it is adventure in Devil's Tower!! You can nyaa it inside the Dimensional Rift. I have actually been to this dungeon before, by accident. I mistook it for Geffen Magic Tournament because I saw fweaking NYAASARIN near the Dimensional Device to this Tower...

    Anyway, tonight with me is myaa established partner in crime, Svenni the blue-coloured Rebel; and my new friend next to me, Rhenaxis! Remember, Rebels and cats is good combi (actually always good to have us Summoners in party, nyehheheh).

    So, with the power of the Dimensional Rift, we go back into time where you can see Thanatos in action for a while.

    Here, we arrive at the base of this dark tower... Meet up with a Rune Knight, Officer Heim and as Julianna Lucille says later on, "The situation doesn't seem to be good." Lots of injured soldiers here. Meow thinking the rest of the Prontera Chivalry is busy with defending Prontera from Himmelmez, one of Freyja's twelve Valkyries. Now the Assassins Guild sent people to investigate.

    Arrival and then helping Healer Fama to heal the soldiers.

    Lucille suspects that these mobs are coming from somewhere. With her was a 'Magic Swordsman' (Thanatos). The only way to know is to go up, up, up the tower! Dewey, one of the assassins helped us to get there. We were greeted by Evil Shadows! At the end of the stairs was Luoie (Louie) who leads us to the next place. Louie was preventing anyone else from entering and getting hurt, but he let us pass.

    Ascending the Devil's Tower; Svenni too OP and went ahead already.

    We met up with Huey next. Svenni is behind the column, by the way. You can only see his white doge. It turns out Lucille is a machine! Ameowzing discovery. She needs to heal though (restoration process), but suddenly we got ambushed by more Evil Shadows~ After defeating them, Lucille tell us, "Hurry up or this world will be in danger."

    Rhena so carefree, Lucille might be worried. x'D

    We arrive at the top of what is actually Thanatos Tower, greeted by something that looks like a grander version of Rebel's Bound/Binding Trap. And you look at Sven here, he mocking me (though to be honest, I did read the NPC dialogue option as "Meow now" instead of "Move now" xD).


    At the middle of it all stood Thanatos who is trying to subdue Surt (Satan Morocc), but first we need to destroy the seal in order to stop Surt from meownifesting and opening a gateway for his demon horde to come...!

    Destwoy the seals!

    We were successful, but Lucille tells us there is something more to investigate. It seems like there is a little girl in this tower, but how?? She seems to be looking for her father, a Morocc Knight. She tells us of a secret passage and follows us in for a bit.

    Once we go in, I imagine she peeking from behind wall as we fight.

    Hmm... what is this place? The Evil Shadows are stopping us from going further... Attaaaaack! Looks like there is an Evil Fanatic there. He is the one who tried to resurrect Surt! Good thing Loki is also here. He is is the most powerful member of the Assassins Guild and one of the seven Assassins of the Cross.

    Loki being very objective. Very admirable.

    As Loki strikes him (the Evil Fanatic), that little girl stepped in and shielded him, sacrificing her life for the person she called her father, the supposed Morocc Knight. How is the Evil Fanatic her father, meow not know; but now she has become a ded. :< The Evil Fanatic calls the little girl as foolish for doing such an illogical thing.

    Rebels getting ready for the final battle. So cute.


    Uhhh... Meow not has an after-battle picture to end this post, but...

    Yaaaaay~~ Success! We have managed to stop Surt from being resurrected by the Evil Fanatic and disposed of him as well, though we couldn't do anything about his daughter...

    So, that ends the journey and we exit the Tower, leaving behind a perplexed Loki. Loki is baffled at how the little girl just threw her life away for her dad when we could all see her dad was doing a terrible thing. Loki is baffled with this kind of emotional reaction.

    Well... meow thinks she was just a simple child who viewed her father in a great light, and he meant the world to her. She was doing what she thought was the right thing.

    So... what now? Svenni, Rhena and meow will think first. Hmm, yes yes... that's a good idea... nyehheheheh~


    OK, bye! See you next post!

    P/S: The party name... the party originally belonged to myaa household Archbishop, Thomas. We uh... We kind of hijacked it from him, ha ha ha...