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  1. The hat of myaa dreams! After about one year of desiring it, I finally has the Republic Hat [1]!! xDDD


    This was supposed to be myaa starter headgear... or so I had planned long ago... but Elena put up a tough fight (tough but possible to defeat!) so I had to gear up a bit more. Finally, I was able to start collecting Schwartz Tokens for this hat. It's like to defeat her, you must have this hat, but to have this hat, you must defeat her. Funny.

    Anyway yassss, myaa hard work has bore its fruit! Hooraaaaayyy~ This hat will go to Salad, the household Rebel and farmer (once I have worn it as many times as I want, nyehheheh). If Salad not want, she can give to other household members.

    Hmm… I have always though that this hat is so stylish, must find the costume version…

    OK, that all, goodnight.