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  1. Hello and meow. Long time me not post stuff, so here I celebrate joining a new guild and myaa new hats! Also featuring my guildmates and leader! Meow recently joined the Hate Crew and they do DT runs, so... here some casual pics!

    My Guild Leader, me, and guildmates Xueren and Svenni!

    Chilling out at Asgard while waiting for boss to start DT. Beast Helm time!

    Meow went to their guild base and ran all over the place already, touching everything with me cat paws. They have a beach, a ship, and a sunken ship! I'm like wowwww~ never been to a guild base before.

    OK, I got two new hats! One is from Central Laboratory instance. Meow go tag along with Oppal. The final MVP monster was Detale and it dropped the Metal Dragon Helm. Oppal gave to me... well OK, Detale gave to him and he gave to me. I traded a Treasure Chest with him for it.

    Sitting with new hat and guildmates Xueren, me, Oppalance, and Svenni.

    Next new hat is the Shibainu Hat. Xueren gave this to me. Meow feels confused wearing it, but OK, me keeps it. Reminds myaa of a certain dog.


    So... OK, that all. Bye!