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  1. Hello and meow. Un here. Tonight, the Mushroom Race! Well, it only race because Svenni want to race... Svenni had wandered off to the City of Magic, Geffen and he met an old man. He then woof woof call me and the two of us listen to old man. He uh... Vampire Expert named Baron Denosch and he talking about Illusion of Vampire!

        Pay him 500,000Z to get in. He supposedly needs to feed his family.

    So OK, it meow first time down here, but I have been to Geffen Dungeon before and I know for sure that I cannot hit Nightmare because it a ghost -- this one being no exception, nyaa. So, for now, run first!

            Hiss and run fast for the next 3 seconds!

    I did talk to the nearby Norman here (the Old Swordman in the corner, above) and he asked meow to hunt Illusion Black Mushrooms and Sweet Nightmares. Good thing Thomas (me resident AB) has a stock of Holy Water I can use, nyehheheh... Still, life is not easy, nyaaa... Down here is a Norman ghost named Bomi. Meow not like her, she very annoying. All I do is hide behind tree and meow to Sven to help get rid of Bomi.


    So, off me goes and hunt. Svenni also had to hunt Mushrooms, so that is why he want to race me. Meow Sweet Nightmare hunt was done with, and Black Mushrooms are almost done. Svenni done already, so he win. Where is that last Mushroom... nyaa-ha! It is here in this monster-infested area.


    AAaaaahhhhHHhh why is Bomi here? Did you know, she casted Fire Pillar on meow mushroom. Such a bully.


    But it OK, I got the final mushroom anyway. Not where she was at, of course. Just fly away to another area and then nyaa-nyaa~ It here and my quest is done!


    I get Illusion Stone, but meow not know what this do. Oh well, into Storage it goes. Mmmm, I probably not want to go down there anymore. >_> Meow also died because saw Furious Dracula... well, every adventure has its death, nyaa? x'D

    OK, bye!

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      That Bomi. "Mage Bream" wth got me to lose Disguise cuz of that alt name.

    2. onion


      Mm, no fair. In person, she a Bomi! But hey, meow heard you got that super rare hat me want. The Drooping Lai. o_O