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  1. Meow meow~ After much inactivity, I have finally registered for Geffen Magic Tournament yet again and this time I have more than just newly-enchanted Foxtail and not-so-newly-carded poofy-puff clothe. I now also have the Tengu Mask and Tengu Scroll! And this time, I will also be eating my Awakening Potion and all the food!! Uh... I try the +7 food first.

    All set to fight Ju next!

    JU HATH FALLEN!! Nyaaahahahah~ I have reached the Semi-Finals!! xDDD Sadly, I have no proof Ju become a ded because after these people are defeated, they quickly get on their feet, back at the beginning pose. Dx Not to mention, I was constantly near death... Next time maybe try with +10 food. Thank the Leopard God me has Korean Rice Cake from Easter!

    So, to end the night, I have this picture:

    How do hit a ghost.

    Well, Ghost-element has always been meow weakness. Hmm, I don't think I will fork out effort to pass this crazy ghost. Even Ju was difficult. Guess this is as far as me goes. Uuuuu... I kind of forgot how much I got... I have in Storage a total of 165 Coins, but meow not know if this is lifetime savings or from just now... Oh well. //shrugs//

    OK, bye!

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Sven: dude that rice cake's probably all gross now

    2. onion


      Un: Oh no no no~ I puts it in Lao Qai's ice box. It still tastes nice and meow not gets tummy ache. u_u