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  1. Meow meow meow~ I just a happy Doram wandering about in this… weird… stuffy dungeon of drunkards. Is this place safe? Yes, look, a tomb of the Samurai Spectre. It ded. I can safely wander about. Nya nya nya~ /ho

    NOPE. Guess who returns from the ded. Nyyaaah~ Huah! Meow can do this!

    Meow eyes shine once their life less than 50%~ /fsh

    OK, I got his life down to 23%, so now he anger. Me became ded, but determined to finish this fight! Dx Sven saw and came to protecc! WE WON!! Well… Hmm… Sven being Sven, lives life to the extreme.

    Even if Svenni ded, his eyes burn with triumph! x'D

    So... I got this hat as souvenir. Blitz Helmet costume headgear. Cool.

    Chillin’ at Lao Qai’s Bakery with meow new hat, nyaa.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I can't believe it just respawned like that.

      Sven: MUST PROTECC CAT ... * later * DOUBLE K.O!!! And CATTtTT is safe.

    2. onion


      I know, right. What is with my 'luck'... Doesn't seem to work on some particular hunts though.

      Un: Meow said it once, meow say it twice -- we make a good combo. Rebels and cats! Also, this just indirectly makes us even, nyaa. You die for cat, cat die for you. We should call ourselves the deathly duo.