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  1. Hello and meow. Although I have other posts in line, I just HAVE to post this one, fresh...! GM Lai introduces to us all... [Sweet Melons]! Since I am new in this world, I do not know if this is a new thing or an annual thing or what...

    No matter, this is meow first experience planting a melon! Exciting! I have to take care of it until it is ripe, which is 1400 health points. Let's do this! Take my 1,000,000Z!

    Meow first melon. It a very cute fruit.

    It gives many things to me as thanks for taking care of it. Here I wear the Melon Cap. It cute! Other items this melon gave me were Melon Puddings (good stuff), melon bomb (for alchemist types?), and melons itself (for cooking).

    Here I wear the Melon Cap. It cute!

    At HP of 1216/1400 (which took about 20min or so), it was ready to say goodbye. T_T


    Upon leaving, it give me this Mini Melon hat (upper headgear costume):

    It also cute like Melon Cap!

    What an experience! I might want to plant another melon, hewhewhew~ Maybe get meowself more Melon Puddings so that I have no more worries with SP.

    OK bye~


    onion would also like to say: Love what they've done with the Forum.
    The updates column on the right of the forum homepage is just lovely.