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  1. Hello and meow. Unemployed Unit here (a.k.a. 'Un'). So much has been happening from trying to reach Cor City until being inside it! Our final piece of the puzzle is to find out where Patrick Kaufman is. Every worker here keep saying Patrick is food delivery guy, but isn't he the skilled repairman hired for the Repair Department?

    Never mind. Meowbe Patrick also sending food on the side. Let's ask people. Plant botanical woman not know him, laundry man who prefer burning clothes also not know him. By the way, that laundry man is Marcus Horseman, another fellow who gone missing but now we found him! So maybe Patrick is here too!


    Hmm... no leads. Ask so many people and the garbage man speaks of an incinerator not far from here. Meow thinks he talking about Rudus. Maybe we can ask someone there about Patrick. Or maybe we can find Patrick there. Incinerator sound like big machine, might need some nyaa-ing and some fixing.

    No Patrick, but me finds a Discarded Person. She been thrown in this dumping site because she is mutated from failing an experiment. I ask her about Patrick, but she not know too! Dx However... She suggests we search the Rudus area for an identification bracelet. If we find it, it means Patrick has become a ded. So... meow hope we not find it... No no no, we must see this through till the end.

    Alas, meow dug out something...


    Oh no… meow reading this name many times. Cannot deny it, this bracelet is Patrick Kaufman’s. That means… the skilled repairman, the innocent bean from Lighthalzen slums might have been experimented on, or something happened to him and he was discarded here… He has become a ded and nobody in the world knows it. Now me sad. Meow not know what do... so we report to Mr VIP Kaya Toss who happens to show more leadership qualities these days. Maybe he know what do. We have done all we can and found out bad truth. Sad truth.

    The search for Patrick Kaufman ends here. Let’s go, Mr Tarou– eh??

    What is going on? Something that Limit Wiki forgot to mention in their Ep 17.1 quest content list?? Yes! This is it.

    Special Force Commander Erst is here and she says she wants to tie up loose ends. A final battle at the border to drive out the Heart Hunters here! We have ourselves... the OS Mission! Meow will helps the Rebellion.

    Echo team, move out!

    Suddenly, me hears a roar, the one Rookie and I heard! No wonder it sound familiar; it a big cat! Eh, it walking on two legs, so it's a fellow Doram...? And it can talk, too! But it coming after me now because I step in its territory. So sorry Mr Big Doram, but meow gonna have to nyaa you now.

    Who dis. Doram so big, he bigger than Gyaruk.

    His name is Miguel and he was once a Rebel... He even knows Erst on a first name basis! Sadly, Erst not wanna talk about it, so we just left the OS Borders.

    And that ends this long adventure and meow journey in this realm. So many conspiracy, betrayal, and sadness in this final adventure; along with misadventure and drama when just wandering about... Now, me will go unwind at Cat on Bullet Pub a bit before leaving. To all you true adventurers, fare thee well! If Fate has it, we will see each other again~ Meow will be going away now... Bye nyaa~

    'Un' of Echo Team, signing out.

    (This is the summarised version of the quests. Full ones can be found on my [Daily Doram] blog.)


    'Ssup, guys. Cat talk aside, I'll be leaving Limit now. I might or might not return. It's been fun, really. All the adventures, friends, and even being part of an active guild... I've never poured so much effort and soul into a pirate server as I did in Limit; but the server seems to be moving into a familiar direction that isn't to my preference. So, I'll be continuing my RO life in an official server. So... OK, bye! ^^ (I'll still be hangin' around in the forums and Discord from time to time.)

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Now I know why the Gyaruk that you said... lol

      RIP this server , all good people leaving...

    2. onion


      Hmm hmm hmmmm~ 😏

    3. Rai


      aww gonna miss u both huhu

  2. Hello and meow. The adventure continues!

    OK, so we know now that Rudus is place to throw failed illegal experiments. We also know that Rekenber been lying to every one of its employees including Mr VIP Kaya Toss, proven with a report that never mentioned about a 'new lab' that, when we try to locate, doesn't exist. However, Tess says that they might still actually have a facility somewhere and it has to be within Einbroch.

    After much nyaa-ing around, me finds a place called OS Borders. With the coast clear, we goes in! Heyyyy what are these old people doing here...

    Old people should not wander about...

    After much scratching at pipes, thick wire posts, rusty gates; and even getting ambushed, meow finally reach…

    Cor City!

    Cor City people not happy.

    These people are workers who are blocking the Rebellion’s Advance Party from going through. So if we say we here to stop Rekenber, they call us bad guys because to them, Rekenber is good. Now that Tess and Mr VIP Kaya Toss have arrived, they can explain to these workers the truth! But meowww… they not wanna believe us… They have been fooled very well, and they are really clueless about the exact work that is being done here.

    And then suddenly…

    They call her Elyumina and she is one of the researchers here.

    So now the workers in Cor City are injured, and some of them are very sick... We must help them. We must capture this crazy researcher Elyumina! Join big sis Elena and take care of Elyumina's contraptions in order to seize her! Let's nyaa this thing! Ah... Elena says I have to go by meowself to make it easier to get info. OK.

    Oooooo what's this? A box?? o_O

    Oh my nyaa! I sorry I not open box anymore! I sorry for touchhhh!!

    Ha, you not gonna fool me, Julian.

    Done. Your soul is mine!

    So, Rookie interrogated Elyumina (more because Elena and Lazy made him do it). To be honest, meow did not think Rookie had it in him to interrogate people like this. Me impressed with Rookie. What we get from Elyumina is that she is a mechanical scientist that is not formally employed by Rekenber. She doesn’t even know the names of the people around her since she just uses them when she wants to. Then, Rookie says that what Elyumina doesn’t know is that there is someone who was previously hired by Rekenber, a researcher named Illusion that Elyumina has been getting orders from, besides data and funds.


    Unfortunately, no one can open the entrance, not even big Gonie. So, until then, Elena suggests we use Elyumina to upgrade armoury for the Rebellion (and us, of course!). It’s amazing how Elena’s underling manages to make Elyumina behave herself.

    But this isn’t the end yet… /! 

    We still don’t know where Patrick Kaufman is. Is he here in Cor City?


    P/S: This is the summarised version. You can read the full ones at the [Daily Doram] blog.
    And I'm still having a hard time with the NPCs' dialogues. You guys might wanna fix that English. I'm usually OK with bad grammar and typos, but Ep 17.1 takes the cake.

  3. Hello and meow. Un here. Me haven't been posting myaa adventures here for a while, but now I shall! In fact, it's been so long, I think no one ever knew I do these things here... I just never posted anything because I was waiting for... well, you know what I was waiting for. Anyway, a lot of things have happened, right? ^^


    It all began with meow walking in Prontera when a Royal Messenger beckoned me. Since that day, meow got caught in many things… Royal Politics, all fancy fancy people and then suddenly the gritty gunpowder fiesta with the Rebellion as they take over a Warbase.

    Now, it is time to continue helping the Rebellion and discovering Rekenber Corporation's dark secrets!

    Prince Nihil tells myaa that he is next in line to be crowned King of Rune-Midgarts because Prince Peter is still not well. Hmm, if not mistaken, Nihil did want to be King. That’s why when we first met him, he was angry when he heard that Peter (his cousin?) was going to be crowned instead. Whatever it is, he gonna be crowned now, so… OK. He tells us to go meet the Rebels in Einbech. Let’s go to the Cat on Bullet Pub!

    Let's get this show on the road!

    At the Pub, we meet with old friend Tess and Elena too! Elena discovered a place Tess calls 'Rudus' and so we will go nyaa it. It's a strange abandoned waste site and refinery with wall so high and look is like a prison.

    Found this Kreepy Kringe Kid at Rudus. Still, me likes to give it food and watch it eat.

    So, when we meow it to Tess. Tess manages to see the big picture with help from the reports of others. He says Rudus is a place to hide failed experiments. While we talking, Special Force Commander Erst is seen bickering with Mr VIP Kaya Toss, Vice President of Rekenber Corp. They saying that a lab in Lighthalzen is taken over by Heart Hunters and we needs to rescue the researchers there!

    Meanwhile, Tess says something to Mr VIP; a very good advice:


    We ready to help Erst nyaa the Heart Hunters in the butt!

    This was a very cool part of the quest, me thinks. ^^ We even found a name list to work with. But when we return to Cat on Bullet Pub...

    Houston, we got a problem.

    While we busy with Heart Hunters, Mr VIP and Lazy been comparing their reports. Mr VIP's report comes from Rekenber Investigation Team, while Lazy's comes from our side. Kaya Toss not believe Rekenber is bad, doing weird experiments and all. So, Lazy tells Mr VIP to reinvestigate, see whose report is true. One of the things we did was to track down a supposedly missing employee named Patrick Kaufman.

    Supposedly, Patrick and many other mew staffs were transferred to a lab. As the journey goes on, we managed to get the lab's location using Mr VIP's office connections. So, Mr VIP and I will go nyaa one of them out while Lazy checks the other site.


    Seeing there is nothing, and that there were many things omitted inside Mr VIP's report, Mr VIP Kaya realises he was deceived, played for a fool by Rekenber, and he apologises to Lazy later on. Now, the two are buddies and Kaya Toss will help us when possible. Ally gained!

    Till next post!

    P/S: This is summarised version, actually. You can view the full stories on meow Daily Doram blog.


    Also, I gotta say, I'm usually OK with bad grammar and typos in games, but Episode 17.1 dialogues need a rework. I'M SERIOUS. Even Ep 16 wasn't as bad as this. Most of the time, I am forced to understand the vague idea of the story because I can't understand the words -- so that really takes out the feels of it all.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Screenshot don't show it but they talk like me drunken Englisch

    2. onion


      Yeah, even the screenshots on me blog doesn't show the bulk of it -- but if you nyaa me frame-by-frame collection, it's really wow. Meow think they really rushed it... idk... Me hopes they fix it in the future...

  4. Was cleaning up my browser's old RO bookmarks and came across some gems.

    Missing those good ol' days when RO had the good ol' art. ;) It was what attracted me to play when it first came out. Their art had a signature style.


    Priest and Knight -- classic combo.

    Badass Bard.

    Source: [Creative Uncut] and  [Ragnarök Gamepedia]. Salute to the people who made the latter.

    Hope their future art will be like this again. The newer art (including jRO art) is more anime style and simplistic, not really to my liking. I wonder if the losses suffered by Gravity had anything to do with it... We all make mistakes, but sometimes we pay dearly for the consequences. I guess I just wish their current art was less generic... but hey, that's just my preference.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I want more Rebel chicks with muscle please
      I can`t get with slim girl must have tone 💪

    2. masteryauda


      Is it throwback day today? Huhuhu



    3. onion


      Nah, just me going down memory lane hehe. Sadly the first pic couldn't load.

  5. Meme~ The true nature of the Summoner job:


    It's actually a pretty dark job/class because it uses and consumes souls, the thing that is obtained only from the living. Example, absorbing shrimp soul to heal, using tuna soul to heal and to use as shield, spirit of earth (vines) to grab and throw at people's faces... Yeah...

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    2. onion


      Absorb the soul of Rai to... increase MATK? xD

    3. Rai


      no but restoring HP / SP like warlock skill Drain Life / Soul Drain LoL

    4. onion


      Ah riiight, Soul Drain... Then your soul will restore myaa SP.

  6. Meowowow! What a way to celebrate me one year anniversary on Limit... Rebel bikes have arrived!! No more Peco Peco for the Rebellion! We been waiting for this bike for so long, finally Einbroch factory has released them. Smell that new bike scent, feel that cold shiny metal, listen to that vroom vroom~

    Meow household farmer, Salad finally gets compensation for her hard work. xD (Actually, meow already compensate her with that Chocolate Bar hat and the pink Bunny Scarf, but a bike is worth a lot.)

    Have pictures!

    First picture, a.k.a. bad photo no. 1:

    People meow know: Buster, Xue, Salad (duh), Svenni, and Yesus.
    Also, GM that is covered by Loki, dude with Jap Cop hat (top-right of pic).

    Second picture, a.k.a. bad photo no. 2:

    They actually at the top of Einbroch Tower (apple combo, please!), but you can't tell.
    Anyway, from top: Yesus, Sven, Salad, Xue, Loki.

    Third picture:

    Salad showing off her new bike, trying to flirt with Rebellion Guard Leader, Larcis. She been crushing on him since the first day they met. Meow thinks Larcis will fall in love... with the bike! x'D

    Fourth and final pic:

    Powerful pose, nyaa! Salad, Svenni, and XueXue. Yesus sleeping at the back, though... (cameo appearance by Byce, the RG at top-left of picture).

    OK, that's all. Bye~

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    2. Rhenaxis


      Nice bikes! 

    3. onion


      Hope you got yours, too! Wished you were there for pics, hehehehe xD

    4. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      @Rhenaxis OH yeah I was looking for you that day /heh

  7. The Easter Event marks my one-year anniversary on Limit. I wanted to make a more upbeat post, but... well... this is all it is. 😅 It sure feels like I have been here for a long time, haha. Made so much memories and had so much fun. Been doing many, many quests and gearing up like never before... and even get the chance of witnessing the change in player population. Probably that is why I feel like an old player, heheh.

    Had a great year and here's to a good year ahead. ^^

    P/S: full Ep 17.1 please

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Right, I was gonna make an annivesary post too, ugh forgot /heh

  8. :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 2 of 2)

    So... continuing from myaa previous post... Svenni, VV, and I managed to enter the locked hospital, but Nurse Las wasn't going anywhere near that final talisman near the entrance to the second floor...

    Turns out, the nurse wasn't what she seemed... When we pulled out that final talisman, it is revealed that she was the evil that the talisman was trying to ward off!! What have we done!! Now the monster is loose! She was going to kill us, but the Agimats we got from a Bent Shaman (he smaller than myaa!) saved us!

    Whatever it is, now Bangungot is loose!!


    Not backing away, we decided to fix the problem. We entered the second floor where the creature called Bangungot lives. It is Bangungot that has turned the patients into monsters!

    Here be some battle pictures...


    Some SoS coming, and I mean myaa Spirit of Savage! +_+


    Triumphant! Bangungot has been put down, for now...

    This pic by me, hehe.

    The sad truth of all this is that originally, Bangungot was a wood fairy. She lived in a big tree in Port Malaya. One day, Normans cut down tree to make hospital, so the wood fairy angery. Her anger caused her to turn into something twisted. When the hospital was fully-built and accepting patients, patients began to die. That is why they close the hospital, and the remaining doctors (like Dr Boon) now occupy the inn. That is why when you fight Bangungot, in the end you see she is a cute little tree. That is her true form.

    Here meow gives you a bonus picture of Svenni trying to blend in... Not bad eh?


    So, that's all about 'The Nurse in Port Malaya'~ OK bye!

    P/S: Meow still waiting for Episode 17.1 quests, so until then, me be catnapping with big sis Elena.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      That tree is basically that kid you called ugly in high school

      That made more sense in my head than typed out.

    2. onion


      Well, that's one way to put it. ^^ Guess we can all view RO's Bangungot in a new light...?

  9. Waaaah me forgots to post this! x'D

    :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 1 of 2)

    (Meow forgots to take pictures, so all pictures here are by Svenni again. Oh, this adventure took place many, many days ago; so I might not get some details right...)

    Continuing from myaa previous post...

    Svenni, VV, and I (and my pet Dexter) were wandering about Port Malaya like happy children because the villagers there are now OK with our presence and no longer want our buttons, nyahhahah~ Ayino had to return to his family, so it's just three of us now.

    It was then that we saw a hospital...

    This one was uploaded by ZeroTigress of WarpPortal forums.

    The hospital actually looked old and was boarded up like they have closed it down. Outside the hospital was a nurse. We went over there (more like we followed Svenni who was attracted) and it seemed that she was a new nurse stationed at this hospital. We had to walk around doing favours for her because her feet hurts from standing too long...

    Her name was Las. All she wanted was to be able to enter the hospital and start her work. Uhm, meow not sure who said it, maybe the creature in the bush or was it Nurse Las herself... but they said for us to pull out these weird sticks all around the hospital grounds, that some old lady did this.

    So, we went to the Bent Old Lady and asked her about the sticks which were Lesser Agimats. She's a bit hard of hearing, so Svenni had to yell...


    She screamed when we told her we pull out sticks. She said it was supposed to ward off evil. We all just looked at each other and realised that the Nurse Las was still at the hospital area, so we must make sure she's safe!

    Strangely, when we got there, Nurse Las was fine but she told us the hospital door wasn't locked anymore... Svenni went in first. Me... Me scared... Inside is dark, not like going in dark doors... T_T


    Inside the hospital was scaryyyy!! x_x Meow not liking this at all! There were monsters everywhere and the place was a mess! But Svenni took care of everything.

    Svenni really took care of everything.

    Anyway, Nurse Las said she saw a talisman near the entrance to the second floor, but the talisman deterred her from going further...

    (to be continued...)


  10. Hello and meow. Un here. This post is very late because it actually took place many days ago, but meow was busy. The pictures in this post are all thanks to Svenni. Meow got too excited, forgot to take picture... T_T

    OK. So. Svenni had this idea of going to Port Malaya and he invited us all. Let's go!

    The adventure was... well...quite interesting. With me were Sven the Rebel (of course), VV the Sorcerer (also myaa guildmate), and VV's friend, Ayino the Ranger (along with his mercenary). Oh yes, my pet Choco named Dexter is also present!

    When we arrived, no one would speak to us. I get it if they don't like Rune-Midgardians, but Svenni is from the Schwartz Republic and meow is from Pasta continent. Even if you not like Normans, me a cat. Me good cat.

    So, Svenni said we were supposed to speak to this one fellow, but Svenni misled us to the wrong guy (not his fault because they looked the same!). Anyway, we met with Rodel the Guard of Port Malaya who tells us of the current situation. Hmm... we seemed to have come at a bad time.


    Rodel suggested we head over to the village leader, Leader Phong the Mumbaki (not 'in' Mumbaki, OK). If the Mumbaki says we're OK, the people would not be so distrustful. What is a Mumbaki? Port Malaya is modelled after the Philippines where the Ifugao Tribe has a spiritual leader called a Mumbaki. So, Phong here is a spiritual leader.

    So, we all spoke to the Phong. He told us the villagers are just cautious because of the many disturbances going on in the village. As he was talking, so spirits came to attack us! Nyaaah! We are not afraid! And then the spirits suddenly disappeared, scared of us.

    Phong in the background.

    Phong was surprised and said that the spirits seem to fear us, that we have some energy that can repel evil! The villagers, starting from an old man near Phong, heard of this and saw us all in a different light... Worse is that they want something that belongs to us! Like a charm to ward off evil. Of all things, they wanted our buttons!


    Nyaa, not myaa buttons! You can have Svenni's, his uniform is full of it! x'D Every single one we met that nyaa us before this suddenly wants our buttons! They are so much in fear and now they scaring me too! By the time we got back to Phong, this what he said:


    Phong laughed at us and says that maybe we can prepare a charm of sorts for these terrified villagers. We suggested Holy Water and Blue Gemstone. He then agreed and said we should go give the people that... which we did. One by one, we gives. Afterwards, they all warm up to us, nyehheheh.


    Phong also said, "I found ways to build spiritual protection. My grandchild Imelda will create it. So don't worry, you don't have to give out any more of your things."

    So, that was done with and we wandered about, putting our paws on everything...

    ...and then we saw a hospital.

    (to be continued...)

    1. onion


      My good man, I will never confess to a crime I did not do. u_u

  11. Listen nyaa... Tuna Belly is NOT RG skill. IT NOT! Tuna Belly is a Doram skill. Take note! Theirs is fake, inferior Tuna that come from inbreeding little pool. Doram Tuna is authentic from the vast oceans of Pasta continent~ u_u Plus, we friends with the Sea spirit since we were kittens. Doram Tuna is the REAL Tuna. RGs should pay fee to Dorams, using a cat's skill like that. You eat more Tuna than us cats!

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    2. onion


      Friend, pet, ally -- these are different things, nyaa... with 'friend' having deep meaning.

      A friend is not a pet, but can be an ally.
      Like you, Svenni, XueXue, Rai are me friends and ally, but they not myaa pets.

      A pet can be a friend and an ally.
      My pet Dullahan is me friend and is me ally. Your pet dog is your friend and ally (and to some, family).

      An ally not necessarily friend.
      Pesky Perky Perci, Lore, they are ally, but they not exactly myaa friend. We are acquaintances, though. Hi-bye type.

      Meow is friends with Spirit of the Sea. Spirit of the sea rules over the sea and all in it. Meow not friends with everyone and everything in the sea, but we allies. Dorams and Tuna are like Normans and trees. Norman chop down tree, tree become a ded. But then Norman use tree to make house, protecting Norman. See?


    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      We are now attending MewTalk. Pay attention bois.

    4. onion


      This was supposed to be post about Tuna Belly being not RG skill... how did it get to this... This what happen when Yeezy bored... -_-

  12. Continuing from previous post, myaa adventures where we was helping Fenris Fenrir get the sword 'Sentinel Breeze' to help her locate Chaos... We found it, but Sarah Irene has taken the sword with her and fled to Glast Heim castle! Let's gooo! We gotta get it back, nyaa!


    Fighting from a corner, that's how we roll~ /gg

    Success! How wude of her to say we are rats...and now she wants to destroy the whole place after losing the battle. Sheesh... Well, time to make a run for it! x'D


    And then we became a ded so many times because of Sarah Irene's explosive traps, hahahhaha... When in times like this, the Rebels and Cats combi will put forth our strategy! This calls for 'Operation: Throw Cat'!

    Cat bait: ON!

    We made it, nyahhahahaaa~


    We managed to help Fenris get the Sentinel Breeze sword and managed to defeat Sarah Irene, hoorayyyy~~ We all headed out and as we were relaxing in Svenni's boat, me realised something...

    ...meow never did get any Shards, ha ha ha... (nervous laughter). Svenni said didn't get any either... Did you get any, Rhena...? Uhm... Rhena...? Ah, she gone... x'DDD

    Well, meow not know when me next post is, so bye for now!

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      There needs to be the updated run that we did recently, like an Episode 2: WE GOT THE SHARDS!

    2. onion


      Un: But meow never seen a shard before. :< We gots shards? Meow not have pics... /wah

  13. Hello and meow. Un here. We still going back in time via the Dimensional Rift, and tonight we goes to witness (and meddle with) the Sarah & Fenrir fight at Glast Heim! Me separate this post into two parts, nyaa... or else it be really long like meow previous one (The Devil's Tower). Sorry about that, heheh.

    Continuing from that same night as Devil's Tower, with me is myaa established partner in crime, Svenni the blue-coloured Rebel; and my new friend, Rhenaxis! Remember, Rebels and cats is good combi (actually always good to have us Summoners in party, nyehheheh). Standing by the device is Professor Bernhard who requests our help to find some Shards. So... OK! Let's go!

    All set, let's go!

    Upon entering the dimensional device portal, we seemed to have crash-landed in a battle. Being adventurers, it is natural that we nyaa all these mobs! Once done, we finally meow properly to Fenris.


    Fenris Fenrir (a warlock) seems to be looking for something and so are we. Although in dilemma of what to do, we just go forth and battle our way through~


    Turns out that Fenris was nyaa-ing for the Sentinel Breeze (a.k.a. Sentinal Wind or Guarding Wind), a sword belonging to a Rune Knight named Chaos (the reincarnation of the Norman's god, Baldr -- son of Freyja/Frigg and Odin). The sword would help her locate Chaos, or so she hopes.

    Uh-oh, guess who arrives! One of Freyja's twelve Valkyries, Sarah Irene! She summons her Gigantes (giants/Jotunns). Fiiiightttt! Fight to help Fenris protect the sword! Why is Sarah Irene after it? Because Freyja orders her valkyries to stop anyone and anything who would bring about Ragnarök, and apparently Chaos is connected to this.


    Sarah Irene has taken the sword with her and fled to Glast Heim castle! Let's gooo! We gotta get it back, nyaa!

    To be continued...

  14. When you on an important mission and gotta rush, but they be squeakin nonsense xDDD

    We gotcha cornered. Now, squeak.

    This be Svenni and I, along with me pet Dexter and driver Mr Tarou, intensely talking to a Morrocan Villager. We didn't hurt him, of course. We're not bad people, hahah… I love doing quests (except The Sign Quest!). Sometimes the dialogues are funny~ ^^ Just wish me had more time and energy.

    Oh, this is NOT the idea we had during the end of myaa previous post. This is just nonsense post, nyehheheh~ Next post will be the REAL thing.

  15. Myaa looong adventure story~ you can just look at pictures np heh

    :: Post 89 - Devil's Tower ::
    (to those who read the manhwa, this is the instance that introduces Loki)

    Hello and meow. Un here. Been a long time since myaa last adventure. A month, I think? So tonight, it is adventure in Devil's Tower!! You can nyaa it inside the Dimensional Rift. I have actually been to this dungeon before, by accident. I mistook it for Geffen Magic Tournament because I saw fweaking NYAASARIN near the Dimensional Device to this Tower...

    Anyway, tonight with me is myaa established partner in crime, Svenni the blue-coloured Rebel; and my new friend next to me, Rhenaxis! Remember, Rebels and cats is good combi (actually always good to have us Summoners in party, nyehheheh).

    So, with the power of the Dimensional Rift, we go back into time where you can see Thanatos in action for a while.

    Here, we arrive at the base of this dark tower... Meet up with a Rune Knight, Officer Heim and as Julianna Lucille says later on, "The situation doesn't seem to be good." Lots of injured soldiers here. Meow thinking the rest of the Prontera Chivalry is busy with defending Prontera from Himmelmez, one of Freyja's twelve Valkyries. Now the Assassins Guild sent people to investigate.

    Arrival and then helping Healer Fama to heal the soldiers.

    Lucille suspects that these mobs are coming from somewhere. With her was a 'Magic Swordsman' (Thanatos). The only way to know is to go up, up, up the tower! Dewey, one of the assassins helped us to get there. We were greeted by Evil Shadows! At the end of the stairs was Luoie (Louie) who leads us to the next place. Louie was preventing anyone else from entering and getting hurt, but he let us pass.

    Ascending the Devil's Tower; Svenni too OP and went ahead already.

    We met up with Huey next. Svenni is behind the column, by the way. You can only see his white doge. It turns out Lucille is a machine! Ameowzing discovery. She needs to heal though (restoration process), but suddenly we got ambushed by more Evil Shadows~ After defeating them, Lucille tell us, "Hurry up or this world will be in danger."

    Rhena so carefree, Lucille might be worried. x'D

    We arrive at the top of what is actually Thanatos Tower, greeted by something that looks like a grander version of Rebel's Bound/Binding Trap. And you look at Sven here, he mocking me (though to be honest, I did read the NPC dialogue option as "Meow now" instead of "Move now" xD).


    At the middle of it all stood Thanatos who is trying to subdue Surt (Satan Morocc), but first we need to destroy the seal in order to stop Surt from meownifesting and opening a gateway for his demon horde to come...!

    Destwoy the seals!

    We were successful, but Lucille tells us there is something more to investigate. It seems like there is a little girl in this tower, but how?? She seems to be looking for her father, a Morocc Knight. She tells us of a secret passage and follows us in for a bit.

    Once we go in, I imagine she peeking from behind wall as we fight.

    Hmm... what is this place? The Evil Shadows are stopping us from going further... Attaaaaack! Looks like there is an Evil Fanatic there. He is the one who tried to resurrect Surt! Good thing Loki is also here. He is is the most powerful member of the Assassins Guild and one of the seven Assassins of the Cross.

    Loki being very objective. Very admirable.

    As Loki strikes him (the Evil Fanatic), that little girl stepped in and shielded him, sacrificing her life for the person she called her father, the supposed Morocc Knight. How is the Evil Fanatic her father, meow not know; but now she has become a ded. :< The Evil Fanatic calls the little girl as foolish for doing such an illogical thing.

    Rebels getting ready for the final battle. So cute.


    Uhhh... Meow not has an after-battle picture to end this post, but...

    Yaaaaay~~ Success! We have managed to stop Surt from being resurrected by the Evil Fanatic and disposed of him as well, though we couldn't do anything about his daughter...

    So, that ends the journey and we exit the Tower, leaving behind a perplexed Loki. Loki is baffled at how the little girl just threw her life away for her dad when we could all see her dad was doing a terrible thing. Loki is baffled with this kind of emotional reaction.

    Well... meow thinks she was just a simple child who viewed her father in a great light, and he meant the world to her. She was doing what she thought was the right thing.

    So... what now? Svenni, Rhena and meow will think first. Hmm, yes yes... that's a good idea... nyehheheheh~


    OK, bye! See you next post!

    P/S: The party name... the party originally belonged to myaa household Archbishop, Thomas. We uh... We kind of hijacked it from him, ha ha ha...

  16. The hat of myaa dreams! After about one year of desiring it, I finally has the Republic Hat [1]!! xDDD


    This was supposed to be myaa starter headgear... or so I had planned long ago... but Elena put up a tough fight (tough but possible to defeat!) so I had to gear up a bit more. Finally, I was able to start collecting Schwartz Tokens for this hat. It's like to defeat her, you must have this hat, but to have this hat, you must defeat her. Funny.

    Anyway yassss, myaa hard work has bore its fruit! Hooraaaaayyy~ This hat will go to Salad, the household Rebel and farmer (once I have worn it as many times as I want, nyehheheh). If Salad not want, she can give to other household members.

    Hmm… I have always though that this hat is so stylish, must find the costume version…

    OK, that all, goodnight.

  17. Limitless Island, Finally!

    Hello and meow. Sudden Limitless party by Sven + good teamwork + strong people = Limitless Island!! These two noobs... myaa friend and I... we finally get to know what this place is!! YAASSSSSS!! Also, what the heck Scar of Tarou damn good skill. I always knew it was good but wow.

    Lots of things to discover on this egg-shaped island!

    OK, that all. Short post because didn't have time to take more pictures. Lunette was hell. How many times me become a ded. I did put a paw in the Solar Temple, but died too hahahaha! xD

    But hey, now meow has access to advanced Bounty Boards!! xD

  18. Midnight Shenanigans!

    With the Winter Amusement Park leaving soon, myaa guildies and I decided to have some fun with Transformation Scrolls and turn into Christmas Smokies! The Hate Crew becomes Mischief Crew, nyehheheheh~ xD


    OK so goodnight, everyone!

  19. To start off this new year, I made a new hat for Salad (myaa household Rebel and farmer). I have been going for the Airship Raid instances before this and thought I needed five Costume Ferlock Hats, so I gave up on it because I never got more than two.

    Then it turns out I needed only two, hahaha silly myaa. So, here it is! Happy mew year, Salad! A Ferlock's Hat for you!


    A new friend had helped me to gather the materials needed, so this hat was made very quickly, hehe. And yes, I has a monkey now, but meow not know what to name it yet. They say Choco pet good for ranged-attack types, so meow will try help this chocolate monkey be dark chocolate monkey.

    🎇 So OK... Happy Mew Year to everyone as well! 🎆

    (As for myaa, I already ended previous year with upgrading my Cat Fork with more power, nyehhehehehh!)

  20. :: Vestige (Pt. 2 of 2) ::

    Continuing from meow previous post... Sorry this is a bit long...

    What is this place...? If you think Smelly Ghoul alleys were smelly, this place is worse... Verity says it's suffocating. We proceeded to a door. It seemed blocked, but hey, we got Du around. Du is the master of pushing through and breaking things! ONE, TWO, GOOOO!!


    The place is very spacious~ in fact, too spacious that you can just slap any furniture anywhere and it still is tolerable. Suddenly, Maggi says that the door Du pushed through is stuck and we can't get out. Du panics and Mark tells him to calm down.

    Meow go exploring first. OK, me sees a door. Let's go through... Hmm... why me going in circles... What is going on-- Ah, a strange piece.

    Where the peck am I...

    Weird Piece says that people been down here too long and wanted to escape… to flee… The person who has been recording stuff in it supposedly still has hope of getting out while his comrades have given up. They… are trapped?? He says something about calculations, something went wrong somewhere and since then, he not feel good about things.

    How many rooms did meow go through... So many rooms...

    What he means survivors are dwindling...? Tthe record in the Weird Piece gives me impression that this man was a leader fo some sort, full of regret for being useless like this. He mentions a name... "Tatio..." Wait. Oh my nyaaaa, mind is blowing. He clings on to hope of survival and escape because he wants to say sorry to Tatio, sorry he was always with his work even though Tatio was the sweetest 'person'.

    In case you forgot, Tatio is the secretary to the President of Rekenber Corporation, the entity that is financing research on Verus City (and salvages all the Verus tech they can get). The only one Tatio ever spoke of previously was Ian Atnad's grandfather or something. So... he does exist when Verus was still populated and it was him recording these things on the Weird Piece.

    I continue on (not know if the party is still with me or not). We go through so many rooms, like a cycle, repeating itself and driving you nuts. Probably this was how the 'survivors' felt.


    Now meow in unknown room. How deep have I gone...? After going through many more rooms, I finally find the Weird Piece again and all it gives myaa is... binary?? Now it reboots and talk about survivors. The Weird Piece is starting to get faulty. It's giving errors... and it ended with a record mentioning the construction of 'T_W_O_002b'.


    Later on, meow sees Tamarin. So glad to see a person!! Tamarin says he scared to go on, for unknown reasons. Meow told him it ok, we go together. At the end of the tunnel, we saw Mark. He ask if want to open door or not. Meow say OPEN!

    Regret, did not know this was the door to The Last Room. x'D Meow died getting swarmed by little bots from all sides. I think I lost a patch of fur from myaa arm.


    And so, that concludes myaa adventures in Verus. I hope you enjoy meow stories.

    Once we returned to Verus City, meow packed up me things and bid Du's party farewell. It was quite a journey and it left me with questions, like what survivors was the Weird Piece talking about? What were they hiding from? Why did they branch off from the bunker? Did something happen in there that caused them to hide in the underground tunnel?

    Guess meow will never know (yet?). Regardless, me wants to enter The Last Room and will need help. Later me ask myaa guildies if they want accompany me (more like 'carry pls'). Me give Bunch of Shrimps, nyaa~

    Before I go, have Mark's word of advice to those who panic when they're stuck somewhere:


    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Ya I'm kinda with Du, Im just gonna break through everything /oops

  21. :: Vestige (Pt. 1 of 2)  ::

    Hello and meow. Un here. Today we mark the end of myaa adventures in Verus City. Previously, we have Du who was fascinated by the fountains. Now, me goes back, crossing the Central Plaza to the place we were last at: Laboratory-OPTATIO where Du complains to Mark how he hates protocols just to enter this place.


    Anyway, Du’s party wants to investigate why this Lab-OPTATIO is closed to public, that something must be going on here since mobs only appear here (yeah right, did you forget bots also attack us, nyaa??). Of course, the ruined buildings and unstable terrains also a factor.

    Alph says something about the powerful device at the center that people are talking about. So, we go there, pass by the entrance to the Central Lab. We met up with Fru (or Fruit) who is a mechanic and she likes the things in the Underground Bunker. She can only watch, so she asks meow to help bring stuff back for her. She will give reward for them. So… let’s go! The entrance to the Bunker is where Verity was, just a bit to the west. Meow still thinks Verity should not wear nightees in this kind of place, but oh well. If Fru can wear just a bra top, then a nightee is better…?? x’D


    Once inside, Mark says the bunker seems pretty intact, but the smelly undeads… eew. Du seems to be scared, even more when Alph decided we should split and see if we find anything interesting. I explored and found many things like Machine Remnants, but no, this not what we looking for. I scurried about everywhere and this bunker is… weird. Who would expect a bunker to have a garden??

    Bunker Cafe and Garden.

    I found Alph and he thinks meow come to him because me sensed something strange. Haahaahaa no. Meow just lost. Alph was about to tell myaa what he thinks, but he is sensible to call for the rest of party before he starts. That way he won’t have to repeat himself and no one gets left out. Yes, he has sense. A good party sticks together and make sure no one gets left behind.

    Oh, Verity was there too. We seem to arrive at some room with a door that Mark says is out of place. Without wasting time, Du yelled out, “CHAAAARGE!” and off we go!


    (To be continued…)

    Onion says: So many things came up and although I could just do it since I went for Battlegrounds and stuff, I prefer doing main quests when I can sit comfortably and immerse myself in the story. So, that’s today! Finally! Oh, I played with the Shadows setting off for about two-thirds of the quest and I regret it. T_T

  22. Hello and happy holidays. Un here. Tonight, meow celebrate new hats and mischief!

    After some time, as the duration of the Winter Amusement Park nears its end, I have managed to obtain the two pieces of Christmas clothing! Featuring… the Snowbear Hood and the Snow Bunny Scarf!! xD The scarf will go to myaa household farmer, Salad the Rebel, as an alternate to her Orange Rabbit.


    With the help of fellow guildies, I also managed to complete the Cat Lady Cape, so me and meow guildies had a quick photoshoot... before our mischievous streak appeared, nyehheheh~


    For the mischiefs, go see Svenni's post... /gg [click here]

    OK OK, that all~ Next, meow will post serious thing, hehe~ >_<

  23. (Was supposed to post this last night, but Forum was down, heh)

    Hello and meow. Un here. Been contemplating joining Battlegrounds (Silk) and now, myaa has! Not really equipped like a pro (and stats are not fully-allocated), but meow give it a try and… IT IS FUN! The atmosphere is happy, no ill-will or hate, just good competitiveness! A true game!

    I have experienced all types. First, Stone Control. I helped get the stone, but also got stuck in hole hehehehehe…




    I also went for Bossnia and got Shield-Chained… x'D


    I did get into Krieger von Midgard but only once, so no screenshot. While they hesitated to go front, I did what I did back when I was boarding the Con-chillina for the first time: march forth and say (to self), “Here comes the newbie!!” xD

    Looking forward to join the next wave of BG2. ^^

    OK, goodnight!

  24. Hello and meow. Un here and we are recording Day 6 of being in Verus City as part of Ian Atnad’s excavation team. After the sudden trip to Lighthalzen (to see Rekenber Chairman), meow return to Verus City to continue exploring. Nyaa? Seems like some noise over there with Du Lian and his party.

    Du seems fascinated by the fountain, for unknown reasons (I think he was just bored) and calls upon his friends to just look at it! He has “wiped it clean and now it’s so sparkly!”

    Alf then noticed how the fountain itself was too clean for something that’s been buried for so long. So clean that he can’t find a trace of… anything. The party shifted their focus to Tamarin who suggested we look at the sundries scattered to the left of the fountain. As before, Alf says these sundries are also clean.


    And so we went to a tree nearby and I second Tamarin’s notion: that Du said the smartest thing we’ve all heard — that trees need sunlight to grow, so how could one grow here? Maggi didn’t sense any magic from the tree though, so nobody knows how this is possible.

    While heading to the tree, meow over heard some chattering… Probably Rekenber’s team of adventurers…


    Anyway, after the tree, we headed to a strange Signboard. Then we saw the path up north and Du rushes off despite Mark telling him not to go running off on his own. So, we all follow him to Verus Central Plaza. The amount of bots is annoying me! Anyway, found Du and he said go check out the nearby Fountain, so OK. Same thing, it was very clean. Alf said that Verus people didn’t rot here and die… nor did they leave…


    Meanwhile, Mark had went ahead to the north of the Plaza and he noticed so many giant robots everywhere in the ruins. There were areas up ahead, blocked by Rekenber (except for meow, meow can go through, nyahahah), so Mark said let’s leave it be. Tamarin decided to take a peek with Maggi, so meow went to them.


    At the blocked areas, Maggi sensed an energy. Not that of a living thing, but is as strong. Du then said he didn’t want to explore those areas, which was funny because he was always the one bolting off, earning him the nickname Red-haired Boar because he was always running (nyeheheh). Du hated that and said he had cooler nicknames, but meow never got to hear any.

    So, out of luck and traces, all of us headed back to the Fountain in Verus Excavation Site.

    Hmm… this was not entirely a wild goose chase, but it sort of is, nyaa…

  25. Post 78 – The Memory Records (Pt. 2 of 2)

    …in which Atnad’s past is explained! Seems like he and the Chairman’s Secretary have an unpleasant history that might soothe Nile’s hatred for her father! It sounds like an honest mistake, but who is this man, really? And why even Chairman wants to see us??

    So, hello and meow. Continuing from myaa previous post, off we go to Rekenber Corporation Headquarters in Lighthalzen… to see this guy!

    The Chairman of Rekenber Corporation.

    Oh right, be very careful of this thief below… He changes location sometimes, but he will steal your money!! Always make sure to nyaa your Zeny when you arrive in Lighthalzen.

    Beware the pickpocket!

    The glorious Rekenber Corp. Click for full wealth. I mean, view.

    OK, so we are all gathered today to straighten things out (more like making sure everything is still under Rekenber’s paws…). The Secretary spoke up. His name is Tatio. He says he is actually from Verus City, one of the robots made by Atnad’s great grandpappy. He said that us going through the Memory Records is like going through his diary. While he does allow us to continue playing the Records, he says keep it secret, don’t tell people. Of course, the Chairman knows all this already…

    The meeting with the chairman.
    Clockwise from Chairman: Atnad, meow, Nile with Luke behind her as escort, Aureth, and Tatio the bot.

    Tatio also said that after his creator (and friend) was gone, he was left in Verus alone, so he took it upon himself to protect this city that his creator loved by keeping it safe from outside world. When Ian Atnad first went on his expedition some time ago , he attacked Atnad because the world is not ready for Verus and its technology, saying it is like putting lethal weapon into children’s hands. Atnad had found the passageway to the city, that was why he had to be stopped; but Tatio took care of him while he was unconscious because he was related to the Atnad who created him.

    Hmm, me assumes this is why Tatio went with Rekenber’s Chairman, to ‘protect’ Verus, to keep it intact. Meow has doubts, but let’s continue listening to Tatio.

    While doing that, he altered Ian Atnad’s meowmery to cover up on Verus’ existence. That’s why Ian Atnad never returned to Nile and family. He forgot he had family and the letters he wrote all had inaccurate addresses, thus never reaching Nile… or something like that.

    Conclusion is that Atnad’s Excavation Team can continue their work as usual, just don’t go around meowing about it. What happens in Verus, stays in Verus.


    What meow is wondering… hmmm… Rekenber has already taken some of Verus tech (and Tatio say we’d already advance greatly with the remnants of Verus tech). With their Phantasmagorika Project there, wouldn’t they have also the Memory Records and access to the techs? If they rebuild Verus… what would happen? Rekenber rules the world??

    OK, that all for tonight. Meow tired now. x_x