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  1. Limitless Island, Finally!

    Hello and meow. Sudden Limitless party by Sven + good teamwork + strong people = Limitless Island!! These two noobs... myaa friend and I... we finally get to know what this place is!! YAASSSSSS!! Also, what the heck Scar of Tarou damn good skill. I always knew it was good but wow.

    Lots of things to discover on this egg-shaped island!

    OK, that all. Short post because didn't have time to take more pictures. Lunette was hell. How many times me become a ded. I did put a paw in the Solar Temple, but died too hahahaha! xD

    But hey, now meow has access to advanced Bounty Boards!! xD

  2. Midnight Shenanigans!

    With the Winter Amusement Park leaving soon, myaa guildies and I decided to have some fun with Transformation Scrolls and turn into Christmas Smokies! The Hate Crew becomes Mischief Crew, nyehheheheh~ xD


    OK so goodnight, everyone!

  3. To start off this new year, I made a new hat for Salad (myaa household Rebel and farmer). I have been going for the Airship Raid instances before this and thought I needed five Costume Ferlock Hats, so I gave up on it because I never got more than two.

    Then it turns out I needed only two, hahaha silly myaa. So, here it is! Happy mew year, Salad! A Ferlock's Hat for you!


    A new friend had helped me to gather the materials needed, so this hat was made very quickly, hehe. And yes, I has a monkey now, but meow not know what to name it yet. They say Choco pet good for ranged-attack types, so meow will try help this chocolate monkey be dark chocolate monkey.

    🎇 So OK... Happy Mew Year to everyone as well! 🎆

    (As for myaa, I already ended previous year with upgrading my Cat Fork with more power, nyehhehehehh!)

  4. :: Vestige (Pt. 2 of 2) ::

    Continuing from meow previous post... Sorry this is a bit long...

    What is this place...? If you think Smelly Ghoul alleys were smelly, this place is worse... Verity says it's suffocating. We proceeded to a door. It seemed blocked, but hey, we got Du around. Du is the master of pushing through and breaking things! ONE, TWO, GOOOO!!


    The place is very spacious~ in fact, too spacious that you can just slap any furniture anywhere and it still is tolerable. Suddenly, Maggi says that the door Du pushed through is stuck and we can't get out. Du panics and Mark tells him to calm down.

    Meow go exploring first. OK, me sees a door. Let's go through... Hmm... why me going in circles... What is going on-- Ah, a strange piece.

    Where the peck am I...

    Weird Piece says that people been down here too long and wanted to escape… to flee… The person who has been recording stuff in it supposedly still has hope of getting out while his comrades have given up. They… are trapped?? He says something about calculations, something went wrong somewhere and since then, he not feel good about things.

    How many rooms did meow go through... So many rooms...

    What he means survivors are dwindling...? Tthe record in the Weird Piece gives me impression that this man was a leader fo some sort, full of regret for being useless like this. He mentions a name... "Tatio..." Wait. Oh my nyaaaa, mind is blowing. He clings on to hope of survival and escape because he wants to say sorry to Tatio, sorry he was always with his work even though Tatio was the sweetest 'person'.

    In case you forgot, Tatio is the secretary to the President of Rekenber Corporation, the entity that is financing research on Verus City (and salvages all the Verus tech they can get). The only one Tatio ever spoke of previously was Ian Atnad's grandfather or something. So... he does exist when Verus was still populated and it was him recording these things on the Weird Piece.

    I continue on (not know if the party is still with me or not). We go through so many rooms, like a cycle, repeating itself and driving you nuts. Probably this was how the 'survivors' felt.


    Now meow in unknown room. How deep have I gone...? After going through many more rooms, I finally find the Weird Piece again and all it gives myaa is... binary?? Now it reboots and talk about survivors. The Weird Piece is starting to get faulty. It's giving errors... and it ended with a record mentioning the construction of 'T_W_O_002b'.


    Later on, meow sees Tamarin. So glad to see a person!! Tamarin says he scared to go on, for unknown reasons. Meow told him it ok, we go together. At the end of the tunnel, we saw Mark. He ask if want to open door or not. Meow say OPEN!

    Regret, did not know this was the door to The Last Room. x'D Meow died getting swarmed by little bots from all sides. I think I lost a patch of fur from myaa arm.


    And so, that concludes myaa adventures in Verus. I hope you enjoy meow stories.

    Once we returned to Verus City, meow packed up me things and bid Du's party farewell. It was quite a journey and it left me with questions, like what survivors was the Weird Piece talking about? What were they hiding from? Why did they branch off from the bunker? Did something happen in there that caused them to hide in the underground tunnel?

    Guess meow will never know (yet?). Regardless, me wants to enter The Last Room and will need help. Later me ask myaa guildies if they want accompany me (more like 'carry pls'). Me give Bunch of Shrimps, nyaa~

    Before I go, have Mark's word of advice to those who panic when they're stuck somewhere:


    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Ya I'm kinda with Du, Im just gonna break through everything /oops

  5. :: Vestige (Pt. 1 of 2)  ::

    Hello and meow. Un here. Today we mark the end of myaa adventures in Verus City. Previously, we have Du who was fascinated by the fountains. Now, me goes back, crossing the Central Plaza to the place we were last at: Laboratory-OPTATIO where Du complains to Mark how he hates protocols just to enter this place.


    Anyway, Du’s party wants to investigate why this Lab-OPTATIO is closed to public, that something must be going on here since mobs only appear here (yeah right, did you forget bots also attack us, nyaa??). Of course, the ruined buildings and unstable terrains also a factor.

    Alph says something about the powerful device at the center that people are talking about. So, we go there, pass by the entrance to the Central Lab. We met up with Fru (or Fruit) who is a mechanic and she likes the things in the Underground Bunker. She can only watch, so she asks meow to help bring stuff back for her. She will give reward for them. So… let’s go! The entrance to the Bunker is where Verity was, just a bit to the west. Meow still thinks Verity should not wear nightees in this kind of place, but oh well. If Fru can wear just a bra top, then a nightee is better…?? x’D


    Once inside, Mark says the bunker seems pretty intact, but the smelly undeads… eew. Du seems to be scared, even more when Alph decided we should split and see if we find anything interesting. I explored and found many things like Machine Remnants, but no, this not what we looking for. I scurried about everywhere and this bunker is… weird. Who would expect a bunker to have a garden??

    Bunker Cafe and Garden.

    I found Alph and he thinks meow come to him because me sensed something strange. Haahaahaa no. Meow just lost. Alph was about to tell myaa what he thinks, but he is sensible to call for the rest of party before he starts. That way he won’t have to repeat himself and no one gets left out. Yes, he has sense. A good party sticks together and make sure no one gets left behind.

    Oh, Verity was there too. We seem to arrive at some room with a door that Mark says is out of place. Without wasting time, Du yelled out, “CHAAAARGE!” and off we go!


    (To be continued…)

    Onion says: So many things came up and although I could just do it since I went for Battlegrounds and stuff, I prefer doing main quests when I can sit comfortably and immerse myself in the story. So, that’s today! Finally! Oh, I played with the Shadows setting off for about two-thirds of the quest and I regret it. T_T

  6. Hello and happy holidays. Un here. Tonight, meow celebrate new hats and mischief!

    After some time, as the duration of the Winter Amusement Park nears its end, I have managed to obtain the two pieces of Christmas clothing! Featuring… the Snowbear Hood and the Snow Bunny Scarf!! xD The scarf will go to myaa household farmer, Salad the Rebel, as an alternate to her Orange Rabbit.


    With the help of fellow guildies, I also managed to complete the Cat Lady Cape, so me and meow guildies had a quick photoshoot... before our mischievous streak appeared, nyehheheh~


    For the mischiefs, go see Svenni's post... /gg [click here]

    OK OK, that all~ Next, meow will post serious thing, hehe~ >_<

  7. (Was supposed to post this last night, but Forum was down, heh)

    Hello and meow. Un here. Been contemplating joining Battlegrounds (Silk) and now, myaa has! Not really equipped like a pro (and stats are not fully-allocated), but meow give it a try and… IT IS FUN! The atmosphere is happy, no ill-will or hate, just good competitiveness! A true game!

    I have experienced all types. First, Stone Control. I helped get the stone, but also got stuck in hole hehehehehe…




    I also went for Bossnia and got Shield-Chained… x'D


    I did get into Krieger von Midgard but only once, so no screenshot. While they hesitated to go front, I did what I did back when I was boarding the Con-chillina for the first time: march forth and say (to self), “Here comes the newbie!!” xD

    Looking forward to join the next wave of BG2. ^^

    OK, goodnight!

  8. Hello and meow. Un here and we are recording Day 6 of being in Verus City as part of Ian Atnad’s excavation team. After the sudden trip to Lighthalzen (to see Rekenber Chairman), meow return to Verus City to continue exploring. Nyaa? Seems like some noise over there with Du Lian and his party.

    Du seems fascinated by the fountain, for unknown reasons (I think he was just bored) and calls upon his friends to just look at it! He has “wiped it clean and now it’s so sparkly!”

    Alf then noticed how the fountain itself was too clean for something that’s been buried for so long. So clean that he can’t find a trace of… anything. The party shifted their focus to Tamarin who suggested we look at the sundries scattered to the left of the fountain. As before, Alf says these sundries are also clean.


    And so we went to a tree nearby and I second Tamarin’s notion: that Du said the smartest thing we’ve all heard — that trees need sunlight to grow, so how could one grow here? Maggi didn’t sense any magic from the tree though, so nobody knows how this is possible.

    While heading to the tree, meow over heard some chattering… Probably Rekenber’s team of adventurers…


    Anyway, after the tree, we headed to a strange Signboard. Then we saw the path up north and Du rushes off despite Mark telling him not to go running off on his own. So, we all follow him to Verus Central Plaza. The amount of bots is annoying me! Anyway, found Du and he said go check out the nearby Fountain, so OK. Same thing, it was very clean. Alf said that Verus people didn’t rot here and die… nor did they leave…


    Meanwhile, Mark had went ahead to the north of the Plaza and he noticed so many giant robots everywhere in the ruins. There were areas up ahead, blocked by Rekenber (except for meow, meow can go through, nyahahah), so Mark said let’s leave it be. Tamarin decided to take a peek with Maggi, so meow went to them.


    At the blocked areas, Maggi sensed an energy. Not that of a living thing, but is as strong. Du then said he didn’t want to explore those areas, which was funny because he was always the one bolting off, earning him the nickname Red-haired Boar because he was always running (nyeheheh). Du hated that and said he had cooler nicknames, but meow never got to hear any.

    So, out of luck and traces, all of us headed back to the Fountain in Verus Excavation Site.

    Hmm… this was not entirely a wild goose chase, but it sort of is, nyaa…

  9. Post 78 – The Memory Records (Pt. 2 of 2)

    …in which Atnad’s past is explained! Seems like he and the Chairman’s Secretary have an unpleasant history that might soothe Nile’s hatred for her father! It sounds like an honest mistake, but who is this man, really? And why even Chairman wants to see us??

    So, hello and meow. Continuing from myaa previous post, off we go to Rekenber Corporation Headquarters in Lighthalzen… to see this guy!

    The Chairman of Rekenber Corporation.

    Oh right, be very careful of this thief below… He changes location sometimes, but he will steal your money!! Always make sure to nyaa your Zeny when you arrive in Lighthalzen.

    Beware the pickpocket!

    The glorious Rekenber Corp. Click for full wealth. I mean, view.

    OK, so we are all gathered today to straighten things out (more like making sure everything is still under Rekenber’s paws…). The Secretary spoke up. His name is Tatio. He says he is actually from Verus City, one of the robots made by Atnad’s great grandpappy. He said that us going through the Memory Records is like going through his diary. While he does allow us to continue playing the Records, he says keep it secret, don’t tell people. Of course, the Chairman knows all this already…

    The meeting with the chairman.
    Clockwise from Chairman: Atnad, meow, Nile with Luke behind her as escort, Aureth, and Tatio the bot.

    Tatio also said that after his creator (and friend) was gone, he was left in Verus alone, so he took it upon himself to protect this city that his creator loved by keeping it safe from outside world. When Ian Atnad first went on his expedition some time ago , he attacked Atnad because the world is not ready for Verus and its technology, saying it is like putting lethal weapon into children’s hands. Atnad had found the passageway to the city, that was why he had to be stopped; but Tatio took care of him while he was unconscious because he was related to the Atnad who created him.

    Hmm, me assumes this is why Tatio went with Rekenber’s Chairman, to ‘protect’ Verus, to keep it intact. Meow has doubts, but let’s continue listening to Tatio.

    While doing that, he altered Ian Atnad’s meowmery to cover up on Verus’ existence. That’s why Ian Atnad never returned to Nile and family. He forgot he had family and the letters he wrote all had inaccurate addresses, thus never reaching Nile… or something like that.

    Conclusion is that Atnad’s Excavation Team can continue their work as usual, just don’t go around meowing about it. What happens in Verus, stays in Verus.


    What meow is wondering… hmmm… Rekenber has already taken some of Verus tech (and Tatio say we’d already advance greatly with the remnants of Verus tech). With their Phantasmagorika Project there, wouldn’t they have also the Memory Records and access to the techs? If they rebuild Verus… what would happen? Rekenber rules the world??

    OK, that all for tonight. Meow tired now. x_x


  10. Post 77 - The Memory Records (Pt. 1 of 2)

    ...in which we continue our adventures in Verus City and uncover the secrets of... The Memory Records! What is this Memory Record? Is it a top secret item? Why suddenly mysterious young man visits Atnad's camp and asks him to see the Chairman of Rekenber Corporation??

    Hello and meow. Un here. It been half a week of me in Verus. So I put on myaa Mine Helmet (safety first!) and start was wandering off at further north of Verus where I found a Memory Record in a pile of strewn paper. Hmm, what this eh… let's go ask old man Ian Atnad.

    He wants meow to get the Record Player. He has one at his house but he said his daughter, Nile had sold off the house (because she hates him). Anyway, it's time to see Alcyone Nile Atnad, or Nile for short. She is the stubborn founder and commander of the Paradise Group. She says need to find 5 so that it works. So. OK. Found five and told Atnad about it too.


    Atnad then say meow have to go up north again to where more of these Records are: Laboratory-OPTATIO. So meow go. u_u Need 5 Laboratory Memory Records this time. Lab-OPTATIO area is niiiiiice~ Very post-acolyte. Eh no no, I mean post-apocalytic.

    Laboratory-OPTATIO scenic scene. Click for full mew.

    I met up with someone called Verity and she guards the way to the underground labs where the Laboratory Memory Records can be found. Inside there also have mobs I have never seen!


    So, following the usual drill, I brought back the 5 Lab Memory Records and showed it to Nile, and we played it on the Record Player. All the Memory Records seem to talk about people doing research, and one of them was Atnad. Not Ian, but another Atnad from the past. Mewwhile, Aureth completed Report on what Lloyd the cat was working on, so that one meow understand is good progress…

    And then suddenly an unknown Norman appears, smelling like dubious wealth that is Rekenber Corporation.

    The Chairman's Secretary.

    Told us he is Rekenber Chairman's Secretary and to leave the Memory Records alone. Also to come to Rekenber Headquarters in Lighthalzen to meet with Rekenber Corporation's Chairman.

    To go? Not go? Ha, old man Atnad says go, so we go!
    Atnad Excavation Team... to Rekenber Corporation!

    (to be continued...)

  11. Hello and meow. Slightly long adventure post~ ^^ I know I already made a Verus post [here], but when I look back I realise I did that just to tag along with Svenni for Charleston Crisis. So this time, I truly do it all! For this post, it is just halfway of Verus' six main quests.

    Ehhh might be spoiler for those who haven't done the quest.

    What is Verus City? It is a city that you cannot go to via Kafra or @go commands haha. It is an abandoned city near Juperos ruins, its citizens evacuating after an explosion happened. It was soon buried away by time... until Rekenber Corporation found it. So, they wanna dig up and salvage what tech they can find for... hmm... meow not know, maybe to put them in a certain lab for some certain advanced research by a certain mad scientist whom a certain Verus bard spoke of? (coughwernercough)

    Anyway, on to the journey!

    First, meow had to go to Juperos to find the entrance to head down to Verus. It seems that some people --ehem ehem, will be revealed later-- has broken the elevator that leads us straight there, so we have to take a big detour... After nyaaing through, I found it. The Rekenber guard says to go on following the mark on the map until we see another guard. So, OK.

    Welcome greeting by... weird thing.

    Scenic scene. Can click for full mew.

    Meow reached the end of the first passageway. Well, well well~ Guess who it is... They look like our lovely friends from Geffen Magic Tournament -- the Geffen Shoplifter, Ifodes the Rune Knight, and Licheni the High Priestess. But no it not them because these are Rekenber’s Adventurers. Familiar faces from the past, in the present... a nice touch. No, no, Rekenber wouldn't experiment on them, ever...  >_>


    Anyway, like them, we'd have to go through a rockier passage. Who dug this... but hey, we have arrived at Verus City! Scenic scene and... they need to fix the tiles. Hurts myaa paws.

    Can click for full mew.

    So meow has to talk, talk, talk. First stop, the Receptionist Nara, then help out the Guide Scarlet to fix the broken elevator. Meow circle the picture so you can see the culprit! The finally we go to the expedition's main man: Ian Atnad and his friend, Rahim Aureth.


    For today, I did not do much. Just helping Scarlet repair elevator (stupid Du Lian, but I love his party) and getting old man Atnad a food. Sigh. Oh, I helped a fellow Doram named Lloyd with his task with machines. Next to him there is Luke who helped cook the food for Atnad.


    So OK, that all for now. Meow continue another time. Bye!

    Oh one final scenic scene, hehe~

    Can click for full mew.

  12. Hello and meow. Long time me not post stuff, so here I celebrate joining a new guild and myaa new hats! Also featuring my guildmates and leader! Meow recently joined the Hate Crew and they do DT runs, so... here some casual pics!

    My Guild Leader, me, and guildmates Xueren and Svenni!

    Chilling out at Asgard while waiting for boss to start DT. Beast Helm time!

    Meow went to their guild base and ran all over the place already, touching everything with me cat paws. They have a beach, a ship, and a sunken ship! I'm like wowwww~ never been to a guild base before.

    OK, I got two new hats! One is from Central Laboratory instance. Meow go tag along with Oppal. The final MVP monster was Detale and it dropped the Metal Dragon Helm. Oppal gave to me... well OK, Detale gave to him and he gave to me. I traded a Treasure Chest with him for it.

    Sitting with new hat and guildmates Xueren, me, Oppalance, and Svenni.

    Next new hat is the Shibainu Hat. Xueren gave this to me. Meow feels confused wearing it, but OK, me keeps it. Reminds myaa of a certain dog.


    So... OK, that all. Bye!

  13. Here be some Rebels I like. I am talking about people in the rebellion, not the Rebel class (but me love that too). Following the Terra Gloria, I travel to the Heart Hunter Base. Meow likes this place, but most times, me lazy to do anything~

    First up is Rookie, the mew guy in Klana Nemieri who tends to the old children-- uh, I mean veterans of the previous rebellion.


    Rookie is a typical Norman-next-door who not get along well with family and he left, try start new life as a Rebel trainee (meow can only hope he was a Gunslinger before this, and did not skip school). Rookie can't shoot right. Meow looking at his holster, sees a... Gold Lux? No wonder the man can't shoot straight. Why you take gun from Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear hammers things, not shoot. Never trust that mob. Rookie should get the Illusion Gold Lux, if the kids at the hideout would cut him some slack.

    Next: the Gunslingers, an unknown Norman and Yuslan.


    Yuslan has moustache, looks kinda cute. And the other one, the unnamed, will help to escort you out if you don't want to be in the Base anymore.

    Finally, m'man, Julian. He da bomb.

    ey why meow pictures getting smaller

    Together with the Striker Unit Commander in Einbroch Field, Julian leads the Rebellion raid at the Heart Hunter Base. He is good with explosives, so he smells of gunpowder more than other Rebels. Meow likes Julian much. I think it is because his little ponytail (can't see it here though, hmm). It is like myaa little ponytail~ Julian should date Elena, if they both still single.

    All Rebel class enthusiasts should do Terra Gloria quest and daily quests because it’s so wow. Nice places to see, cool mission, and be alongside badass Rebels.

  14. Today I give you the wonderful beauty of El Dicastes, bustling capital city of the Saphas... and meow new costume headgear, hehehe! xD This is Horo Fox Ears, obtainable from Kafra Egg Scrolls, but this one is gifted to myaa by a good fellow whom I met when I first came to Limit. Thank you!

    (click for full mew, I think)

    It actually meow first time going to this place. Hope to explore more one day... Hmm...

    Anyway, El Dicastes is walled up on all sides by steep mountains. The city is divided into 4 sections: the refinery and factory; residential section; the barracks section for training; and the dormitories. Outside is the Kamida Mountain which is also where the Scaraba Hall is.

    Oh, you can't speak to the Saphas unless you have the Ring of the Ancient Wise King. Meow not have it, sadly.

    So, OK, that all. Bye~

    1. ChoChoCho


      uhmmm, i think you cat has 4 ears.  is that normal?


    2. onion


      Oh no, I am a mew-tated cat, hahaha~ xD

      Anyway yeah, some hats clash with Doram's authentic cat ears. However, I do have a few that are OK, hehe. ^^

  15. Today, I have spent almost all myaa Vote Points buying Voter Pure Egg Scroll. I bought 50, I think. Why I decide to nyaa this one? Because meow not know what else to want, and then I saw the Luna on Shoulder is listed in it. Hahaha, I managed to get every costume headgear EXCEPT that one. Typical. x'D

    So the first picture is me with the Silver Cat and Lucky Straw Hat. The behind of the hat has a cute bow tied up. The second one is the Fortune Sealed Scarf. I pair it with a Lambi Ear Fluff (Blue) which… I… uh… meow not know where that one came from… but anyway! That second picture will be myaa winter outfit!

    The Silver Cat has green eyes like me!

    Once I get back my Vote Points, I try again to get Luna on Shoulder.

    OK, bye~ Oh, I has two of the Lucky Straw Hat, so if you want, just tell tell me.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      The Silver Cat is a mini Un

    2. onion


      Hmmm now that you mention it, it actually is...! xD

  16. Hello and meow. Un here. As promised, a more thrilling hat, an achievement for myaa. I finally got 'Racing Cap (Summoner) [1]'!! YAAAASSSSSSSSS!! For several nights, meow been racing and racing and I finally has it!


    Of course, as it is, it's useless. Need to refine to +11 for the perks. And also need to enchant it which I did, just to try out. What meow got was INT+2 thrice, INT+1 twice, VIT+2 once, and after one final reset, meow got DEX+3... so OK. Meow pause enchanting for now.

    And here is a little candid of a helpful Svenni giving tips to a newbie~ (brought to you by meow breadwinner Rebel, Salad). I think it looks so cute because Ranger teaching new Ranger, that's all. ^^


    OK bye!

  17. Hello and meow. Un here. Tonight, RO Delivery Express (RoDex) has arrived with meow 30 Kafra Egg Scrolls! These come from LimitRO's Discord server! Yass, you can gather eggs in the mini-games channel and once you have 30, you can buy from the Kafra Bot. GM Lai will then use RoDex to give you the eggs. (Thanks, Lai!)

    So go and join LimitRO's Discord server now!

    Anyway, this what I got: 'Costume Neko Kafra Headband'!


    I also got other goodies like a Refine Ticket +9 for both Armour and Weapon, and two Kafra Rings. No Kafra Uniform, hehe... but meow content. ^^

    I also got this 'Alien Festival' costume hat last night, obtained from playing Lucky Roulette, won me a Costume Box (Standard). Sure, you can buy Costume Box (Standard) from Genie in Asgard, but this one is sort of for for free, nyehheheh~ It looks so festive and it is moving too, nyaa~ And it does not block me ears and Cowlick! Meow likes. >_<


    OK bye! Tomorrow I post a more thrilling hat, an achievement for myaa.

  18. Meow got me final batch of Hopeful Egg Scrolls today, so I have total of ten egg scrolls. Let's open! Alongside the obligatory Transformation Scroll (Mavka), I have gotten... the Jap Cop Hat!


    Also got meowself another Baby Penguin, heh. OK, that all.

    Oh, have a cute picture of Mr Tarou (a.k.a. Bahamut) drinking.


  19. :: Klana Nemieri ala Hocus Pocus ::

    Hey, guys. Random thought on the Klana Nemieri folks. 😏

    I've recently managed to defeat Cmdr Bolkova using my Doram and I've spent some days in the Rebellion hideout, Klana Nemieri, doing the daily tasks, hangin' out with the Rebellion and all...

    And the thought came to me... You know the old ladies in that classy little joint of theirs? In the spirit of Halloween, I suddenly visualised them as the Sandersons sisters from Hocus Pocus (1993 movie). And that's only the first part of the cast!


    Dien as Winifred "Winnie" Sanderson. Winnie is the leader of the trio, much like what Dien seems to be for the Rebelllion.
    Cotnes as Mary Sanderson. Mary just goes with whatever Winnie says, pretty much like Cotnes who keeps saying "if Dien says so" and stuff like that.
    Ridsh as Sarah Sanderson. The oddly-young and somehow-pretty sister among the three.
    Larcis as The Spell Book. The Sanderson sisters rely a lot on their Spell Book to go about their day -- kinda like what Larcis is to Dien and gang.

    Aaaaand for the heck of it:


    Sven as Max Dennison, the protagonist who has to save his sister, Dani. Yeah, Sven saves Un's ass a lot, hahaha (in return, Un agrees to be thrown to MVPs as bait)
    Un as Dani Dennison, protagonist's little sister who gets into trouble.


    Rookie and Lazy as Jay and Ice who bully Max (Sven).
    Rupert as Billy. Billy is Winnie's ex and likes to talk bad with her, hahaha. Winnie stitches up Billy's mouth, an extreme version of Dien yanking Rupert's beard.

    OK, I joke. G'night, y'all.

    1. Mukay


      hahahahahahaah Movie of my childhood...
      You rox ❤️

    2. onion


      Hehehhehe mine too! xD

  20. I has three new hats in these three days. >_< In case anyone wondering why I share news of hats, it just because meow happy to get it~


    Meow got the ‘Happy Root Hat’ from Costume Box (Standard) that was won from the Roulette a few days back. It… is too… uhm… happy for me… OK, meow be honest, it look is like the Ginseng mob. WAIT. This IS the thing on Ginseng’s head. @[email protected] OK no, meow not like, sorry. Storaging~

    The second one is ‘Squirrel Girl Cover’ from the monster Rata in Nidhogg’s Dungeon. I never been there before and this was shoved into me bag during a DT run yesterday… It even has a squirrel tail at the back. It looks ridiculous, so meow will be wearing this for a while, heheh.

    And today, I got the 'Elder Khalitz Helm' from Costume Box (Boss) after defeating Bijou. Not sure which one looks better on me, the normal blue one or this black one... hmm...

    OK, that all.

  21. Hello and meow. Un here. I have finally defeated Commander Elena Bolkova! I been stuck there for so long that the moment I progressed, meow already forgot what going on. Of course, meow remember now. Attended refresher course with refreshments. Eh... I am not going to babble on that recap here.

    To convince the cool Rebellion in Einbech to help, I need to fight Commander Elena Bolkova. I lost so many times even though I tried to look cute and cuddly and brush against her legs (they say it a good cat tactic?). Ha, that woman is strong.

    However, meow got new hat with new cards. Brace yourself, Elena! You gonna get pecked! I lost a few times at first, but it a good reminder of how she fights. Always spinning, circling around... Meow got idea to reduce her area to circle. I ran to a corner, so now she has only a quarter of circling space, ha! Stoop and Picky Peckkkk!!!! Dx


    Now, I can continue my journey! Look me, talk talk talk to so many Normans. Talk to Rebellion Leader Rupert, Dien, Special Force Commander, then to Julian and Rookie. Then, have to defeat some mobs in Heart Hunter Base and Werner's Lab.

    Talk, talk, talk...

    At the Heart Hunter's Base and Werner's Lab...

    The deed is done.

    After Seyren give the Star of Blessing, we return to Nyhil and give it to him.


    With this, I (supposedly?) has completed Terra Gloria (as far as Episode 16.2 goes). Meow can help Salad (me resident Rebel) get the Republic Hat to replace her Captain's Hat. I have not checked the properties properly yet because now still feeling triumphant to have won the duel! xD


    (onion notes: It seems that a small chunk of the quest concerning Seyren Windsor in the Werner's Lab instance is taken out?? A pity. That chunk would've added to the feels and ties in with Biolabs 4 right? I mean I haven't been there before, but the bag Seyren was supposed to give would've explained who that guy I've been seeing at the Prontera pub is (in another life, I mean). And it woulda been such a feels moment...!) --EDIT: Just saw Sven's post on this in the Questions thread, haha. This world doesn't have those NPCs.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Shame on you Elena picking fight with Cat

  22. I went solo to the Nightmarish Jitterbug instance and managed to get a Costume Box (Boss) from the Awakened Pere! And meow got... 'Evil Cyber Headphone'! Originally was so lazy and wanted to curl up at the cushion in HQ, but good thing I got up!


    I also got an Old Card Album, but that gave me a Thief Bug Card... Ah, it OK because I managed to get two Playing Pere cards! (Did not get a Jitterbug card, though.)

    Also, with the help from meow friend and a Doram previously, I can feel I am stronger. Equipped with a Laser of Eagle with a Kiel card in it (and a better card in meow shoesies), I can now complete my daily instances faster. I could fight face to face and without much fear. Bijou, Captain Ferlock, Ju, and Awakened Pere all defeated so fast.

    So, the day ended well, yay! Goodnight~

    Up next: Commander Elena Bolkova ? o_O (so far, meow not able to defeat her, but not yet try with this new EQ)

  23. Hello and meow. Un here. The pictures in today's story is brought to you by a little Novice named Redbean Salad. She gave myaa the pictures a bit late, so... hmm. She is distant cousin of our resident Rebel, Temporary Salad.

    Redbean wanted to be a Baby Rebel, but we don't have that here, so she remains a Baby Novice. Fortunyaately, GM Meteoric has a Novice VS Zombie event which gives new purpose to Redbean's existence.

    So! Let's give it up for LimitRO's version of Left4Dead. xD There were two rounds. First round had five Novices, then second one only four. During second round, Redbean and the others were all pumped up that they told GM to just start, no need to tell rules anymore, haha.

    Innocent Novices all in a row.

    It was all fine at first...

    ...and then it gets CRAZY like shopping mall on Sunday.
    (click for full mew)

    End of second round of LRO's L4D, with GM being Zombie Master, haha~

    Redbean won the second round, along with another Novice. Redbean says, "Will definitely want to join again!" xD

    A pity that meow is born a Summoner, never a Novice, nyehheheh... They should have Baby Summoners, then allow those to enter! It would be quite a sight! Kitten massacre... hmm... never mind. x_x

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      That Zombie Master /abs

  24. Un here. No, no adventuring today. Just a post of friends. In a couple of days, meow share story on Novice VS Zombie, hehehe... Now photo still developing, yet to be delivered by a Novice who took part in the event. But for now, just meow and friends.

    Here are farmers on a break. One is OP, one is lazy Dummy Level 100. xDDD This was taken a few days ago, heh.



    Mm, you see... meow was feeling blue for some weeks, but it was nice to see me friend in HQ today. She helped myaa with some of me concerns, one of them being "getting stronger". To be honest, meow not care much about gears, but maybe in this world, need to have a care. At least, a bit more.

    Still, what matters is that meow get to spend some time with me friend. /lv

    While at the training ground in Asgard, meow stumbled upon a cool cat, the maker of one of the two Doram guides on forum! Always did wonder if we will ever meet, and here we did! He gave me some tips of how to gear up as well.

    With good company.

    So, that's all for today. Bye~

    (Onion says:  I think if RO was real life, I'd be that Acolyte who never becomes a Priest, lol.)

  25. Today, I go into Orc's Memory of a time when there was war in Orc Village. A shaman name Cargalache (which meow has no picture of, sorry) has taken over the village. An orc named Kruger is trying to help end the war, but he needs our help. This adventure needs a party of two people and Svenni was available to tag along. So... OK. Let's talk to this Mad Scientist and then this stone. In we go~


    Inside, we will meow to Kruger and he will ask you to defeat specific monsters so that you can proceed to the next zone to find the Shaman. This is like a Poring Hunt, in a way. Don't kill the wrong mobs or High Orcs will come get you.

        Don't kill the usual Orcs, hunt special one, and proceed!

    Soon, we meet up with Kruger again. He will ask us to find and light up braziers (Torch) and it will call forth the special orcs.


    See? And then out comes special mobs like these:

        OK, so we can't see the Orc Sniper... he just Orc Archer type.

            Myaa sorry, wrong house.

    Once all that is done, the Shaman Cargalache will come out! Meow not have picture because was shocked with action, but she look is like Orc Lady. With her will be the Depraved Orc Hero! Defeat him! End this war!


    Nyaah, nyaah~ meow know. That victory picture is horrible... but it is done!

    So... that all. OK bye!