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  1. This meow farmer, under meow command. /gg


    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      finally a rebel chick w/o a dicc

    2. onion


      Hahhahahahahahahhaha x'DDD

  2. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-050 [RO] Farm Farm Rebel :: So here's my 'farmer'. Her name is Salad and all she does is get money for the household... whenever the head of the house (Un) wants money. Salad is a simpleton who once lived in Hugel, but now frequents Rock Ridge. She used to be an adventurer, travelled the world as a Gunslinger. She loves ammo cases and actually uses a Revolver and prefers those, but carries a Gatling (minigun) behind her to be in trend (RT level 10 ftw). She also carries a shotgun, but rarely uses it these days because something has change. Drawing done using black felt-tip pen, colour pencils, and gold & silver glitter pen. --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  3. onion

    Add New Pets

    OMG yassss that is my favourite too! xDDD
  4. Meow meow, another drawing of me has been added into [this drawdraw thread]~ >_<


  5. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 42-144 [RO] Un-suspecting Victim :: Drawing of my Summoner, 'Unemployed Unit II' (or just 'Un'). Here, Un is strolling down Geffen Field; not too far, just outside of town... Her Spirit Marbles are on leave today. She is enjoying the view and air and oh hello, a Chonchon~ La la la--- !! BEWARE OF THE BLOODY BRANCH...!! --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  6. onion

    Add New Pets

    Wowww I like this! I love cute pets! Always wanted One-horned Scaraba. xD That, paired with my Doram, would look so cuuute~ And Sven would finally have his doggos, lol. I'm loving the Stapo, Magmaring, Condor, and of course, the One-horned Scaraba (and for the heck of it, Caramel too!). Should add Toucan as well, hehe.
  7. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Aaaaa thank you, @rooty~~
  8. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Just a doodle of my Dorams, Un and Cottage. ^^ --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  9. Hello and meow. Un here. I wanted to see me friend, the Robot, but I exited me house a bit late (actually very late). GM Meteoric was in Asgard and he then announce Bomberman Event!

    Go see Svenni post for nicer pics and winner names because mine is "just press Screenshot button as you run!" I give you this one pic though:

    Look who at that far top-right corner, nyaa... It Svenni. Maybe click for full-mew.

    Afterwards, GM did Disguise Event. Meow just watch. Here me with Svenni and this AB who joined us while waiting for event to start. I have seen him around before. Also, Bomberman winner on the Warg wearing his prize, the Drooping Lai. Meow want one!

    GM is in front of us, 12 o' clock.

    After all has settled down, I went to spend meow Vote Points on Rainbow Egg Scrolls. I have collected enough to buy in bulk! I aiming for the Drops Muffler… AND I GOT IT!! Lucky!! Up next: Mystic Egg Scroll. xDDD And Sven also gave to me something he found while on duty: a '+4 Striped Hat [1]' (or a Tiraya Bonnet? Meow not sure). You see, once upon-nyaa time in a land far far away, I saw another Doram wear this and his name was Cocco Martin. So in meow head, I call this the Cocco Martin Hat and I wanted it so much. Now, I has! Wish it was costume though, hewhew.

    A late evening well spent. Barry and I, with Vote Shopkeeper at the back.

    OK bye! (and I should stop wandering about in the mewddle of the night)

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I see GM with GM's gfs...

      what if... they a trap!!

  10. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Whoops, forgot to share this drawing I made of Cottage! :: 42-115 [RO] Informal Cottage II :: Done using black pen, colour pencils, with gold and silver pens. You have met 'Un', now meet her housemate: the scruffy Informal Cottage II. Cottage here plays with seafood. On the field, she supports herself (and any party members) with the protection of the tuna and the power of the shrimp, while throwing vines at her enemies until they go away. Cottage speaks better Common than Un, managing to suppress her meows and nyaa's in her speech. Ehem, I swear it has nothing to with her having more INT, ehem... >.> Perhaps mingling a lot with Thomas the AB helps. She is also missing a whisker on her right because thug Dorams pushed her and it plucked off, perhaps resulting in her choice of learned skills to become tankier, a.k.a. 'the great immovable cat'. --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  11. onion

    Protist art

    Wowowowoow fabulous Rebel art Whatchu aimin at, Sven?
  12. :: A Night of Events~ ::

    Hello and meow. Un here. Experiencing more of what life is like at LimitRO! So... this is a long one. Last midnight, I woke up from meow sleep because Salad (our resident Rebel farmer) was suddenly up and about, on some weird impulse? Mmm I think Rebels can be weird like that. So, I decided to just wander about and suddenly...

    A GM descended from the skies!!

    GM Meteoric came to town, so let's crowd him because GMs are celebrities! He announced a Bomber Event! Of course, meow died at the end of Round 1, haha. Did not scurry far enough. Svenni lasted longer. A pity though, no winners! Dx

    Before the massacre.

    Click image for full mew. This end of Round 4. Me a ded at the bottom there. Svenni a ded too.

    Up next, GM Meteoric decided to do a Disguise Event. Three rounds. I did not win anything. Just sit and watch, but that last monster meow not seen before. General Meowmyuun? Nyaa... Daenyuun? Meow not know. He big armour guy with big sword.

    He killed the nearby people (including me) before I took this photo.

    So... This was my first time participating in Bomber and Disguise events in this world. In another life, I have participated in these events before, but I see the prizes and methods here are different. Still, they are fun! Hope to be able to participate again, and maybe be around to join the Dice event.

    But the night was not over yet! Meow stumbled upon good friend, Jinkies! //hugs// She asked if anyone in me house needed to go training and max up, so I said meow housemate Cottage could use some help. There is another one, but he a lazy bum who smokes weed all day and talks about the cosmos like he owns it. I call him Weed Emperor.

    So Cottage woke Sven MeowQ up and the two of them joined in the training (leeching) party at Comodo Illusion Dungeon (I think that the name)! And yes, both of them are maxed!! xD

    Good children proteccted by Teacher Big Bro, waiting for Mama Jinkies.

    That's Cottage and Pinguine, sitting with other party members in the most corner of corners. She said Genesis there on the right was the big bro who protecc them all. Behind him is MeowQ hiding in big bro's hood. She said they were all like good children and big bro said it''s like he's the teacher of a playgroup, haha. So Cottage say we all wait for Mama Jinkies to return. Big bro said, those who reach Level 185 = graduated, haha.

    Cottage and MeowQ returned home at 1am and we danced to celebrate their 'graduation'! The next day, Thomas (our AB) was saying, "Wowowow, you sat next to a Shura?? I wish it were me in your place!" and then we all stared at that lazy bum, the resident SE who smokes weed all day... Meow will say to him, "Cats have surpassed you, you Weed Emperor."

    OK bye.

    Edited by onion
    Left out the Disguise Event pic.
    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Meowahahahaa you can't see something fishy behind Big Bro

      I didn't take pic in all the excitement. I just wanted farm farm 10 mins more and suddenly it became so many events lol

    2. onion



      Oh crap, I left out one more screenshot, the one for Disguise Event! I've inserted it now. x_x

  13. Wanted to post this last night, but me fell asleep. xD Nyaa, nyaa, I know it not much... but for little me, this is amazing~ This is meow second MVP boss, Orc Lord! First one was Samurai Spectre, but that one had Svenni help.


    I not MVP mob hunting usually but meow housemate, Cottage said she wanted to do bounty in the Orc Village. She was in the bushes when she saw Orc Lord, so she returned home and meowed to me to take care of it. So I did. ^^

    Uuuu I was actually running around thinking I was going to die, but it turns out I could just stand in front of him and attack. Nyehheheheh~ The power of Tengu set!

    Oh and uhhh… that is costume cigarette; meow not smoker, ok. Was in the midst of changing into the ‘Thug Doram’ look when Cottage came home.

  14. onion

    Can't create a party

    Not sure if you've already received help, but maybe you can try typing in the command: /organize PartyName
  15. Meow meow~ After much inactivity, I have finally registered for Geffen Magic Tournament yet again and this time I have more than just newly-enchanted Foxtail and not-so-newly-carded poofy-puff clothe. I now also have the Tengu Mask and Tengu Scroll! And this time, I will also be eating my Awakening Potion and all the food!! Uh... I try the +7 food first.

    All set to fight Ju next!

    JU HATH FALLEN!! Nyaaahahahah~ I have reached the Semi-Finals!! xDDD Sadly, I have no proof Ju become a ded because after these people are defeated, they quickly get on their feet, back at the beginning pose. Dx Not to mention, I was constantly near death... Next time maybe try with +10 food. Thank the Leopard God me has Korean Rice Cake from Easter!

    So, to end the night, I have this picture:

    How do hit a ghost.

    Well, Ghost-element has always been meow weakness. Hmm, I don't think I will fork out effort to pass this crazy ghost. Even Ju was difficult. Guess this is as far as me goes. Uuuuu... I kind of forgot how much I got... I have in Storage a total of 165 Coins, but meow not know if this is lifetime savings or from just now... Oh well. //shrugs//

    OK, bye!

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Sven: dude that rice cake's probably all gross now

    2. onion


      Un: Oh no no no~ I puts it in Lao Qai's ice box. It still tastes nice and meow not gets tummy ache. u_u