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  1. Hello and meow. Unemployed Unit here (a.k.a. 'Un'). So much has been happening from trying to reach Cor City until being inside it! Our final piece of the puzzle is to find out where Patrick Kaufman is. Every worker here keep saying Patrick is food delivery guy, but isn't he the skilled repairman hired for the Repair Department?

    Never mind. Meowbe Patrick also sending food on the side. Let's ask people. Plant botanical woman not know him, laundry man who prefer burning clothes also not know him. By the way, that laundry man is Marcus Horseman, another fellow who gone missing but now we found him! So maybe Patrick is here too!


    Hmm... no leads. Ask so many people and the garbage man speaks of an incinerator not far from here. Meow thinks he talking about Rudus. Maybe we can ask someone there about Patrick. Or maybe we can find Patrick there. Incinerator sound like big machine, might need some nyaa-ing and some fixing.

    No Patrick, but me finds a Discarded Person. She been thrown in this dumping site because she is mutated from failing an experiment. I ask her about Patrick, but she not know too! Dx However... She suggests we search the Rudus area for an identification bracelet. If we find it, it means Patrick has become a ded. So... meow hope we not find it... No no no, we must see this through till the end.

    Alas, meow dug out something...


    Oh no… meow reading this name many times. Cannot deny it, this bracelet is Patrick Kaufman’s. That means… the skilled repairman, the innocent bean from Lighthalzen slums might have been experimented on, or something happened to him and he was discarded here… He has become a ded and nobody in the world knows it. Now me sad. Meow not know what do... so we report to Mr VIP Kaya Toss who happens to show more leadership qualities these days. Maybe he know what do. We have done all we can and found out bad truth. Sad truth.

    The search for Patrick Kaufman ends here. Let’s go, Mr Tarou– eh??

    What is going on? Something that Limit Wiki forgot to mention in their Ep 17.1 quest content list?? Yes! This is it.

    Special Force Commander Erst is here and she says she wants to tie up loose ends. A final battle at the border to drive out the Heart Hunters here! We have ourselves... the OS Mission! Meow will helps the Rebellion.

    Echo team, move out!

    Suddenly, me hears a roar, the one Rookie and I heard! No wonder it sound familiar; it a big cat! Eh, it walking on two legs, so it's a fellow Doram...? And it can talk, too! But it coming after me now because I step in its territory. So sorry Mr Big Doram, but meow gonna have to nyaa you now.

    Who dis. Doram so big, he bigger than Gyaruk.

    His name is Miguel and he was once a Rebel... He even knows Erst on a first name basis! Sadly, Erst not wanna talk about it, so we just left the OS Borders.

    And that ends this long adventure and meow journey in this realm. So many conspiracy, betrayal, and sadness in this final adventure; along with misadventure and drama when just wandering about... Now, me will go unwind at Cat on Bullet Pub a bit before leaving. To all you true adventurers, fare thee well! If Fate has it, we will see each other again~ Meow will be going away now... Bye nyaa~

    'Un' of Echo Team, signing out.

    (This is the summarised version of the quests. Full ones can be found on my [Daily Doram] blog.)


    'Ssup, guys. Cat talk aside, I'll be leaving Limit now. I might or might not return. It's been fun, really. All the adventures, friends, and even being part of an active guild... I've never poured so much effort and soul into a pirate server as I did in Limit; but the server seems to be moving into a familiar direction that isn't to my preference. So, I'll be continuing my RO life in an official server. So... OK, bye! ^^ (I'll still be hangin' around in the forums and Discord from time to time.)

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Now I know why the Gyaruk that you said... lol

      RIP this server , all good people leaving...

    2. onion


      Hmm hmm hmmmm~ 😏

    3. Rai


      aww gonna miss u both huhu

  2. onion

    cant allocate skills

    Yeah, they reset the whole thing, from 1st job to the final one you have. That's why you have to re-do the skill allocation for 1st job. (...unless they have a new thing in game where you can reset only 2nd job skills. o_O)
  3. Hello and meow. The adventure continues!

    OK, so we know now that Rudus is place to throw failed illegal experiments. We also know that Rekenber been lying to every one of its employees including Mr VIP Kaya Toss, proven with a report that never mentioned about a 'new lab' that, when we try to locate, doesn't exist. However, Tess says that they might still actually have a facility somewhere and it has to be within Einbroch.

    After much nyaa-ing around, me finds a place called OS Borders. With the coast clear, we goes in! Heyyyy what are these old people doing here...

    Old people should not wander about...

    After much scratching at pipes, thick wire posts, rusty gates; and even getting ambushed, meow finally reach…

    Cor City!

    Cor City people not happy.

    These people are workers who are blocking the Rebellion’s Advance Party from going through. So if we say we here to stop Rekenber, they call us bad guys because to them, Rekenber is good. Now that Tess and Mr VIP Kaya Toss have arrived, they can explain to these workers the truth! But meowww… they not wanna believe us… They have been fooled very well, and they are really clueless about the exact work that is being done here.

    And then suddenly…

    They call her Elyumina and she is one of the researchers here.

    So now the workers in Cor City are injured, and some of them are very sick... We must help them. We must capture this crazy researcher Elyumina! Join big sis Elena and take care of Elyumina's contraptions in order to seize her! Let's nyaa this thing! Ah... Elena says I have to go by meowself to make it easier to get info. OK.

    Oooooo what's this? A box?? o_O

    Oh my nyaa! I sorry I not open box anymore! I sorry for touchhhh!!

    Ha, you not gonna fool me, Julian.

    Done. Your soul is mine!

    So, Rookie interrogated Elyumina (more because Elena and Lazy made him do it). To be honest, meow did not think Rookie had it in him to interrogate people like this. Me impressed with Rookie. What we get from Elyumina is that she is a mechanical scientist that is not formally employed by Rekenber. She doesn’t even know the names of the people around her since she just uses them when she wants to. Then, Rookie says that what Elyumina doesn’t know is that there is someone who was previously hired by Rekenber, a researcher named Illusion that Elyumina has been getting orders from, besides data and funds.


    Unfortunately, no one can open the entrance, not even big Gonie. So, until then, Elena suggests we use Elyumina to upgrade armoury for the Rebellion (and us, of course!). It’s amazing how Elena’s underling manages to make Elyumina behave herself.

    But this isn’t the end yet… /! 

    We still don’t know where Patrick Kaufman is. Is he here in Cor City?


    P/S: This is the summarised version. You can read the full ones at the [Daily Doram] blog.
    And I'm still having a hard time with the NPCs' dialogues. You guys might wanna fix that English. I'm usually OK with bad grammar and typos, but Ep 17.1 takes the cake.

  4. onion

    cant allocate skills

    If you changed job to Wizard when you were Mage with Job Level 70, then you have to finish 69 skill points at Mage skills first. After that you can start learning Wizard skills. ^^
  5. Hello and meow. Un here. Me haven't been posting myaa adventures here for a while, but now I shall! In fact, it's been so long, I think no one ever knew I do these things here... I just never posted anything because I was waiting for... well, you know what I was waiting for. Anyway, a lot of things have happened, right? ^^


    It all began with meow walking in Prontera when a Royal Messenger beckoned me. Since that day, meow got caught in many things… Royal Politics, all fancy fancy people and then suddenly the gritty gunpowder fiesta with the Rebellion as they take over a Warbase.

    Now, it is time to continue helping the Rebellion and discovering Rekenber Corporation's dark secrets!

    Prince Nihil tells myaa that he is next in line to be crowned King of Rune-Midgarts because Prince Peter is still not well. Hmm, if not mistaken, Nihil did want to be King. That’s why when we first met him, he was angry when he heard that Peter (his cousin?) was going to be crowned instead. Whatever it is, he gonna be crowned now, so… OK. He tells us to go meet the Rebels in Einbech. Let’s go to the Cat on Bullet Pub!

    Let's get this show on the road!

    At the Pub, we meet with old friend Tess and Elena too! Elena discovered a place Tess calls 'Rudus' and so we will go nyaa it. It's a strange abandoned waste site and refinery with wall so high and look is like a prison.

    Found this Kreepy Kringe Kid at Rudus. Still, me likes to give it food and watch it eat.

    So, when we meow it to Tess. Tess manages to see the big picture with help from the reports of others. He says Rudus is a place to hide failed experiments. While we talking, Special Force Commander Erst is seen bickering with Mr VIP Kaya Toss, Vice President of Rekenber Corp. They saying that a lab in Lighthalzen is taken over by Heart Hunters and we needs to rescue the researchers there!

    Meanwhile, Tess says something to Mr VIP; a very good advice:


    We ready to help Erst nyaa the Heart Hunters in the butt!

    This was a very cool part of the quest, me thinks. ^^ We even found a name list to work with. But when we return to Cat on Bullet Pub...

    Houston, we got a problem.

    While we busy with Heart Hunters, Mr VIP and Lazy been comparing their reports. Mr VIP's report comes from Rekenber Investigation Team, while Lazy's comes from our side. Kaya Toss not believe Rekenber is bad, doing weird experiments and all. So, Lazy tells Mr VIP to reinvestigate, see whose report is true. One of the things we did was to track down a supposedly missing employee named Patrick Kaufman.

    Supposedly, Patrick and many other mew staffs were transferred to a lab. As the journey goes on, we managed to get the lab's location using Mr VIP's office connections. So, Mr VIP and I will go nyaa one of them out while Lazy checks the other site.


    Seeing there is nothing, and that there were many things omitted inside Mr VIP's report, Mr VIP Kaya realises he was deceived, played for a fool by Rekenber, and he apologises to Lazy later on. Now, the two are buddies and Kaya Toss will help us when possible. Ally gained!

    Till next post!

    P/S: This is summarised version, actually. You can view the full stories on meow Daily Doram blog.


    Also, I gotta say, I'm usually OK with bad grammar and typos in games, but Episode 17.1 dialogues need a rework. I'M SERIOUS. Even Ep 16 wasn't as bad as this. Most of the time, I am forced to understand the vague idea of the story because I can't understand the words -- so that really takes out the feels of it all.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Screenshot don't show it but they talk like me drunken Englisch

    2. onion


      Yeah, even the screenshots on me blog doesn't show the bulk of it -- but if you nyaa me frame-by-frame collection, it's really wow. Meow think they really rushed it... idk... Me hopes they fix it in the future...

  6. onion

    Protist art

    Meow likes the eyes... It look is like a squishy with Sticky Mucus inside. Give me Ancient Rope if you not hanging it on your wall.
  7. onion

    Cooking Quest

    You can cook straight away as long as you have the cookbook, the cooking kits, and all the ingredients. That quest is only if you want access to Level 1-5 cookbooks and to buy the basic cooking kits. Still, might be fun to do. ^^
  8. Good thing you have screenshots. I've heard some others experiencing this last time too, but they didn't have screenshots because didn't know it could fail. Worked so hard to get the materials and then poof. Nothing happened and can't even get the mats back. Really disheartening. The scroll should come with a warning like, "Beware of bug, please screenshot the whole crafting process."
  9. onion

    Does catnip meteor work like this yet?

    Mmm, I would like to know that too~
  10. onion

    How to change Job from novice to thief?

    Better to use Mingmin at Limit HQ. I highly recommend following the little newbie quest and using Mingmin, for new characters and new players.
  11. Was cleaning up my browser's old RO bookmarks and came across some gems.

    Missing those good ol' days when RO had the good ol' art. ;) It was what attracted me to play when it first came out. Their art had a signature style.


    Priest and Knight -- classic combo.

    Badass Bard.

    Source: [Creative Uncut] and  [Ragnarök Gamepedia]. Salute to the people who made the latter.

    Hope their future art will be like this again. The newer art (including jRO art) is more anime style and simplistic, not really to my liking. I wonder if the losses suffered by Gravity had anything to do with it... We all make mistakes, but sometimes we pay dearly for the consequences. I guess I just wish their current art was less generic... but hey, that's just my preference.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I want more Rebel chicks with muscle please
      I can`t get with slim girl must have tone 💪

    2. masteryauda


      Is it throwback day today? Huhuhu



    3. onion


      Nah, just me going down memory lane hehe. Sadly the first pic couldn't load.

  12. Meme~ The true nature of the Summoner job:


    It's actually a pretty dark job/class because it uses and consumes souls, the thing that is obtained only from the living. Example, absorbing shrimp soul to heal, using tuna soul to heal and to use as shield, spirit of earth (vines) to grab and throw at people's faces... Yeah...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. onion


      Absorb the soul of Rai to... increase MATK? xD

    3. Rai


      no but restoring HP / SP like warlock skill Drain Life / Soul Drain LoL

    4. onion


      Ah riiight, Soul Drain... Then your soul will restore myaa SP.

  13. onion

    Protist art

    Svenni, I shall nyaa thee becomes official Rebel artist.
  14. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 43-051 [RO] Between Farming and Hunting :: Here comes the breadwinner of the Onion household, T. Salad -- with her jacket now free from Un's essence! xD Despite being a farmer, Salad carries a lot of guns with her: Deathadder for casual hunts and sometimes even for farmfarm; Diamondback (not shown here); Dustfire shotgun (replaces her faithful Gatekeeper-DD) which she uses for a 'certain event'; and the Golden Lord Launcher (not shown here), given by a fellow Rebel. Done with black felt-tip pen, colour pencils, and glitter pens (silver, gold, red). --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  15. onion

    crash in "Khor Special Border Area"

    You can try Reset Character location using the LimitRO website. Log in > My Account > select character > Reset Position. Should lead you back to Asgard. ^^ Also, make sure you have updated your game using the patch (or install using new installer on the website).