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  1. onion

    crash in "Khor Special Border Area"

    You can try Reset Character location using the LimitRO website. Log in > My Account > select character > Reset Position. Should lead you back to Asgard. ^^ Also, make sure you have updated your game using the patch (or install using new installer on the website).
  2. onion

    I did not recieve VP point after payment

    Wow... you still haven't gotten it? Guess he must be really busy with content updates... 😕
  3. YooOOooo~ This guide looks wickeddd!! Explosssssiivvee~
  4. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 43-049 [RO] Jacket Cushion :: Fan art of my main Ragnarök Online/RO character, 'Un'. She is sitting on a nice cushion made of Salad (my Rebel)'s jacket. This is why you must always hang your clothes after work, not just throw on floor. x'D Done using black felt-tip pen, colour pencils, and glitter pens (gold, red). --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  5. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    :: 43-048 [RO] Love Your Pets :: Ragnarök Online/RO fan art of my character, Thomas Benedicta the newbie Archbishop and his pet Whisper, Whispersio. He really loves Whispersio. You must always love your pets! You took them in, so you must care for them, feed them, and love them. Some people use automatic feeding for their pets. I say nay! Feed them with your own hands, with love -- even if your pet is just for show. How they met: Thomas was wandering about in the Glast Heim Churchyard when he got lost in the sewers nearby. There he found a small, custom-made coffin with nothing inside. It was so cute that he decided to keep it. However, he felt bad and went back down to return it. That was when he met a little ghost called a Whisper. The coffin belonged to it! Thomas returned it, but the little thing took a liking to him and decided to follow him home. It became Thomas' pet and Thomas names it Whispersio, based on the priest skill 'Aspersio' which uses Holy Water to turn your weapon into a Holy one. He also spent a lot of resources to get an accessory for Whispersio, the Spirit Chain (the halo). Done using black felt-tip pen, colour pencils, and glitter pens (gold). --- Art by me. RO characters & concepts Lee Myoung-Jin.
  6. onion

    MVP hunting

    Lol, suddenly the hidden suspicious links has appeared in his post. x'D
  7. onion

    Protist art

    Aaah... Hillwinds. What a life. Me had that field's song stuck in myaa head once. Oh... I look like a spirit marble there, hewhewhew
  8. onion

    Lunette Island

    You need to find the keys, kill mobs (they're tough), find wells -- and above all, stay alive. x'D If you succeed, you will get some Ancient Bronze Keys. Here's the guide on Limit Wiki. Many useful info there. ^^ https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Lunette_Island
  9. onion

    MVP hunting

    Both, actually... It all depends on what mob you're looking for. Some are in instances, some in dungeons and fields, and some are summoned using Bloody Branch. MVP Hunts in dungeons and fields are very competitive though...
  10. onion

    Episode 16.1 Daily Quests not working + 2 bugs

    I think I once had that problem with Jurgen, there was an NPC I did not speak to or I spoke in the wrong order... I can't remember. Try finishing 16.2 till the end. See if that helps. Or you can try re-doing it with another character, slowly and carefully. Open guide from Limit Wiki and iRO wiki as well, just to be sure. I know I did that, haha. Dive in fully-prepared. If still fail, make bug report. From bug report, Emistry might be able to help you check where the problem lies. Just include screenshots or videos on how you arrived to the problem. Show your quest log (Alt+U) too.
  11. onion

    I am really sorry for mistake i've done

    Whoa... although we don't talk much, I've always heard good things about you, Moel. It's just the typical irony that happens when good guys break a rule while the baddies remain out there, free. I can only hope for your case to be given a lot of thought. Good luck, man.
  12. onion

    Episode 16.1 Daily Quests not working + 2 bugs

    Hi there~ Try reposting about Jurgen and the Portable Toolbox in the Bug Report section so that Lai and team will be aware of it -- but only one issue per post, so that means you'd have to make 2 posts. Make sure you show enough proof for Jurgen post. They are very strict on that... The Bijou one has been reported before and I think the dude who posted it has replied to you about it, so you might wanna check out his tips first. ^^ Personally, I had no problem with 16.1. Throughout all quests, my tips is to always walk in front of the NPC instead of clicking from far distance (because some need to be triggered by your presence); talk to every NPC 3 times to be sure they've said all they have to; and never exit the area using @go. Always use official way when it's the first time doing the quest. Helps avoid a lot of bugs. As for the Temporal Boots, your screenshot shows the Revised version and, as it says there, it's for expanded classes (Rebel, etc.). 3rd jobs like Ranger should wear the basic Temporal Boots, without the word 'Revised' in it. ^^
  13. onion

    I did not recieve VP point after payment

    It usually takes a while, but try contacting Lai through FB or Discord. ^^
  14. onion

    Accompanying Headgear for OS Weapon

    Wow, the hats seem cool~ +1!
  15. onion

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    Yayyy 17.1~ And Tasty Snack Party costume and Babe on Shoulderrrr