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  1. onion

    WoE Everyday

    This is a suggestion post; everyone can have their say. A fair decision requires input from all sides. WoE affects non-WoE players as well, just so you know.
  2. onion

    Add Deco Stone Digital

    +1 As Kucing says, poll please~ xD
  3. onion

    Unable to log in game server

    The problem seems to affect only certain countries, but some people from there have no problem though. People in the Discord are suggesting to use VPN if you are from Malaysia, Singapore, or Philippines. Maybe you can try too. Not sure about Indonesia.
  4. onion

    mastering to angeling not evolving

    Hmm... Try wait for its hunger to drop, feed it again, and then try evolve it. Or try check if you got the right Halo and try not to use crafted yellow potions. I think it is buggy because some people also have trouble evolving pets.
  5. onion


    Singing Bird is from Costume Box (Standard). You can buy this from the Genie in Asgard using Event Points.
  6. For mini boss, not sure... I think no indicator. For boss monster, you will know that it's been killed when you see its tomb. At most, two tombs in the map; one for normal MVP one for green MVP. A less efficient way is to use Convex Mirror. If the MVP is alive, it will show you where; but if it is dead, it'll tell you when it will respawn.
  7. onion

    Unable to log in game server

    @changyip2001 Heheh you're most welcome. Some of my guildmates are saying the same thing, still can't connect. One could, but lags a lot. I am able to log in right now though... Still, I hope all will be like normal soon so that you can finish that quest! xD
  8. onion

    Unable to log in game server

    Server maintenance is usually quick and on a Monday, I think. Could be bad connection since I notice some players keep getting disconnected. Hopefully, quest maps are similar to instances... because for instances, if you get dc/the server kicks you out or game crashes, usually you get teleported back into the instance. You might see one second of town map then it loads the instance you were in.
  9. :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 2 of 2)

    So... continuing from myaa previous post... Svenni, VV, and I managed to enter the locked hospital, but Nurse Las wasn't going anywhere near that final talisman near the entrance to the second floor...

    Turns out, the nurse wasn't what she seemed... When we pulled out that final talisman, it is revealed that she was the evil that the talisman was trying to ward off!! What have we done!! Now the monster is loose! She was going to kill us, but the Agimats we got from a Bent Shaman (he smaller than myaa!) saved us!

    Whatever it is, now Bangungot is loose!!


    Not backing away, we decided to fix the problem. We entered the second floor where the creature called Bangungot lives. It is Bangungot that has turned the patients into monsters!

    Here be some battle pictures...


    Some SoS coming, and I mean myaa Spirit of Savage! +_+


    Triumphant! Bangungot has been put down, for now...

    This pic by me, hehe.

    The sad truth of all this is that originally, Bangungot was a wood fairy. She lived in a big tree in Port Malaya. One day, Normans cut down tree to make hospital, so the wood fairy angery. Her anger caused her to turn into something twisted. When the hospital was fully-built and accepting patients, patients began to die. That is why they close the hospital, and the remaining doctors (like Dr Boon) now occupy the inn. That is why when you fight Bangungot, in the end you see she is a cute little tree. That is her true form.

    Here meow gives you a bonus picture of Svenni trying to blend in... Not bad eh?


    So, that's all about 'The Nurse in Port Malaya'~ OK bye!

    P/S: Meow still waiting for Episode 17.1 quests, so until then, me be catnapping with big sis Elena.

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      That tree is basically that kid you called ugly in high school

      That made more sense in my head than typed out.

    2. onion


      Well, that's one way to put it. ^^ Guess we can all view RO's Bangungot in a new light...?

  10. onion

    Protist art

    Li'l boi looks so comfy there... and ermergerddd Charityyyy xD
  11. onion


    Hmm... There was already a report [here]. They didn't do anything about it because it was supposedly an old bug. Still, you can try post this again in the Report Centre, preferably with a screenshot.
  12. onion


    Mmm then I guess better to contact GM about this... I have no other ideas... ^^; Hopefully someone sees this and helps you.
  13. Waaaah me forgots to post this! x'D

    :: Post 93 -- Her Name Was Las ::
    (Part 1 of 2)

    (Meow forgots to take pictures, so all pictures here are by Svenni again. Oh, this adventure took place many, many days ago; so I might not get some details right...)

    Continuing from myaa previous post...

    Svenni, VV, and I (and my pet Dexter) were wandering about Port Malaya like happy children because the villagers there are now OK with our presence and no longer want our buttons, nyahhahah~ Ayino had to return to his family, so it's just three of us now.

    It was then that we saw a hospital...

    This one was uploaded by ZeroTigress of WarpPortal forums.

    The hospital actually looked old and was boarded up like they have closed it down. Outside the hospital was a nurse. We went over there (more like we followed Svenni who was attracted) and it seemed that she was a new nurse stationed at this hospital. We had to walk around doing favours for her because her feet hurts from standing too long...

    Her name was Las. All she wanted was to be able to enter the hospital and start her work. Uhm, meow not sure who said it, maybe the creature in the bush or was it Nurse Las herself... but they said for us to pull out these weird sticks all around the hospital grounds, that some old lady did this.

    So, we went to the Bent Old Lady and asked her about the sticks which were Lesser Agimats. She's a bit hard of hearing, so Svenni had to yell...


    She screamed when we told her we pull out sticks. She said it was supposed to ward off evil. We all just looked at each other and realised that the Nurse Las was still at the hospital area, so we must make sure she's safe!

    Strangely, when we got there, Nurse Las was fine but she told us the hospital door wasn't locked anymore... Svenni went in first. Me... Me scared... Inside is dark, not like going in dark doors... T_T


    Inside the hospital was scaryyyy!! x_x Meow not liking this at all! There were monsters everywhere and the place was a mess! But Svenni took care of everything.

    Svenni really took care of everything.

    Anyway, Nurse Las said she saw a talisman near the entrance to the second floor, but the talisman deterred her from going further...

    (to be continued...)




      must be the mommy tuna's ghost very angery at you!

  14. onion


    Hmm, try log in at the Limit website itself and then go to My Account. Scroll down a bit and select that character's name. Later click "Reset Look" and if you want, "Reset Location" as well. If it still crashes, try contacting Lai.
  15. onion

    Einbroch Murder NPC

    Hmm, to get to that bit, keep asking him about the mine tunnel collapse. Do that until you get the option to ask about Hikeman. I managed to finish this quest without problems, so good luck!