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  1. I bought this from a merchant at the Vending Harbour. So what if I lazy to make hats. Hiss! Now, this is a ‘Poporing Mascot’ hat. I could not help meowself. This too cute. Look I wear. Now I cute, hewhewhew~


    OK bye!

  2. Rockridge or Rock Ridge? Meow not know. Anyway, hello! I am not new to Rockridge. Apparently, I am here because I hear this is new town and there is a certain thing here that would delight me (as it does delight many): the Mobster Scarf. It is a special item in the shop and so it is ridiculously expensive.

    So, here are some sightseeing photos. I have already purchased a cowboy hat, hewhewhew~

    Arrival at Rockridge port! Their ship is big, but I still like the Con-chillina.

    Have a quick meal first before walking these dry lands...

    It seems that the Ridge folk are either hungry or jobless… or both! With Buffalo Bandits terrorising their mine (and little Cacti tribe) and Swamp creatures around, it's hard for them to do anything much. There is even a lost Doram. I call the road he is at as 'Doram Street', hewhewhew. So anyway, many Adventurers come to Rockridge to help.

    People lining up for food on one side and for job on the other.

    Most parts of upper-Ridge are under construction. They have issues and built another town above the underground one. That is why the underground one is underground. How that can happen? Meow not know.

    One of the many construction sites at Rockridge.

    So, I will be frequenting this town in hopes to get myself a Meowbster Scarf. The dream is so far away I feel like giving up every day nyaaa... Bye... :<

  3. onion

    Vagabond Wolf location?

    Hi. Go to Warper > Dungeons > Hidden Dungeon.
  4. Hello and meow. I have returned after cuddling hats. Back in meow [Royal Politics] post, we see that I got caught in "something bigger than all me hats from all universes combined." I shamefully ran away because the Intruders kicked my butt. Today, I return to kick their butts back.

    I attended the coronation ceremony, the Ritual of Blessing which takes place in a secret room where representatives of all seven royal families will attend. They will give the royal Norman a crown called Terra Gloria... or something like that. Meow not understand much. Sadly, the one named Peter... he dead. And then Intruders came pouring in but this time, I will not flee. I deal with them, hewhewhew.

    Knocker Kronecker Heine and I look at dead Peter.

    After kicking Intruder butts, we all met up in the Room of Records. Knocker and his Librarian show me book, talk of going to the past... so OK. Guess who excited? Mage Nillem.

    Look at this man. That is his self-proclaim title. He even calls meow darling.

    He prepared the portal that would take us to the Ritual Hall of the past Prontera so we could see what happened to the Heart of Ymir. I say to him, "WAIT! If we gonna fight, we must eat first." So, I picnic next to him.

    Once inside, I met two people. Iris Irene and Fenris Fenrir. Their name funny but who am I to talk. Then this even-funnier witch Bijou came and say we disturb her party so she want to torture us. I (miraculously) defeated Bijou and her Amdarais thing (wearing newbie EQ, using Arclouse Dash and Bunch of Shrimp) with Iris and Fenrir's help! Then, this woman comes in and she is Iris' sister, Sarah Irene. Sarah Irene say Bijou playing too much so she must die.

    Everybody just killing everybody these days. What to do? I just sit and eat, watch live drama, nyaa~

    (left) Bijou appears before Iris, Fenrir, and me
    (right) Me, Iris, and Fenrir listening to Sarah Irene, the culprit of it all.

    After that, I exit the ritual room and met up with Nillem once more. We went back to our time, to present day Prontera's Room of Records. This chapter was done with... NOT! It does not end there! The Nerius family… Spica, Skia, even Crux… together with Nyhil of the Heine family...

    Skia, Nyhil, me, Barry. Sorry, a chandelier in the way.

    Yeah, these people make me go on wild goose chase before arriving to Lighthalzen Hotel where we meet what is his name... Tess. Tess then asks me to go nyaa-gotiate with some military people...

    The Rebellion.

    But that is another story. So OK... bye!

  5. Dieter gave me a new hat: 'Lolita Ten Gallon Hat'. Description: "Waow, so cute cute cute!" Hewhewhew~ He got it from... costume box? It matches my Picknic Basket nicely. It cute. And Barry also has a new...'hat'...? Yes, I bought his accessory already, meow.

    So, here we all are, with new hats! (Ey, Dieter. What you wearing again?)


    Nyaaaaaow why you close your eyes~ We take picture again. And with more scene... OK, 1… 2… 3! xD

    Dieter, me, and Barry.

    OK this one good pic. Bye!

    Oh wait! I will be surrounding meowself with my hats for now, so might not be going on adventure for a while.

  6. Hello and meow. Good news today, my friends. Well, best news actually, hewhewhew. I have obtained my dearest: Barry the Chopper!

    Story: I go find the thing that makes the Dullahan types nicer: ‘Luxury Whisky Bottle’. I managed to get one on meow own and tried to tempt a Dullahan, but I fail. It is a bit tough since I am lacking no-cast AoE skills, so I have hired a Rebellion to help me. She gave me three Bottles and so I went to find more Dullahans.

    OK… let’s try this… Use Taming Item, make a Dullahan be nicer to you…


    Nyaa! Success! xD

    I did not choose Dullahan for the CRIT; I chose him because he cute.

    So OK, we go back to HQ and hmm… where is that portable Pet Incubator that the Friendly Poring gave… aha! Here it is. Abra cadabra… POM!


    I immediately call him Barry the Chopper. He cute, but his eyes are not white? How odd. //stares into Barry’s eyes// Hmm, really nothing inside… Anyway, must go find some FOOD for Barry. He say he like them booze. A hundred ‘Sunset on the Rock’, please, Mr Pet Groomer! ^^


    I will go get his accessory from the Genie in Asgard on another day. For now, I just want to rest with Barry.

    OK bye!

  7. Hello and meow~ I love cute headgears! (Who doesn't? xD) I have been going places to get more pocket money and here I have... a Chocolate Bar hat! It's a costume, so my Autumn Leaves are underneath it, invisible.

    Look at this choco bar. So bold fashion statement, meow~

    OK bye!

    P/S: ...I suddenly recall that the Sous Chef is still waiting for me to give him the New World foodstuff... T_T

  8. onion

    Rookie My Mannnn

    Rookie! Have yet to meet the guy... Don't know if I ever will. 😂
  9. Hello and meow. Now that I have gained a lot of experience, I can hunt more monsters and get more pocket money. I revisit the Vending Harbour's hatters and I bought meself something that represents meow personality: Autumn Leaves hat!

    Went to see Recorder in the Con-chillina and showed him my new hat. He agrees, it suits me well, nyaahahaha~ :3


    Went to say hi to the catz in the kitchen as well and Sous Chef wants me to bring them new food stuff... Uuuu...

    Me with the catz. Sous Chef behind the kitchen counter.

    Off I go... to trot around with my new hat, not to bring Sous Chef food, hewhewhew~

    OK bye!

  10. I was doing my bounty hunting mission in the Scaraba Hole. Scaraba, the one-horned and two-horned, they are small like me. Cute like me, too, hew-hew-hew. But not the ones in this pic. They too big. And then guess who I saw while waddling through: the Scaraba Queen herself. x_x


    Not a good picture but meow, I am lying in my pool of blood OK... And Porings are all over me to get to my picnic basket... x'D

  11. Hello and meow. Otto and I, we visiting the New World~ This is the entrance of Allied Forces Expedition camp in Jotunheim. Good place for Chocolate Pies, they said. So here we are, basket in hand! Hewhewhew~


    Off to find Alix. He is the cook who makes these pies. Aha, found him! Well, do not be distracted by that thing in his paw-- I mean, hand. I have already received his chocolate pies. They look... weird. I have eaten one. It tastes OK. Maybe Norman taste bud really like this thing, but for me... no. Not a lot, at least.


    OK bye.

  12. Hello and meow. Some time ago, I was ushered into attending a celebration for something the Normans thought I did. I never kill what this Satan Morocc but OK. Some sort of Royal Banquet where I had to see all seven of the Royal Families.

    I can’t remember what they are all saying or why I have to know these things, but banquet means there will be food for me, right? Hewhewhew~

    And then I regret because suddenly, I am caught in something bigger than all me hats from all universes combined.

    Me on the stairs, facing the representatives of the seven royal families. I did not know where to stand. Ashamed.

    Where the food… Banquet… Huh? Must do quest first? Nyaaaaaa I cannot do this quest. Not strong enough. T_T

    I will have to revisit them one day, I guess…

    Bye… :<

  13. Hello and meow. I meet new friend, Dieter. Dieter is Sven's friend. So now my friends are Sven, Otto, Dieter.

    It me and Dieter.

    As you may know, I have sailed on a ship before, the Con-chillina. But now I be sailing in sky! Yuno technology of the airship. Dieter is going on mission, so I meow along with him. I think we going to smoggy city that make cat fluff dirty: Einbroch. We went to see some old man afterwards. He did not have a happy story to tell, but it was worth listening to.

    So we then boarded the airship to go home. Oh right! We were given Mine Helmets as thanks for helping out in a factory. I feel like a technician now, with basket full of tools, heh. It has carrots and shrimps inside, good tools for a Doram like me. Also has various types of food, really.

    'Picknic'ing inside the airship.

    View of airship butt, hewhewhew. I joke. It actually a good view and breeze.

    So that is today's tale. Bye!

  14. Hello and meow to all. The Normans are celebrating Easter this month, so the world had some Easter Event going on. Not a bad time to arrive in the new territory, I think, hewhewhew. I have hunted eggs in the fields and eggs in the dungeons. Let's just say I had more luck in the latter... which transports me to Easter Island! So, this post pretty much sums up my Easter experience. It was great!

    Some treasure chests are cursed.
    This is me getting turned into stone while a chest sits comfortably next to me...


    On the second last day, I finally have found the rare 'Picknic Basket'! Nyaaa~


    Enjoying my newly-found goods at Port Town Lasagna. I sits on macaroon.


    Hmm... but no fun eating alone, so I invited Otto to join!

    (Otto being silly, hewhewhew.)

    So, that it. OK bye!

  15. More Dorams!

    Hello and meow to all. I share this for today. In another life, I would never get to see many Dorams, but here in LimitRO, I see many!

    I meet Otto Katze, another Doram. While I am mastering the animal-based skills, he specialises in the plant-based skills.

    And then we meet another Doram who has just arrived!

    This blue Doram... She is so pretty but I forgot her name, sorry... T_T

    OK bye!

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Aw what cutie Dorams!

    2. onion


      I feel 'outstyled' by the other two, to be honest. :<
      But I has new hat now...