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  1. Today we managed to do impromptu Lunette! It was good))) I was the Party Leader who basically just did consulting wiki while playing, haha. Thanks to Fahri, Ry, Xue, Aleth, NC and Un for being part of the party. It all started as an idea of wanting to give access to Limitless Island for Un and NC /heh  Now I finally understand too what is going on there.




    1. onion


      The only time meow appear in the pictures is as a ded cat x'D

      But wew, this was really intense!

  2. We finished Lava mode and went to portal but portal... uh... not work.
  3. Sven Mq

    Lava Wave Portal is not work?

    thank yaaaaaaaaa XD
  4. Sven Mq

    Daily Reward Reworks

    friendly reminder again: raw shrimp XD
  5. Sven Mq

    Different Iron Boots given

    I did it with my buddy @onion , a Doram, and she got the right boots. But I got a different shoe, which I cannot equip, as I'm Rebel class. Here's the one I got: This one's item id is 2429. Tbh I don't even know why this exists But yeah, so now I can't progress the quest. ._. halp.
  6. Sven Mq

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Cat's got a point! Exactly my concern))
  7. Sven Mq

    Daily Reward Reworks

    But you removed Raw Shrimp... Us Fishermen don't count huh > > And ummm just to say that means we have to intentionally skip a day to go back to Tier 1 & 2 to get Battle Manual? And what happened to Hopeful Egg scroll --
  8. Sven Mq

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Is this still open? Because Sniping Veil should be on the list. It's a Rebellion exclusive. I think someone suggested it years back. Rifle Rebellion are rare breed, and the equipment for it is even rarer. Here Sniping Veil to cater for your Rifle needs. The description couldn't fit the pic so the remaining description is: When refining value is 9 or more, additionalMaxSP + 5%With long distance physical attackDamage given + 3%-------------[Raging sleeve]Both when equipped, additional long distance physical attack damage received + 35%-------------[Horn card]Both when equipped, additional long distance physical attack damage received + 35%
  9. Sven Mq

    Visual Bug in EXP bar

    This visual bug ... raises a lot of questions It's been too long! I notice it happens mostly to 4th jobs (or you may refer them as "3rd jobs"). Rebels and Dorams don't have this bug, but my Wanderer, RK, etc would, for example. Usually at about level 181 or so, the experience bar disappears. The percentage remains at 99.9%, and later 0.0%. A lot of newbies keep asking if they can reach max level because they don't see the experience bar anymore. So I think, it is best to fix this if possible.
  10. Sven Mq

    Visual Bug in EXP bar

    New client version means not this one, but the one in the future?
  11. Sven Mq

    Marshall Guard Stroll back

    Just now I was with Aleth, we talking about guns and builds, etc. Then he was walking pass and stood in front of us, saying stuff like "she whispered to me", "right", etc. It's disturbing the peace !!
  12. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    P E A C H Y P R O T I S T ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | deviantART | Facebook | Commissions | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I drew my Doram -- Sven MeowQ. Woof woof! He has a Desert Wolf pup as pet, named Tero. A+ for people who actually know where the place is, from my vague background drawing. Ok here's to hoping I will make more drawing to post in this thread.
  13. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Hahaha thank ya for being fan ))
  14. The counter resets each time I log out or change character. Just now so happened that I got Gaster hunt for my Elite hunt, together with Demon and Frail Ghast, so it's like 3-in-1 Gaster hunt. But when I returned to Demon he asks me to hunt 15 Gasters still. I go in the mines and see my counter became Gaster 1/15. Resetted. I'm like dude I killed probably 30 in there. The best part is that I didn't log in/out at all throughout the entire session. I usually avoid logging in and out because of this problem. But I managed to send the quest back to Frail Ghast and the Elite Hunt npc. They recognised my Gaster hunts. But Demon is problematic.
  15. Sven Mq

    Rockridge Dailies counter resets

    why is it only meeeeeee It happened again to me yesterday. I am not sure yet how to show it.
  16. I posted this in questions, back then, to my mistake : I just decided to revisit the cap with stopwatch. HoG basic cooldown is about 20s. With the cap, and no other equipment to reduce cd, it became 15s. My Piercing Shot is lvl 5. Meaning it only reduced 5s, not the intended 10.
  17. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Whenever I wear the Applause Sandals...
  18. Sven Mq

    summoning mvp on hq

    Yeah, why the heck even was it enabled? To summon in HQ? I feel this is the cruelest thing to kill unsuspecting Newbies!
  19. Sven Mq

    Vendors all scattered

    I got scared, I thought I was seeing things
  20. Sven Mq

    Rockridge Dailies counter resets

    The guy I mentioned , Demon : This boy got the highest chance of resetting my quest
  21. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    That one notorious Rebel...
  22. Sven Mq

    Protist art

  23. 241889daa17702bba5339196bd0d1ed6d962a54c

    I'm Sven Mq, and this is my story.


    In April 2019, I joined LimitRO. I came from bad server, which had many issues of Rebellion skill not working, and nobody cared or knew of the Rebellion. I was once told to give up the Rebellion for another class which they deemed "better". But no, I fought the good fight for Rebellion rights! I was the rare of my kind but I went out with a bang!

    Coming to Limit is a nice change and so far I like it, despite some tiny shortcoming. Here I live my Rebellion dreams... with so many guns to choose from! It was great learning process and exploration, 2 things I love.

    [ 2019 - The Good Stuff ]

    1. I did many official quests which opened my eyes to the universe of RO (Rebellion, Terra Gloria-related) and had fun doing them.
    2. There are 3 complete fan arts, along with a few doodles I have made of my Rebellion, and they're satisfying to me.
    3. I discovered my true calling of Revolver - Rifle build.
    4. I managed to get my Rifle to +13.
    5. 3 Gambler seals and 3 Mob Scarves were made and the 4th scarf is coming.
    6. I made a lot of new friends (my Hate Crew) who're decent people.
    7. 3 of 4 Rebellion jobstones achieved.
    8. My dream costume headgear and deco stone are realised.

    I'm content and have crimson marked my goals in 2020. The game of life is what you make of it. Let's do this!



    1. onion


      So ameowzing post, very heart-warming.

      Yassss, we came from hell and I too have enjoyed meowself so much. I am able to live the Doram dream here! I can go to where Dorams over there cannot go! I can do skills that Dorams over there cannot do! I can bet I am stronger than I was over there, nyehheheheh...

      Meow is also content. >_<

    2. Sven Mq
  24. Winter Park Race we went the other day!







      So cold in there good thing i brought my made :)

    2. onion


      Svenni, you too fast there's no one in the circuit photos.

      Yeezy: so... you have revealed to us that Mado has nice cotton lining inside...

    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      gotta go fasstttt

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      lel so this is what happens when im afk lel