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    I'm Sven Mq, and this is my story.


    In April 2019, I joined LimitRO. I came from bad server, which had many issues of Rebellion skill not working, and nobody cared or knew of the Rebellion. I was once told to give up the Rebellion for another class which they deemed "better". But no, I fought the good fight for Rebellion rights! I was the rare of my kind but I went out with a bang!

    Coming to Limit is a nice change and so far I like it, despite some tiny shortcoming. Here I live my Rebellion dreams... with so many guns to choose from! It was great learning process and exploration, 2 things I love.

    [ 2019 - The Good Stuff ]

    1. I did many official quests which opened my eyes to the universe of RO (Rebellion, Terra Gloria-related) and had fun doing them.
    2. There are 3 complete fan arts, along with a few doodles I have made of my Rebellion, and they're satisfying to me.
    3. I discovered my true calling of Revolver - Rifle build.
    4. I managed to get my Rifle to +13.
    5. 3 Gambler seals and 3 Mob Scarves were made and the 4th scarf is coming.
    6. I made a lot of new friends (my Hate Crew) who're decent people.
    7. 3 of 4 Rebellion jobstones achieved.
    8. My dream costume headgear and deco stone are realised.

    I'm content and have crimson marked my goals in 2020. The game of life is what you make of it. Let's do this!



    1. onion


      So ameowzing post, very heart-warming.

      Yassss, we came from hell and I too have enjoyed meowself so much. I am able to live the Doram dream here! I can go to where Dorams over there cannot go! I can do skills that Dorams over there cannot do! I can bet I am stronger than I was over there, nyehheheheh...

      Meow is also content. >_<

    2. Sven Mq