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  1. So you guys know Du, Mark Isher gang... or the Newoz gang? Well I figured they should have a team of extended classes that we'd meet during our quests and exploration, of Rebellions and others. I imagine they'd be something like this:

    • The Rebellion  - Lone wolf who wanders around everywhere, edgelord
    • The Doram  - Mischievous one following the Rebellion
    • The Super Novice - Wants to protecc Cat but needs protecc herself
    • The Star Emperor  - Mystical diplomatic leader who'd probably die if it's not his day
    • The Kagerou / Oboro  - The genderfluid ninja who's actually the one carrying everyone else
    • The Soul Reaper  - The other girl (???)

    I can't brain Soul Reaper, lol Idk sorry

    1. onion


      Yasss I love this. This is brilliant. O_o

      But yeah we need a Soul Reaper to give ideas for 'the other girl's description.

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      All the Soul Reapers I saw in general seem very do job only lol xSTJs