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  1. Sven: The other day was a weird time in my life, man. So I was just hunting Srophos, then I saw Kraken and figured eh what the hell, let's try kill it. In an attempt to avoid being swarmed, I teleported. Thankfully, it wasn't too far, but then I got lazy because that guy's costing me a lot of traps... so I decided maybe I'll hunt more Srophos before resuming the fight. As I was walking around hoarding mobs, I got the MVP sign thing... and I'm like whoa? I got curious, so I went there to where the Kraken was, saw byce standin next to the tomb... clicked the tomb to see if my name would appear, despite byce killing it ... and well... yea I got the name. Didn't feel much of a victory but hey first KrAKENn kill!!


    1. onion


      Accidental luckiness, hewhewhew.

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Yeah, too bad I didn't autoloot all, and just some, hhhh.