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  1. Самая красивая винтовка)))


  2. I draw Rebellion more than I play it at this point. Hahaha but I am having too much fun no one can stop me

  3. Always getting stray shell in meine uniform... /sigh

    1. onion


      Using bump stock? x'D
      now that i know what it is haha

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Yes I teach Cat the way of the guns

  4. 🥳 hb!

    1. onion


      Nyehheheheh~ Thanksss~ /heh

      Here you party peck. 🛍 It has all your favourite snacks, but me puts in one milk, special for you.

    2. onion


      Ah, yeezy! Thank you! OK, here your party pack too! xD 🛍

  5. Norway is Asia

    So I am half Asian

    1. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I take geographical lesson from Cat

    2. onion


      Uuu... Meow forgots how it came to that. x'D

    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I dont even know also

  6. With my mentor @Farlhart

    We're just plotting on overthrowing Rekenber... nothing big. /gg




    1. onion


      Awww how sweet~
      Plotting Rekenber's demise, huh... Suuuure /gg

      Also, y'all really rockin that black biker jacket and red biker glove freebies xD

  7. The moment I heard we got Rebel Bike I was like `Yeah man Im so there`



    und my Obligatory boat picture


    1. onion


      Salad be like:
      freakin badass

      Also: Duuuude, you beat me to it! Nvm, I'm still gonna put up my own pics xD

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Yesss I have done post it))

  8. It is my 1 year Anniversary in Limit! It's been a year filled with laughs, cryings and angry shoutings. In all, pretty fun experience.

    1 year ago...


    And today...


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    2. onion


      Yup, but from another server. It was not good server for rebels and cats, so we came here.

    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Un might have some screenshot of Yeez ja? My first few screenshot is just some solo adventuring lol

      still I Cannot believe that Rideword hat was just after  1 Rideword kill /heh

    4. onion


      Yesss, I do have it~ xD This one wasn't our first time meeting him though -- that one was during our first instance run (before it became a DT run). This was a few weeks later.


      Yeah, you jammy boi. Took me forever to get mine.

  9. Missing NPC? That Ilya Lebedev (twin of Jana) in Klana Nemieri.


    1. Verzeltainn


      didn't see you anywhere, btw I'm returning to the server.

    2. onion


      Always did wonder where Jana's other half was... they really shouldn't skip out on NPCs, honestly... I mean, I know Ilya doesn't have a use, but he adds to the feels... I wonder if he says anything if we click on him.

    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Apparently, Sven Mq is missing too! :P I haven't really been online for a while now. But maybe in a week or two, I'll make my comeback.

      I think he did have use, I'm not sure but I think he was the one saying that Jana didn't do the thing they thought she did, or... something like that.

  10. sven_eins_zwei_drei_fuck_tribute_by_peachyprotist_ddtez06-fullview.thumb.jpg.8f662c0b80427dbb2b301fccdd37f5b6.jpg

    Not RO, but I like how I made this. Inspired by the song "Eins, Zwei, Drei, Fck"

  11. Sven-Wink-dau.gif.90482f92e1751bfb8c395dd8a5204005.gif
    hey babe~
  12. Rebellion class is definitely a great addition to RO universe. Man, I love this job. I've never enjoyed a class more than this. It hits the right spot, yknow?

    1. onion


      Oh yeahhhhh much agreed~ Guns always spice up any medieval fantasy games. /fshPlus, the skills are really one of a kind.

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Right in the kokoro huehuehueheu

  13. Went to Bangungot Hospital with ayino, Dachi and Un, but ayino had to go off halfway.


    Ugh, fans /heh137c3a60e19a0f8a68be538ec2efbe1ddc59b97e




    At the end, we get Bangungot Doll as souvenir, but since everyone thought it was scary, I kept it.

    1. onion


      Me likes the buttons and nurse quest, hehehe~ Good adventure party, we had. Oh uh yes, the doll was rather creepy and it belong to dark place, so meow not want it... (Oh, meow gonna steal these pics for myaa blog. I had only one screenshot because it got too exciting! Dx)

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Sadly Bangungot had dead before pictures. Couldn`t see the big blob.

  14. I thought I'd be over it by now... but that loss of SS scroll really is like a kick in the stomach when I'm down on the floor.
    Maybe most people think nothing because for them it is just like hunting Poring... but for me every little success is a triumphant moment and I treasure them. To have it disappear for no reason is VERY demotivating. It was a rare time I get something useful for once.

    But always, only me who gets this kind of bug I guess.

  15. With Rhena’s help of finding the treasure in Splendide Fields, I managed to finally rank up and gain the title “Lieutenant+”!


    Treasure hunting is a sport. See if you can spot the spot)))


    1. onion


      Wahhh Team Svenni and Rhena... Good going, guys!

      And I see no graymapping is used. Very good. Let's hunt like real men! xD

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Grey map should be illegal!!

  16. So... As much as I am happy that I finally bought the items to make a Temp STR Manteau...

    My mood got turned because of Summon Scroll (SS) misfortune. It was Penetration SS. I hunted the shadowdecons and bought the other materials and when I clicked make, I didn't get anything. I always triple check but despite that, everything just disappeared without me getting anything.

  17. ca8dbab8b04a32d9f064054bf87098415a3a32b5

    1. onion


      Look at youuu greeeeeen beann...
      What heavenly vials of alcohol, karvo, and detriii. Comes with a free nerd too.

      Also: special appearance by Salad...!

    2. onion


      He's a resourceful fellow, Yeezy.

    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      The peak of switching to emergency gears , haha

  18. Reminder to self of goals:

    1. Get the 2nd Gunslinger jobstone to complete the set
    2. Perfect the Hammer of God build
    3. Get all the treasures and title!



    1. onion


      Good goals. And I see you're up early. Earlier than anyone else. /gg

    2. Sven Mq
  19. Just went online for a quick session and Rhena and Cat were both online!! So I dragged them to instance. I didn`t know where to go so I chose Devil's Tower.


    Then we took a break at the boat after I was thinking of where to go next. Decided on Sarah and Fenrir, only because I saw someone go in there.


    Stocking up on ammo and met with buddy Farl!


    Kinda clueless on how to defeat Sarah, so I found out it`s basically: survive, wait for 0% hp and shoot her quick.







    WE MADE IT OUT ALIVE. KINDA. I didn`t wanna return but I found out that she gives costume so I`ll be back!!

    1. onion


      Oh my nyaa~ these pics are niiiiice, especially the Sarah & Fenrir ones!! I will steal some for me blog, still writing and digging up the history of this.

      Rebels and cats forever! (call myaa when you wants to go there again, me need to know why that Excaliburr matters so much and stuff)

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      I will call you... in 7 days.

      ((( 7 daaaysss ))))

  20. The Transcendence-only (lvl 99/70) ET party was fun))) We made pretty good progress. And it really shows every class is important to have around. I hurt my stomach from laugh /heh


    Playing as Gunslinger makes me appreciate Rebellion skills even more... tbh I never played for long with GS before.


    Desperado does have its cool points, no doubt.


    Important message >




    With Crystal, Red, Ridd and uhh uhh

    1. onion


      Quote really shows every class is important to have around.

      ^ I like this part.

      Also, loving the chats hahaha! xDDD Good message to! Wish I could've joined with my Mastersmith. /heh

  21. So I've been trying to make a Paw Patrol hat costume and it turns out much harder than I thought... I think there're 3 costumes in total I would be making to get the hat?!

    I made the Unique Glasses already, so up next was Cop Glasses. Had to make this Detective hat first from a delusional guy in Lighthalzen. 10000 years later:


    Looks like has a ribbon.



    Cop Glasses turned out to look pretty cool after all and while I don't remember what else is needed for Paw Patrol hat, I feel kinda bad to use Cop Glasses for it 😕

    1. onion


      Whoa, that glasses DOES look cool.

  22. Today we managed to do impromptu Lunette! It was good))) I was the Party Leader who basically just did consulting wiki while playing, haha. Thanks to Fahri, Ry, Xue, Aleth, NC and Un for being part of the party. It all started as an idea of wanting to give access to Limitless Island for Un and NC /heh  Now I finally understand too what is going on there.




    1. onion


      The only time meow appear in the pictures is as a ded cat x'D

      But wew, this was really intense!

    2. Misogynistic Execration

      Misogynistic Execration

      you guys so OP now.. 

  23. 241889daa17702bba5339196bd0d1ed6d962a54c

    I'm Sven Mq, and this is my story.


    In April 2019, I joined LimitRO. I came from bad server, which had many issues of Rebellion skill not working, and nobody cared or knew of the Rebellion. I was once told to give up the Rebellion for another class which they deemed "better". But no, I fought the good fight for Rebellion rights! I was the rare of my kind but I went out with a bang!

    Coming to Limit is a nice change and so far I like it, despite some tiny shortcoming. Here I live my Rebellion dreams... with so many guns to choose from! It was great learning process and exploration, 2 things I love.

    [ 2019 - The Good Stuff ]

    1. I did many official quests which opened my eyes to the universe of RO (Rebellion, Terra Gloria-related) and had fun doing them.
    2. There are 3 complete fan arts, along with a few doodles I have made of my Rebellion, and they're satisfying to me.
    3. I discovered my true calling of Revolver - Rifle build.
    4. I managed to get my Rifle to +13.
    5. 3 Gambler seals and 3 Mob Scarves were made and the 4th scarf is coming.
    6. I made a lot of new friends (my Hate Crew) who're decent people.
    7. 3 of 4 Rebellion jobstones achieved.
    8. My dream costume headgear and deco stone are realised.

    I'm content and have crimson marked my goals in 2020. The game of life is what you make of it. Let's do this!



    1. onion


      So ameowzing post, very heart-warming.

      Yassss, we came from hell and I too have enjoyed meowself so much. I am able to live the Doram dream here! I can go to where Dorams over there cannot go! I can do skills that Dorams over there cannot do! I can bet I am stronger than I was over there, nyehheheheh...

      Meow is also content. >_<

    2. Sven Mq