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  1. Missing NPC? That Ilya Lebedev (twin of Jana) in Klana Nemieri.


    1. Verzeltainn


      didn't see you anywhere, btw I'm returning to the server.

    2. onion


      Always did wonder where Jana's other half was... they really shouldn't skip out on NPCs, honestly... I mean, I know Ilya doesn't have a use, but he adds to the feels... I wonder if he says anything if we click on him.

  2. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    IT TOOK ME A WEEK BUT HERE IT IS! HUEHUEHUE Rookie sleeping in Klana Nemieri.
  3. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Also another from Terra Gloria ep. Elena. I'm finally satisfied with how I drew her. Oooh yeah I'm on a roll these days. Uh
  4. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Gonie, from Terra Gloria episode, equipped with the grenade launcher "Revenge".
  5. sven_eins_zwei_drei_fuck_tribute_by_peachyprotist_ddtez06-fullview.thumb.jpg.8f662c0b80427dbb2b301fccdd37f5b6.jpg

    Not RO, but I like how I made this. Inspired by the song "Eins, Zwei, Drei, Fck"

  6. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Forgot to post this here:
  7. Sven Mq

    Protist art

  8. Sven-Wink-dau.gif.90482f92e1751bfb8c395dd8a5204005.gif
    hey babe~
  9. Sven Mq

    God Material box

    Aaa what is God Material box? And why is it that when I open 943 gladiator scrolls I didn't get it
  10. Sven Mq

    Protist art

  11. Rebellion class is definitely a great addition to RO universe. Man, I love this job. I've never enjoyed a class more than this. It hits the right spot, yknow?

    1. onion


      Oh yeahhhhh much agreed~ Guns always spice up any medieval fantasy games. /fshPlus, the skills are really one of a kind.



      which spot please elaborate :)

    3. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Right in the kokoro huehuehueheu

  12. Sven Mq

    Disarm Skill

    The Disarm skill shows the animation regardless if it failed to disarm or succeeded. There's no indicator that tells us if the skill has failed.
  13. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Mm. Yeah I guess I could show.
  14. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Featuring my pal, Farlhart with my Rebellion. This was inspired by the times Farl teaches me stuff about the class. That there is my favourite rifle, the +14 Explosive Heavy Blade Calf Kingcobra. My imagination: Sven comes from a place where Rebellions are almost wiped out. He tries to get guidance to improve his skills in order to set out on an adventure, but almost no one could really help him. He then discovers about a Rebellion who may be the only one who knows the secrets of the Guns. However, it is someone who revolted against the Government after finding out "the truth" and was exiled. He had no means to contact this legendary Rebellion named Farlhart, except through one of her most devout students, known only as "Mad Chief", who is just as elusive. After so long, Farlhart was able to return, but had to lay low for her entire life. Now, Sven has finally the chance to meet her and receive direct advice from her. But what will he find out?? Will he still be as determined as before? Or will knowing the truth make him back away from his ambition? DUDUDUDUUNNNN BASED ON A TRUE STORY
  15. Went to Bangungot Hospital with ayino, Dachi and Un, but ayino had to go off halfway.


    Ugh, fans /heh137c3a60e19a0f8a68be538ec2efbe1ddc59b97e




    At the end, we get Bangungot Doll as souvenir, but since everyone thought it was scary, I kept it.

    1. onion


      Me likes the buttons and nurse quest, hehehe~ Good adventure party, we had. Oh uh yes, the doll was rather creepy and it belong to dark place, so meow not want it... (Oh, meow gonna steal these pics for myaa blog. I had only one screenshot because it got too exciting! Dx)

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Sadly Bangungot had dead before pictures. Couldn`t see the big blob.