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  1. Sven: Meet the Peperos. The one closest to me is Creme Pepero who's always happy to see me, followed by Cookie Pepero und the rarest boi, Choco Pepero at the back. Ja, I was bored ok.



    1. onion


      Playing with fire and treading on pathway of skulls, eh? /gg

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      life of Sven

  2. Sven Mq

    Rookie My Mannnn

    Thanks! Yesss it is. For me, the continuation between Secret Wings and then to the Rebellion stuff is really cool. I'm a lil confused as to who's siding with whom though. Gotta re-read. You can meet him!! Go go go. Also he in Asgard and erwhere doing chores for people and handing some of it to us, lol...
  3. I don't really draw much these days but I just had to draw Rookie.
    It's my interpretation based on his sprite and personality.
    I love Rebellions.
  4. Sven Mq

    Rookie My Mannnn

    Hey. I don't really draw much these days but I just had to draw Rookie. It's my interpretation based on his sprite and personality. I love Rebellions.
  5. Sven: Dieter got me this hat. I like. But I don't owe him whatever.


    1. onion


      Sven looks more complete now... o_O

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      best lookin rebel in town

  6. Dieter: While helping out some researchers, I got myself a new hat! It fits perfectly! So I decided to take a selfie at the beautiful Asgard garden.

    Oh, and that's my new Angeling pet. I haven't thought of what to name her yet.


  7. Sven Mq

    Can't use or get rid of item

    OhMg it worked! Sold it, yess now it will no longer clutter my inventory. Woooo~ That's amazing. Thank you.
  8. Sven Mq

    Can't use or get rid of item

    Uhh, nothing happened? Still not fixed 😕
  9. Dieter: Today's a pretty lucky day! @onion and I got each our own Picnic Basket!
    Easter goal achieved! It's been fun. /ok


    1. onion


      Yasss~ We finally has itttt~ Hewhewhew~ 💛💛

  10. Sven: What a pretty looking egg... just chillin ere. mm.
    ((Me: But how many lives has it taken -- ))


  11. Hi. I want to get rid of these, as it's somehow unable to be used for the quest. (see pic) I can make a new bouquet and it'll be accepted, but for some reason, it doesn't recognise the 3 bouquets that already exist in my inventory. Is there a way to delete the bouquets? Or make it so that they are usable for the quest in the future? When I try to drop it, it says it can't be dropped. It also can't be stored. When attempting to sell it to NPC, it doesn't appear in the item list. I've also tried trading it to someone, but it can't be traded. Please help?
  12. Her dialogue froze after I click 'next' and I can't do anything. I've done the Einbroch Murder Quest, so supposedly I could head to the Einbroch lab straight away, put in password etc. (I've already been to the lab before, during the Einbroch Murder Quest) But when I go to the lab, it says that the Einbroch lab is closed. So, I can't progress to the next few steps. Not sure what to do now.
  13. * Sven is excited to explore *


    With Sven, there's always time to pose for a picture:


    Sven: This looks like my dad's workplace.



  14. Sven: Damn this is the coolest shit ever. Rifle -- Equipped. LETS DO THIS.


    1. onion


      Whoa~ wicked place! Never have I seen so many Rebellions in one place! xD

  15. Sven Mq

    Hello kinda new here

    Yey! Thank you.