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  1. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    It ist tied to the Kraken head on my wall
  2. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Finally I have completed this drawing from late June! I'm so proud of it, I actually drew a background and all! Kraken has been my archenemy since way back. I kept getting frozen from its Storm Gust, and it was embarrassing. So, I got good, refined my rifle skills and shot that mf to the next dimension.
  3. Sven Mq

    Skill Weapon Scroll (SS) doesn't craft anything

    @Cee.Kiss I'm not sure of the exact details, but he contacted Lai about it and had it resolved. Well, if it is intended, I think it should come with a warning or something to avoid these intense frustration.
  4. Sven Mq

    Skill Weapon Scroll (SS) doesn't craft anything

    How surprising it has happened to yet another person! Yes, I have experienced that before as well and here is the "solution" I got: At least you screenshotted it. In the past, that guy I mentioned there actually got his materials back, but I didn't. I got nothing.
  5. ^ HAHAHA but He did go Crit the RG to death
  6. Rebellion Tripping and Dancing Guide It is recommended to read this guide first for starter equipment and such! >> Sven Mq, Xueren and VIOLET ALETH bring to you, the second chapter of Rebellion -- Rebellion Tripping and Dancing Build! Round Trip and Fire Dance build excels in taking down a horde of mobs. The two builds are pretty much the same, with differences being Round Trip requires 5 bullets, but generally deals more damage and knocks targets back (and if they hit a wall more damage), whereas Fire Dance requires 3 bullets in a slightly smaller AoE but is easier to spam. Both have potential for greatness. 《 E Q U I P M E N T 》 Generally, the starting gears are the same as the Critical build, only the endgame set up is slightly different. Most changes usually involve the Luk/Fatal/Critical bonuses to be changed to Dex/ExpertArcher/LongRange bonuses. Let's focus on the end, which are different. Headgear Upper Rideword Hat Vanargand Helm +/ Fancy Feather Hat (higher refine it, both for those endgame cards which require it as well as the Fancy Feather Hat bonus) Vanargand Helm is the secondary hat. Switch to it for leeching purposes. Alternatively, if you're not familiar with switching equipment, the Vanargand Helm could still be your main. Mid Sunglasses slotted (combo with Mob Scarf) Lower Tengu Scroll Mob Scarf (combo with Sunglasses) Armor Excellent Dextrous Armor get the ATK or Long Range % Illusion Armor A, For modules, 2x Power with 1 ACD Garment Fallen Angel Wings with ExpertArcher (EA) enchants Illusion Engine wing B-type (can be combined with Illusion Armor A to get 10% ACD reduction) Temporal STR Manteau (get max ACD which is 15% and Long range enchants) Shoes REVISED Temporal DEX Boots with EA4 + Hawkeye enchants or Illusion Leg A-type For modules, 2x Vital, Firing Shot Accessories Blacksmith's Gloves + Rebel Scarf Guns Calf Diamondback / Calf Deathadder Best Gun: The Black for Round Trip and Illusion Gold Lux for Fire Dance Both these bois are enchantable. Generally get Long Range % / ATK % or Increase damage to Boss Monster Final set up would look like this: 《 C A R D S 》 Headgear Jitterbug Card Ancient Tao Gunka Card Kiel D-01 Card Armor Boitata Card Gloom Under Night Card (popular card) Chaotic Baphomet Card (Boitata is good for instances like Faceworm Nest/FWN and Infinity Space/IS. Again if you have the luxury, you could have multiple armours with different cards to choose from depending on where you're hunting.) Garment Menblatt Card Shoes Blut Hase Card (as always, lol) Accessory [Please make sure to slot the cards in the right locations or they won't work!] Dancing + Singing Pere Card (for Jitterbug Set) or Revolver Buffalo Bandit + Gigantes Card Jitterbug set is good for the HP leech and damage to neutral property. But generally Vanargand Helm leeches too, so if you don't want that you could opt to put Ancient Tao Gunka on your head and the Revolver Buffalo and Gigantes for accessories. Weapon Corrupted Wanderer Card + either Greater Bellare for Round Trip / Bellare for Fire Dance Rebel can farm Bio5? да. 《 T H E L U X U R Y S T U F F 》 Destruction Lv3 x4 (for a total of Damage +12%) Gunslinger Stone (1st) + Rebellion Stone (Epic) for Round Trip damage bonus +15% Lord Knight Stone (3rd) + Rune Knight Stone (Epic) = - 15% After-cast delay After-cast Delay (ACD) Reduction [At about 94% you're spammy af. Possibly slightly lesser required if you're using Fire Dance build. Use @battlestats to see how much ACD reduction you got] Kiel Card = 30% Job Stones Lord Knight Stone (3rd) + Rune Knight Stone (Epic) = 15% Illusion Armor A's ACD enchant at +9 = 15% Temp STR Manteau max ACD enchant = 15% Rebel Scarf = 10% Blacksmith Gloves = 10% Total: 95% Stats [The stat range is up to your preference. But this is generally what it looks like:] DEX LUK STR 120~130 AGI 70~90 VIT 50~80 INT 1~20 Skills Round Trip Fire Dance 《 S H O O T I N G T I P S 》 Equip Purifying Bullet and Rich Coin and Platinum Altar at all times! Use Elemental Scrolls to change element. This doesn't disrupt your Platinum Altar buff. Personally, I always found Bound Trap to be useful in buying some time by slowing down them mobs. But you could always choose not to learn the skill, or learn it lvl 3 only, to give way for other skills that you may want. For Round Trip, Gatling Fever helps to increase some damage too, just do it when you are within range of the enemy and disable it when you're done. For Fire Dance, Fallen Angel skill is your best friend to get somewhere fast or to run from weird shit. Just be sure to always have Rich Coin enabled for any skill usage. Keep Rebelling!
  7. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Official Rebel artist now making a new Rebel art!! "I don't do what I've been told You're so lame why don't you just go Die motherfucker, die motherfucker, die!!" - Song and picture inspiration:
  8. Самая красивая винтовка)))


  9. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    @Farlhart speaks the truth and I document it
  10. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    Gutshot Bounties I recently done. These Zeny Commissions are for Isha and Crow SixShot respectively.
  11. I draw Rebellion more than I play it at this point. Hahaha but I am having too much fun no one can stop me

  12. @Nightmare ho boi it is a feeling I too am familiar with
  13. Thank ya. I hope to make the continuation of the parts))