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  1. Sven Mq

    Hairstyle! Just this one, maybe?

    you mean it waSsss meant to be added?? Hahahaha
  2. My pal Verz and I were messing around tryna enchant my Racing Cap. I gave it to him to try his luck... and...
    well check this:


    I FKING GOT IT!!! Thanks to Verz ofc and his magical luck. The GUNSLINGER enchant!!!

    1. onion


      Connyaatulations, Svenni. ^^
      Rebels unite!

    2. onion


      Lol y'all freakin out in the chat x'DDD

  3. In the description of the items, it states "Open to get all of the following". Physical Shadow Cube id 17293 Magical Shadow Cube id 17294
  4. Sven Mq

    Hairstyle! Just this one, maybe?

    Wow, that's weird. Haha. I wonder the reason for removal.
  5. Sven Mq

    Gunslinger Racing Cap

    Hey. So I was wondering about the Racing Cap (Gunslinger) > It says Reduce cooldown of HoG by 2s per Piercing Shot. My Piercing Shot is at level 5. So does it mean that it reduces the cooldown by 10s? I tried and it does only 5s instead, so I'm kinda confused here. Also, what is the cell range for Rebellion skills?
  6. I think it would be great addition to have this Star Emperor hairstyle: It's basically the hair on their official art. Looks badass.
  7. Sven Mq

    Costume Girl Alice

    Wiki says for Pipe of Carnation costume, it requires Smoking Tiger. But when you talk to Alice, that item is not on the list. When I made it, my Smoking Tiger remained in tact so it's really not required.
  8. 339.jpg


    For some time, I had a vision of a guild... of a Rebellion Guild... where Rebellions aren't just hunters or farmers, but a force to be feared. I imagine it being led by a knowledgeable and powerful Rebel. It cannot be me, nor him, but only the "one".

    1. onion


      A Rebel can come from anyone, but not everyone can be a Rebel.

      ...or something like that lol ^^

  9. These days, people just don’t have the Rebellion spirit in them.


  10. Sven Mq

    Protist art

  11. Sven Mq

    Protist art

  12. The other day...
    Rebellion squad!



    And another one -- though different people. It’s just nice to see a line-up of Rebellions.


  13. Sven Mq

    Too many AFK farmers

    Hi. You need to take a screenshot where you talk to them and they don't reply, in order to show they are AFK.
  14. I accidentally slowed down an RG on my team in bg, using bound trap, and after that I'm just hopping about left right letting them do their thing and tryna not be in their way